Top 20 Restaurants In Ashok Vihar, Delhi

Top 20 Restaurants in Ashok Vihar Delhi
Top 20 Restaurants in Ashok Vihar Delhi

Delhi is one of the oldest places in India that have been endlessly populated. Delhi is one of the most pleasant places in the country. The country has countless places to pay a visit to and heaps of restaurants and street food outlets that provide delicious food. Delhi is additionally known for its food because it contains food of every kind. One will get Punjabi food, South Indian food, Chinese food, Gujarati food, and International food things at one place. In this article, we tend to bring you the top 20 Restaurants in Ashok Vihar, Delhi where you’ll be able to relish mouth-watering delicious food together with friends and family.


Sandoz is a casual dining restaurant. It has a warm and subtle ambience. The nice spacious sitting arrangements and interiors inside are eye-catching. The restaurant is famous for its authentic Punjabi & Mughlai cuisines. This  is a great place for corporate parties, liquor parties, friends get-togethers, family get-togethers, kitty parties and birthday celebrations.


2.Bell Pepperz

Bell Pepperz is a restaurant that serves multi-cuisine dishes namely North Indian, Chinese and Italian delicacies. This place has a beautiful ambience. The premium menu has various dishes of varied tastes and preferences at affordable rates. This place serves great lunch and dinner. It is a  perfect place to have executive meetings or spend some quality time with family.


3.Invitation Restaurant

This restaurant serves cuisines like North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese. It is a family restaurant and has a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful ambience and interior. The staff here are nice and kind and provide quick service. Some popular dishes served here are Paneer Birbali, Tomato Soup, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Kadhai Paneer and  Shahi Paneer.


4.Seasonings The Spice Mysteries

Seasonings: The Spice Mysteries  is a gastropub that serves a wide range of Multi cuisines that are mouth-watering. They are focussed on providing quality and delicious vegetarian dishes that are visually appealing. The dishes served here are made by infusing the best flavours from around the world. It is the best place for people to enlighten their taste buds.


5.Seasonings Vegetarian Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Seasonings Vegetarian Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is a beautiful casual dining restaurant. It has a classy ambience with red and beige interiors and warm yellow lighting. All the dishes served here are flavoursome and have a decent presentation. Some of the bestsellers of this restaurant that you must try are Kabab Platter, Subz Biryani, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Chur Chur Paratha and Paneer Lababdar.


6.Madrina Restaurant

This is a luxurious restaurant that serves delicacies including Continental, Italian and North Indian cuisines. It has a spacious dining hall and a great atmosphere with beautiful lighting and interesting decorations. MAdrina Restaurant has comfortable seating and also provides a private dining section where you can enjoy along with family or friends. Recommendations of this restaurant are Mocktails, Nihari and Dal Madrina which you should not miss.


7.Smelling Salts

At Smelling Salts they serve cuisines like Mughlai, Indian, Fast Food, Chinese and North Indian. This restaurant offers highly palatable food and makes sure you enjoy a good meal. Some of the special services this place provides to its customers are Birthday Party Arrangements and Pure Vegetarian Dishes. You must try the Dal Makhani, Malai Kofta, Paneer Tikka, Chaap and Paan Shot that are served here.



A Vintage Cafe in the day and a Fine Dining Restaurant by evening with Delicious Delicacies that are all 100% Vegetarian. Indian, Chinese & Italian cuisine is offered in a relaxed space. The ambience is beautifully decorated with brick & wooden panelling. Maestro Party Hall is a perfect place for any family or corporate event.



Dine&Woods serves various cuisines ranging from Mughlai, North Indian, Chinese, Fast Food, Desserts to Beverages. A place worth money has a natural ambience and serves soothing and mouth-watering food. This one offers the best combination of finger-licking food and a comfortable sitting option that can be chosen according to your mood.



A decent place for burger lovers in the city. It provides ravishing burgers and great wraps. It also offers a great variety of fast food and beverage choices at student-friendly prices.Some of the delicious dishes served here that you must try are Crispy Chinese Burger, Chicken Steak Burger and Oreo Shake.


11.Bombay Blast

It is a small shop that serves quick bites with exotic flavours. Bombay blast serves a crunch in their pizzas that make them unique and delicious. It’s cheesy, crunchy and has fresh toppings. The spiral tandoori fries are seasoned with some really good stuff and come with mayo. It was cheap. The fries are too crunchy and the potatoes taste very fresh and juicy. You`ve got to eat from here.


12.Kays Chicken

This restaurant serves delicious cuisines including North Indian, Mughlai and Seafood. It is best known for its ample seating area. The menu here has really good options to choose from. They serve good quality food, at reasonable portions. Some popular dishes here are Chicken Burrah, Chicken Soup, Tawa Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Kebabs and Mutton.


13.Spice Station

Spice Station is a casual fast-food outlet offering locally sourced, seasonal dishes & vegetarian options. This fine-dining restaurant has a beautiful ambience and the staff are really warm and welcoming. This is a good restaurant that serves many kinds of food and some tasty beverages. Food quality is good. The service is good and the food is so very tasty.


14.Bablu Chic Inn

Bablu Chic Inn is the perfect place for non-vegetarian lovers but apart from non-vegetarian stuff, it also serves various vegetarian items. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Mughlai and other cuisines. A special service provided by this restaurant is quick home delivery services. Must-haves of this place are Butter Chicken , Chicken Tikka Tawa Masala and Tandoori Chicken.


15.Chicken Mahal

At Chicken Mahal, you can enjoy delicious and mouth-watering North Indian and  Mughlai food. This place is known for its good quality food that tastes delicious and the reasonable rates of dishes served here. Some popular dishes here are Irani Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab Masala, Tawa Chicken, Afghani Chicken and Butter Chicken.


16.Sagar Ratna

This is a unique restaurant that serves  Mumbai-style Udupi idli-dosa dishes in Delhi. It is a multi-story restaurant. This is one of the best places that serve the best dosas and vadas in North India. The service provided by the staff is satisfactory and the dishes are at reasonable rates. The Mysore Masala Dosa, with a spicy chutney smeared on the inside of each dosa and dahi vadas are the must-try dishes of Sagar Ratna that you must not miss.


17.Mystique Melange

Mystique Melange is a place that serves excellent quality food and service. It has a beautiful and luxurious ambience which will surely make your visit worthwhile. The staff here are very kind and courteous.  This restaurant serves multi-cuisine dishes. Every dish on the menu is of the finest taste.


18.Sniper Food

Sniper Food Delivery has a choice of meals that are quick to cook and grant some nourishment with an option to eat them on the go. The dishes served here taste awesome and the staff here provide quick service. Sniper Food also provides food delivery offers and services to people so that they can enjoy the delicious food at their homes.



Imly Courtyard is a place that serves north Indian cuisine, Street Food and Fast Food dishes for foodies. The multi-cuisine menu has something for everyone and serves a delectable range of food from different parts of the country. It has an expressive and cheerful ambience. The chef has a unique style of cooking and serves delicious food using their cooking skills.

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20. Southeye

Southeye serves quality food, with amazing taste which is worth the price. Cuisines served at Southeye include South Indian. Some of the must-try dishes served here that you should order Idli and  Masala Dosa. This is a good place to enjoy a meal along with family.