Top 20 Restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata That Give You Delicious Food

Top 20 Restaurants in Park Street Kolkata That Give You Delicious Food
Top 20 Restaurants in Park Street Kolkata That Give You Delicious Food

Kolkata and food are inseparable. You may notice that the discussions of people belonging to Kolkata soon veer towards food. One constant refrain would be concerning how the street food of their town does not match up to what they have left back home. Be it the starters or main course, which is followed by sweets, the city offers prepared treats on a silver platter, and we bet you can’t simply have one. In this article, we tend to bring you the top 20 Restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata, where you’ll relish delicious and excellent meals.

1.Peter Cat

Peter Cat is well known for serving the Cult North Indian, Continental, and Iranian cuisines. All the dishes prepared here are a combination of well-tossed ingredients and seasonal garnishing. The dishes served here are exceptionally delicious and affordable. The staff who work here are very welcoming and kind and provide the best service.


2.Marco Polo

Marco Polo is known for its soothing ambiance that goes well with the food. This restaurant serves Bengali, North Indian, Chinese, Beverages, Seafood, Continental, and Desserts. Some popular must-try dishes here are Prawn Thermidor, Creme Caramel, Ice Cream Sandwich, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lamb Chops, and Prawn Cocktail.


3.Mocambo Restaurant & Bar

Mocambo is a casual dining restaurant. North Indian, Continental, and Mughlai are the cuisines that are served here. The menu here has many dishes to satisfy your hunger pangs, and all the dishes have affordable prices. The quality of each dish served here is best, and the staff are very kind and help you select the best meal you desire to have.


4.Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is the best place where you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes. Some of the many dishes served here include Mushroom, Paneer, Crispy Corn, Mutton Sheek Kebab and Tangdi Kebab. The staff here are very nice and provide quick service. Some of the must-try servings here are the Makhani, Crabs, Seafood with Rice, Hakka Noodles and Manchurian.

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Zen serves cuisines like Thai, Chinese, Japanese. This place is one of the best places where you can have delicious food and satisfy your hunger. Whenever you visit this place you must order Japanese Fish Curry, Fish Thai Green Curry, Som Tam Salad, Yum Phak Ruam Salad, Lamb Thai Green Curry and Japanese Lamb Curry.


6.The Bridge

The Bridge is a restaurant that serves Italian and North Indian cuisines. The bestseller items served here that you must try for sure are Nachos, Pizza, Mocktails, Mousse, Chicken Soup, Chicken Sausages, Pasta, Roast Chicken, and Asparagus Pizza, Wild Mushroom Agnolotti Porcini Cream, Ganga Tiger Prawn, and Pork Chops.



SpiceKlub is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves regional dishes. The ambience is sophisticated and modern. All the dishes served here are different and unique in their way. It’s heaven for vegetarian people. The restaurant is really clean and hygienic. It has a beautiful ambience and the staff are kind and provide great service.


8.The Myx

The Myx is famous for its Finger Food, Oriental, Fast Food, Beverages and Desserts. The Myx has a cool ambience that makes it a perfect place to enjoy a weekend party along with friends. The music and dance floor add to the party feel and make you visit this place time and again. It is known for its nightlife, great music, good and fancy crowd, bar, and great ambience.


9.Anokha Baghicha

A casual dining restaurant that offers  North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai cuisines. The chef and staff work with utmost dedication to giving its customers an eclectic experience. It has a very pocket-friendly menu and a variety of dishes that satisfy the taste preferences of people coming from different demography. They also provide takeaway service.


10.The Street

It is a nice place where you can chill around the street. This is the best place to enjoy Tangra chicken and coffee. This is also a perfect place for beer lovers. Absolutely safe for the ladies.A perfect place to chill. The Staff are very polite and cooperative. The ambience is very sober. The Starters are good in taste. The street-style food is mouth-watering especially the street style perfectly garnished samosa chaat.


11.Moulin Rouge

They offer the finest quality of continental, tandoor and north Indian food items. Indian & Chinese finger foods & a full bar in a casual space with red & white decor. This place has a royal ambience and serves decent food at moderate booze prices. The dishes served here are so perfect that you will love to visit this place again and again.


12.Someplace Else

The establishment serves cuisines like Finger Food, Continental. This place is best known for its crisp ambience and live music every evening. If you ever plan to visit this restaurant you must order Bbq Pork Chops, Wine, Paneer Tikka, Mojito and Cocktails.


13.Tung Fong Restaurant

Tung Fong is a restaurant that serves authentic flavors of Chinese, Seafood, and Asian cuisines. The menu here has several dishes that always surprise the diners with variations in dishes. The dishes served here are of affordable rates so that you can enjoy the dishes without worrying about the pocket.


14.Pa Pa Ya

Main cuisine served at Pa Pa Ya is Chinese, Japanese,Sushi, Thai, and Pan Asian. Good sushi, prawns, and soup are the tastiest dishes. The specialty of this restaurant is the cheerful and kind staff who provide fine services. The restaurant is known for the best quality food they serve. The tasty ice cream served here is a must try.

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15.Trincas Restaurant & Bar

Trancas is one of the most iconic restaurants on Park Street, Kolkata. The food is gorgeous and delicious. The staff who work here are prompt, attentive, and very kind. Also, the ambience is an amusing vintage, with its orange lamps and old English songs. Multicuisine fare, including North Indian & Chinese dishes, is served in elegant seating.


16.Kung Pao

At Kung Pao, you can enjoy delicious Chinese, Thai, North Indian and Bengali food. The staff here are very friendly and provide good service. This place also provides services like takeaway options, gastronomical experience, fast delivery, weekend brunch and Chinese. Some of the popular must-try dishes served here that one must try are Cantonese Chow Mein, Crackling Spinach, Chicken Yakitori, Chilly Paneer, Pao and Nasi Goreng.


17.Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer

Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer in Kolkata is one of the best places to enjoy aromatic mouth-watering biryani and rice dishes. At this place, they also serve Tandoor & Kebabs, Chicken & Mutton in Gravy and Arsalan Special. Some special dishes served here are Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Arsalan Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Egg Biryani and Vegetable Biryani.


18.One Step Up

One Step Up is known for its Continental dishes. They also serve North Indian specialities. This restaurant has a beautiful ambience and you can get a beautiful view of Park street from this restaurant. Bacon-wrapped chicken breast fillet stuffed with cheese and asparagus is the best seller here that you must try for sure.


19.Shiraz – Golden Restaurant

Cuisines served at Shiraz Golden Restaurant are Biryani, North Indian, Kebab, Chinese, Mughlai, Arabian and Rolls. This place is also known for its gastronomical experience, relaxed atmosphere, pocket-friendly place, servicing, comfortable seating area, authentic taste. Some popular dishes served here are Brain Masala, Chicken Chaanp, Mutton Pasinda, Mutton Champ, Mutton Tikia, and Tandoori Prawns.



Floriana is a casual dining restaurant. This place has a simple but breathtaking ambiance. At this place, they serve North Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes at an affordable cost. They have a menu with a wide range of dishes to choose from according to your taste requirements. The staff here are very active and provide the best service.