Top 20 Restaurants In Berlin

top 20 restaurants in berlin

Even though it boasts an impressive cultural scene (especially when it comes to music and art), the capital of Germany has not traditionally been considered a significant cuisine city. Especially when compared to other influential destinations in Europe, the city does not have many glitzy dining establishments that have international name recognition. However, the fact that this comparison is being made is precisely the problem.

The German food can be found in every one of Berlin’s finest restaurants, where it is served on a contemporary platter with a classic twist. It is an absolute requirement to partake in the city’s vibrant cultural scene and warm hospitality. These restaurants have everything you might want to make you fall in love with them, from the opulent decor on the inside to magnificent vistas outside.

1. Shiori

If you’ve got a special occasion to celebrate, Shiori is the right choice. At 7:30 p.m. every night, a single seating of 10 guests takes place around a Japanese-style bar with an open kitchen. The omakase begins when everyone choose their own chopsticks and sake cup. Sashimi with yellow turnip and Bresse chicken braise are two examples of European products being cooked with Japanese techniques at the restaurant. Don’t show up hungry, or plan to have some gelato at the adjacent Cuore Di Vetro before it closes at 11 p.m.

1. Shiori

2. Monsieur Vuong

You first notice how good Monsieur Vuong smells, which is like curry. Then you see how sleek and shiny it looks, with red walls that have been lacquered and wooden tables and chairs that are made to fit together. There are also red picnic tables outside that are very popular. They usually choose curries, often with chicken, beef, or duck, and one or two appetizers, like a spicy salad with prawns and peanuts. The regular menu is short but sweet, and everything is tasty. The beef or chicken pho and the chicken or tofu glass-noodle salad are delicious.

2.Monsieur Vuong

3. Tulus Lotrek

It’s easy to tell Tulus Lotrek isn’t your run-of-the-mill Michelin-starred eatery because of its wacky green jungle walls and fur throws. Drinking and munching your way through small meals like lamb belly with lemon peel and yeast and ocean trout with goat’s milk and jalapeño is encouraged by Ilona Scholl, the vivacious co-owner and beverages guru. Even if you’re not a fan of all the meals, you can’t deny that they’re at least fascinating. This is the town’s only Michelin-starred restaurant that manages to be both amusing and unpretentious.

3.Tulus Lotrek

4. Facil

Facil, which has a pretty tasting menu, is an excellent place for people who like good food but don’t want to try new things. Even though the food isn’t groundbreakingly fresh, it’s all well-made and looks like a painting, with dots and squiggles of sauces all over the plates. Many main dishes are from other countries, like Icelandic salmon, French octopus, and Wagyu beef. They are served with seasonal vegetables from the area. When it comes to that salmon, it’s so good that it just melts in your mouth.


5. Rooftop At Hotel Zoo Berlin

This restaurant is one of the best in the city for savoring mouthwatering food while taking in a breathtaking panorama because it is situated on the highest floor of the Hotel Zoo Berlin. In addition to taking in the stunning 270-degree panoramic view of the cityscape, guests may also take a seat at the bar and enjoy some exceptional beverages.

5.Rooftop At Hotel Zoo Berlin

6. Grill Royal 

The Grill Royal is a well-known place to eat in Berlin. This is one of the good restaurants in Berlin, and anyone who goes there should go there. This restaurant is open every day of the week and serves tasty meals and sweet treats. This is one of the Berlin, Germany, restaurants you should take your date to if you want to plan a date night.

6.Grill Royal

7. Standard Serious Pizza

There are a lot of pizza places in Berlin that serve Neapolitan-style pizza, but we’re not complaining. The pizza renaissance in Berlin has made the pies much better, and Standard in Prenzlauer Berg is a crowd-pleaser. You can’t go wrong with the Margherita, which has mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes for di latte, or the more unusual house white pizza, which has smoked cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, and aubergine and olive pesto.

7.Standard Serious Pizza

8. Eins44 

Eins44 is a high-end restaurant that serves delicious food in the industrial setting of a former schnapps factory. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, showing that even in dirty Neukolln, there is a place to eat well. You can choose from flexible menus with seasonal dishes like venison with shiitake mushrooms and prawns with vermouth and yellow beetroot in the evening. These dishes are usually served for lunch.


9. TimRaue

On the tasting menu, you might find amuse-bouches such as spicy cashews, prawn sashimi, and pig belly that have been marinated. Then, go on to main courses such as wagyu beef, lobster, and Australian winter truffle together with tofu. Everything is infused with a Japanese sensibility and is presented on the plate with blobs, smears, or foams of contrasting flavors and colors.


10. Kumpel & KeuleSpeisewirtschaft

Kumpel & Keule offers something astonishingly uncommon in the German capital: high-quality, regionally sourced German cuisine served with genuine hospitality. It is worthwhile to forego lunch and splurge at their Kreuzberg restaurant, which offers contemporary German and international butchery interpretations. Alternately, investigate the menu’s more unexpected offerings, such as rabbit’s kidney with parsnip puree. If you’re feeling up to it, finish with a round of homemade schnapps.

10. Kumpel KeuleSpeisewirtschaft

11. CODA

This three-Michelin-starred restaurant in northwest Germany’s former pastry master, René Frank, uses dessert techniques to cook savory dishes. As a result, the words look and taste like sweets but are more like appetizers. The tasting menu includes six beautiful-looking plates that read like haikus: parsley root, coconut, pistachio; beetroot, raspberry, tofu; cacao, Jerusalem artichoke, cherry; and on. Concrete floors and walls in colors of grey and white fill the modest restaurant in Neukölln, the area of the moment, which has a fantastic concept but a more restrained décor. Bar stools at the front are popular with diners, making it one of the most lively eating spots.


12. K’ups Gemusekebap

Along with currywurst, doner kebab is Berlin’s most popular fast food. It is grilled meat and vegetables wrapped in soft bread. K’ups in Prenzlauer Berg serves a popular food with almost no lines. It’s great for a quick, filling lunch or dinner or a late-night snack before or after a night of drinking or clubbing. Traditional doner kebabs are made with lamb or veal, but all K’ups’ kebabs are made with chicken. The chicken is then mixed with grilled zucchini, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and a salad made of lettuce and red cabbage are added, and feta cheese is sprinkled on top. Choose your sauce—yogurt, garlic, or spicy—and whether you want your kebab wrapped in durum like a burrito, in white or wheat bread, or as a salad with no bread. There are also vegetable and halloumi options.

12.Kups Gemusekebap

13. Golden Phoenix

The open kitchen gives off delicious smells, and you’ll want to order a cocktail or glass of wine while you look over the menu of Chinese classics with minor changes. It’s also fun to watch people, especially on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, when Berliners usually go out. People who like Duc Ngo’s Asian-fusion food in Berlin, like carp tempura sweet and sour, hang out with people dressed up. Come here for good Chinese food with a touch of glam, which is hard to find in Berlin.

13.Golden Phoenix

14. Nobelhart &Schmutzig

A catchphrase is attached to this eatery’s name: “vocally local,” which translates to “locally sourced.” As a result, there will be no chocolate. As a result of Billy Wagner, the chef/seasonal sommelier’s cuisine is packed with bold, contemporary flavors, and you’ll be convinced to join the cause. Only those in the know may see the bland frontage, and you must ring a bell to be escorted to a long wooden table with a maximum of 28 seats. A reservation is, of course, necessary.

Nobelhart Schmutzig

15. Burgermeister

Although Berlin is home to many restaurants serving excellent burgers, none of them can compare to the reputation earned by Burgermeister. The menu is pleasantly straightforward, the cheesy fries are about as cozy as comfort food can get, and the mouthwatering vegan burger is nothing like the token veggie option at other restaurants.

15. Burgermeister

16. Pauly Saal

The welcoming bar is the first thing you’ll see before entering the main space, with high ceilings and plenty of windows. Come hungry, as tasting menus range from four to seven dishes. To mop up the sauces, you’ll need some of the delicious house-made bread on hand. The oyster with turnip cabbage and sea fennel is a standout on the menu, as is the Tiergarten crayfish with peas and beurre blanc is harvested in a lake in Berlin’s largest park using only local ingredients.

16.Pauly Saal

17. Arai

The long wooden table, which seats ten people, dominates the Japanese tea house-inspired area. It’s impossible to imagine how they did it in such a tiny space. A 10-course Chka Ryrie omakase is offered to each guest. This is Chinese cuisine prepared using Japanese techniques and presentation. Hassan, a plate of savory starters like surf clam or five-spice duck, is always a good place to start, even if the small dishes change seasonally. Bring a Chinese foodie who wants to try something new or a sushi connoisseur who wants to try something new.


18. Liu

The best place to eat lunch in downtown Mitte is this Sichuan noodle place on a quiet street near Checkpoint Charlie. Not only is it cheap, but the spicy noodles and dumplings are some of the best you can find. You place your order at the counter and get a number. The food is brought to your table. There are always a lot of office workers here, and you can’t get away from them because Liu is only open until 3pm (except for a monthly hotpot night), but the wait is worth it. Also, if you go in the summer, there are a lot of places to sit outside.


19. Ernst

An apartment building’s basement is where you’ll find it. The L-shaped oak countertop that wraps around the kitchen is where you’ll sit to watch the culinary magic happen after you locate the two wide curtained windows and ring the doorbell.. You must be a foodie to enjoy Ernst, since you’ll spend hours with the cooks in front of you, so don’t bring someone who likes to nibble on their meal. Instead, stop by if you’re interested in learning about Berlin’s burgeoning farm-to-table food scene.


20. Cell

There is a 400-bottle wine list with both German and French options, as well as meals like monkfish topped with caviar in beurre blanc sauce and foie gras with masala and apricot. We hope we could fit all the seats and plates into our carry-on luggage. Don’t miss Cell if you’re willing to spend a lot of money (or if you’re the late Lagerfeld’s rich cat). However, your stomach will definitely appreciate you for it.

20. Cell