Top 20 Restaurants In Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Top 20 Restaurants In Bhilwara Rajasthan
Top 20 Restaurants In Bhilwara Rajasthan

Bhilwarais a city in the Mewar area of Rajasthan, India. It is known as the textile city of the state. It has a population of 3.6 lakh approx. as of the year 2011. The language spoken by people there is Hindi and Mewari. In this region, the stone-age tools dating from 5,012 to 200,000 years were found. The oldest part of this city was set up in the middle of 11 century by building a Krishna Radha Mandir that still exists. There are various attraction points and restaurants in the city, which can be explored during your visit to the city. The list of the top 20 restaurants have been given below. Do have a look at them if you are searching a place to enjoy a good food.

1. Fumes And Flames

This place is perfectly suitable for a foodie meet if you are looking for a restaurant with great food ad impressive service. You must try the paneer sticks offered here. Once you visit this place, you will not regret the experience.

Fumes And Flames

2. Blend Bistro

It is a trendy place with rooftop seating arrangements to go for the millennial. The ambience is beautifully embedded with tradition and elegant interiors. The food tastes delicious but might seem to be overpriced to some of you.

Blend Bistro

3. Mansi Food Stuff Restaurant

The delicious Hakka noodles and veg Manchurian from this outlet will sure win your heart with the taste. It is located on Kamla Arcade, Ajmer Road. The lighting and decor are mesmerizing, the place is not much expensive and an ideal place to visit with family.

Mansi Food Stuff Restaurant

4. The Spice Garden Restaurant

It is one of the best charming rooftop restaurants in Bhilwara for romantic dinner or hangout with family. The place seems to be even more beautiful at night time, and has a photogenic ambience. The food is finger-licking, and Paneer bhurji shout be tried here.

The Spice Garden Restaurant

5. Saffron

This elegant fine-chine family restaurant is situated in Subhash Market, Bhilwara. The service is quick and the food is served in enough quantity. The recipes are lip-smacking, among which Veg Biryani is a must-try dish.


6. PFC Garden

This restaurant is located in Azad Nagar, behind BSL Guest House. It is a quite spacious area where you can easily organise small events or kitty parties. The beautiful garden here adds to the beauty of this place. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant serving delicacies from Indian cuisine.

PFC Garden

7. Hangout

It is spacious outlet in Bhopal Ganj that serves a wide range of street food like vadapav, burger, etc. The staff and owner are humble in nature. In desserts, one must give a try to a brownie with Ice-cream, you would surely love them.


8. Salt And Pepper

This is not much fancy yet relaxing restaurant is situated at Pur Road, near SK Plaza. You can plan a small get together at this place. They also have a small garden, dance floor. The outdoor garden area is perfect for function at night. The food quality and taste us up – to the mark.

Salt And Pepper

9. Golden Spoon

The ambience of this place is cosy and calming, having enough seats. The taste of the food is fantastic and worth the price. The delicious double dal tadka is a must-try recipe.

Golden Spoon

10. Kishmish

This restaurant serving Rajasthani cuisine is located on old RTO Road, Gandhi Nagar. The special large Rajasthani thali is highly recommended and can easily fill the stomach of 2 people. All the food stuff is unlimited and is served in a traditional way.


11. Shree Sawariya Restaurant

This is a place, which is highly recommended if you prefer the quality and taste of food over everything else. The interior and vibes of this place match to that of a Dhaba. The food is just home-like preparations available at genuine rates.

Shree Sawariya Restaurant

12. The Sukhwasals Kitchen

The menu of this outlet consists of every Indian dish from all over the country. It is an excellent site to visit with family and enjoy vegetarian food. The place is neat and clean with fast service.

The Sukhwasals Kitchen

13. Old Days Café

It is a rooftop café decorated beautifully with lighting, and arrangements. The taste of food is lip-smacking and you don’t have to wait longer for your order. This place will provide you, with everything you need.

Old Days Cafe

14. Sip And Gossip Café

The taste of food served here is similar to Mewar food. The ambience is impressive with quite an interesting interior. The food quality is the USP of this place; everything is available at affordable prices.

Sip And Gossip Cafe

15. Filmy Tadka

The ambience and interiors of this place are very pretty, and the music is very soothing, that makes the overall experience pleasing. The North Indian cuisine is excellent, even the varieties of starters served are marvelous.

Filmy Tadka

16. Asha Food Square

The ambience of the place is pretty elegant, serving hygienic food providing warm hospitality. The veg sizzler is fantastic in taste and served in sufficient quantity. It is a must-visit place if you are in the city, you will surely love it.

Asha Food Square

17. Haricchaya Garden Restaurant

This garden restaurant is located on Gangapur Road, Gandhi Nagar. The area is not much spacious but is an excellent option for lunch or dinner. This place is economical and easily accessible.

Haricchaya Garden Restaurant

18. Love Eat Restaurant

This location will provide you with tasty and delicious Ragi Idli and Ragi dosa with hot sizzling Sambar. It is located on love garden road in Vyas Colony. The service options provided are takeaway and dine-in.

Love Eat Restaurant

19. Signature Restaurant

The signature Restaurant is located in Patel Nagar. The staff is very humble and co-operative. The taste of the food is terrific, and all the dishes are at an economical price. They also offer late-night food services.

Signature Restaurant

20. The Ora Café

The food at this place is worth tasting and revisiting every time. The best time to go to this place is at sunset. The ambience and view are mesmerizing. You would never regret your visit to this place. Churchur Naan is a must-try dish here.

The Ora Cafe