Top 20 Restaurants In Vivekananda Road, Kolkata

Top 20 Restaurants In Vivekananda Road Kolkata
Top 20 Restaurants In Vivekananda Road Kolkata

Vivekananda road is in the city of Kolkata. This road’s name is a tribute to Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral house, which is some meters away from the Bidhani Sarani crossing. It has several important places, such as APC road, Amherst Street, and Chittaranjan Avenue crossing. No, doubt Kolkata has a good amount of population, and you will always see the streets of the state to be crowded by people visiting for different purposes, exploring the food being one of them. There are many restaurants on Vivekananda Street, and it might become difficult for people to choose which one is the best. So, we bring you the list of the top 20 restaurants.

1. @49

If you live in Kolkata and love exploring tasty food, there is no need to introduce this place. It is probably the best rooftop restaurant in north Kolkata. Their Chinese recipes are worth tasting and pocket-friendly. Apart from that, the ambience, service, and atmosphere, all are awe-inspiring and make this place perfect for hangouts with friends.


2. Urban’s Café

It is a trendy joint on this road amongst the youth. It is a simple place with the sitting arrangement on the sidewalk. This place is an excellent option for quick bites that too at a reasonable price. The sandwich served here tastes terrific and has vast varieties available such as desi supreme sandwich, paneer  tikka sandwich, paneer toast.

Urbans Cafe

3. Asli Aroma

It is a cheap and good place for snack options in the Girish Park. The food served here is lip-smacking and worth craving for; the delicious fried rice from this site is a must-try. It is an excellent spot to visit with family and friends. They also accept payments through online transactions.

Asli Aroma

4. Vanakkam

It is a famous South Indian restaurant serving delicious dosa, uttapam, sambhar with authentic flavors. This is an ancient place and has been able to maintain the same taste till now. As the food made is fresh, it might take a bit longer for your order to receive. Apart from south Indian cuisine, you can try the tasty pulao here.


5. Desi Pao

This place is very near to Girish park metro station and has parking available. It is a small outlet with limited seats. They serve delicious burgers, sandwiches, Maggie, but Twistatos are best.  The paneer mozzarella burger and tandoori wai wai are a must-try. It is a perfect place for evening snack visits with family and friends.

Desi Pao

6. Chatpata “The Tongue Twister”

If you want to eat something spicy and experience authentic Mumbai street food, this place is a must-visit. All the street food served here is mouth-watering and is available at a reasonable price. The pav bhaji offered here is terrific and topped with lots of cheese. They also have a live pasta corner, which starts from only Rs.49.

Chatpata The Tongue Twister

7. Hungry Hippo

It is a small junk café with limited seats and choices but a good place for casual meetings and chit-chat with friends. Every meal served here is fresh and hot. They also have lovely music played in the background, and the environment is relaxing. The pasta from this place is highly recommended.

Hungry Hippo

8. Lucky Cafeteria

This place serves one of the best street foods in Kolkata. It is very famous for the Mughlai paratha and masala chai, just the perfect place for tea time. The pakoras served are also hot, crispy, and tasty. It is a roadside shop with affordable prices and up-to-the-mark quality.

Lucky Cafeteria

9. Mukti Cabin

It is probably the only place on Vivekananda road, which will give you the feel of old Calcutta’s in terms of its food culture.  They serve the best quality snacks, especially famous for the Mughlai parathas. They also take through Swiggy/Zomato, or you can either contact them personally. It has a casual atmosphere and a good place for simple hangouts with friends.

Mukti Cabin

10. Pooja Snacks

It is an excellent place to visit for someone looking for a cheap vegetarian snack corner. The quality and quantity of food are a plus point of this place. It is an excellent option for students with low budgets. This is a small shop with no sitting arrangement, so you have to eat your meals either standing or can prefer ordering at your own location.

Pooja Snacks

11. Azad Hind Dhaba

It is a small place with seating arrangements for 25-30 people but serves delicious pure vegetarian food of good quality. The service and the portions served both are impressive. The Punjabi cuisine from this place is a must-try. It would be better to visit this place with reservations, as the seats are always full.

Azad Hind Dhaba

12. Swad Restaurant

Yes, this place has swad in all their food items. This place offers delicious quality food at a very reasonable price.  It is famous for the lip-smacking taste of Chinese food items like fried rice and dry chili corn. Also, proper hygiene is maintained with all the Covid-19 protocols.

Swad Restaurant

13. Chhota Elaichi

It is a small outlet serving everything from rolls to proper thali and lunch meals. No, doubt all the food items taste decent and are available at reasonable prices. Momos and crispy babycorn are delicious and must-try. Also, last but not least the rolls offered at this site are heavenly delicious and worth tasting.

Chhota Elaichi

14. Fantastic Food Factory

It is a vegetarian food outlet which serves Indian and Chinese cuisine, which is liked by most of the people. The place is usually targeted by family crowds and is a moderately priced place. The taste of food is pretty good, along with good portions. They also make food without onion and garlic. The masala kulcha is a popular serving here.

Fantastic Food Factory

15. Where To Go

Once you visit this place, you will never be confused about where to go, as you are well aware of that now. It is located just opposite Vivekananda’s House and is very famous in the area. This place is divided into compartments having a difference in their size, and the best part is that they also have karaoke and home theatre, which would make your outing memorable. Apart from that, all the dishes taste terrific.

Where To Go

16. The Insta Café

It is situated just behind Swami Vivekananda’s house. It has a brick-walled decor with a pleasing ambience. The Chinese cuisines items are highly recommended here, among which the veg chowmein and chili baby corn are must-try. They accept payments by all means. It is a good place for casual visits with friends.

The Insta Cafe

17. Cave Café

It is a trendy place in Kolkata, been able to maintain the same taste and attract people for a long time. As the name suggests, the interior of this place is exactly like a cave. They serve pure vegetarian food items in a fully air-conditioned room. The cheese fondue, cave special platter, and brownie ice cream are must-try here.

Cave Cafe

18. Kumkum Rolls And Fast Food Center

It is a very famous street shop serving delicious fast food items like momo, kabab, fried rice, though it is pretty famous for the heavenly tasting rolls. It is an ancient shop serving delicious filling rolls at a reasonable price. They accept payments only through cash.

Kumkum Rolls And Fat Food Center

19. Café Kolkata

This place is very famous for the delicious ice-creams and savories, making it an excellent choice for people with a sweet tooth. All the items on the menu are available at a very reasonable price. Also, the ambience of the place is very classy and eye-catchy. The ice cream with KitKat and oreo twist is a must-try.

Cafe Kolkata

20. Kalash Café

It is a good choice for parties and hangout plans with friends. The service and staff both are impressive. The theme and ambience of the place are also lovely. They also have live music arrangements and accept payments through mobile wallets too. Apart from that, the food items also taste pretty well.

Kalash Cafe