Top 20 Restaurants In Bhiwadi, Alwar

top 20 restaurants in bhiwadi alwar
top 20 restaurants in bhiwadi alwar

Bhiwadi is a town in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is a place for people who love living life to the fullest. Bhiwadi is an attractive place to live since it has lower living costs and less expensive property. Bhiwadi is a gateway to Rajasthan and is also a very peaceful city. Here tourists come to visit this place and want to taste its food as well. So here we have a list of 20 Restaurants and their famous food you should try if you are here.

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1.Urban Sigdi

Urban Sigdi Restaurant is situated in Shiv Plaza, Alwar bypass road, Bhiwadi. The interior is beautiful, and the theme is like how Punjabi loves. They are popular for their Chole Bhature, and everything is tasty and well maintained.

Urban Sigdi

2.Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi is situated on the first floor, capital mall, RIICO Industrial Area, Bhiwadi. The interior of the restaurant is unique, refreshing, and well maintained. They provide a large quantity of high-quality cuisine, and their motive is to satisfy their customers.

Pind Balluchi


Haldiram Restaurant has situated on Alwar bypass road, Bhiwadi. They are famous for their tak-kachori, rice bowls, and Rava Dosa. Their service is prompt, and everything is prepared fresh and with proper hygiene. The interior is spacious and excellent.


4.Greedy Guts

Greedy Guts Restaurant is situated opposite sukham tower, Bhagat Singh Colony, Bhiwadi. The restaurant is nicely decorated, and the ambiance is also clean. Their North Indian and Italian cuisines are the best. Staff’s behavior is good, and they greet you at the door.

Greedy Guts

5.Setia Restaurant

Setia Restaurant is situated in Ganpati Plaza, phoolbag, Bhiwadi. They are famous for their Chole Bhature and they taste heavenly. The owner of the restaurant is very humble, and so the staff is. Everything is grounded in reality.

Setia Restaurant

6.Kerala Coffee House

Kerala Coffee House is situated in Rajasthan Housing Board colony, Bhiwani. Their South Indian food is famous, especially their finger-licking Dosas. Their Idli Sambhar, Dosa, and every South Indian cuisine are freshly made. Kerala Coffee House is one of the best South Indian restaurants in Kota.

Kerala Coffee House

7.Sneha Restaurant

Sneha Restaurant is situated in Rajasthan Housing Colony, Bhiwadi. The restaurant’s tiffin service is popular. They provide good quality of food not only in Restaurant but also at home. Dish prices are quite modest and affordable.

Sneha Restaurant

8.Tipsy Fox

Tipsy Fox is situated in Vasundhara Nagar, Bhiwadi. Tipsy Fox Restaurant serves food of high quality, and they are famous for their Manipur specialties. They have a hotel and also a cool bar to chill. The chef is excellent, and also the other staff is quite humble.

Tipsy Fox

9.Singhs Rolls & Kebab

Singh Rolls & Kebab is situated in Ashiana Village center, Vasundhara Nagar. Singhs Rolls & Kebab has a charming and warm atmosphere. Their staff is very knowledgeable and humble. If you are visiting here, you must taste their chicken tikka and chicken curry, which are both inexpensive and delicious.

Singhs Rolls & Kebab

10.Harish Restaurant

Harish Restaurant is situated near Alwar, bypass road, Bhiwadi. The Restaurant consists of a bakery and sweets. The Restaurant’s interior is very refreshing and tidy. Harish Restaurant is one of the best places to organize parties and small events.

Harish Restaurant

11.Clever Café Restaurant

Clever Café Restaurant is situated on the lobby level, Vasundhara Nagar, opposite Ashiana village center Bhiwadi. The behavior of staff and waiter is good. Their service is speedy, and the food is delicious. They use fresh vegetables and fruits for preparing dishes.

Clever Café Restaurant

12.Jain patties

Jain patties Restaurant is situated near Bhiwadi RIICO Chowk, near the post office, Bhiwadi. They have a vast variety of fast food, but their Patties are legendary. They also have different types of patties at their Restaurant. The staff is very cooperative and a good listener.

Jain patties


McDonald’s Restaurant is situated in Aashiana Aagan Housing society tehsil tijara, Alwar-Bhiwadi road, Bhiwadi. One of the franchises of McDonald’s Restaurant is in Bhiwadi. Their parking facility is good, the staff is humble, food is delicious, and the area is large enough to accommodate 30-40 people.


14.PKSM Pizza Gallery

PKSM Pizza Gallery is situated in the capital galleria, Bhiwadi. They serve pizza of very high quality with a wide range of options. This is one of the best places to have pizza in Bhiwadi. Also, it is an excellent area to party with friends. The behavior of the staff and owner is very accommodating.

PKSM Pizza Gallery

15.Food Station

Food Station is situated on Alwar bypass road, near nimai greens, Gulab Nagar, Bhiwadi. They serve delicious and hygienic food on the roadside. They have varieties of parantha and other Indian food. The behavior of the owner is sweet yet friendly.

Food Station

16.Veg Haari

Veg Haari Restaurant is a family restaurant, and situated opposite genesis mall, Alwar bypass road, Bhiwadi opposite Konarkoasis, Bhiwadi. The restaurant serves different types of food, but they are famous for their chaap, especially pudina chaap and korma chaap. Their service and hospitality are perfect.

Veg Haari


Munirkawala is situated in Gaurav path, RIICO Industrial Area, Bhiwadi. They offer cultural taste in their food, and the place is very hygienic. The Restaurant is so large that you can efficiently conduct a birthday party over here.


18.Oh! Café

Oh! Café is situated on Hetram chowk, Bhiwadi. The interior of the restaurant is really comfy and well maintained. They serve good quality beverages and food. Everything at this café is reasonable, and this place is the best to chill with friends and family.

Oh! Café

19.Exotic Grill

Exotic Grill Restaurant is situated in Naveen market, Alwar bypass road, Bhiwadi. Exotic Grill The restaurant stands out by its name and gives a very original taste. Everything is made with fresh vegetables and with proper care. Their service is commendable and the face of the owner is always smiling.

Exotic Grill

20.Sai Fast Food

Sai Fast Food Restaurant is situated in basement, jangra complex, opp. Central market, Bhiwadi. They have a wide variety of Chinese food at reasonable prices. Their special items that one should try are- fried momos, steamed momos, honey chili potato, egg roll, chili paneer, and fried rice. They are also available on Zomato.

Sai Fast Food