Top 20 Street Food of Janpath Road


Are you a street food lover? Street food is ready-to-eat or drinks sold in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair.  Street food is also called cheap food. Most street foods are than restaurant meals. They sever the decent portion plus generous fillings make them a hit. Street food is eminent in India. There are so many different street foods out here, in every city. Street food is anytime where you want. So many options like momos, chill potato, dosa, vada, and more.

1 Bhogal Chole- Bhaturewalla

One of the best chole bhature you will find in Delhi. It’s a must-visit for people of all ages-there are also chole chawal and chole kulcha. That is not your regular cholebhature, it has a great & different taste. They have cold drinks and water also available.

Bhogal Chole- Bhaturewalla

2 Prabhu Chaat Bhandar

This place is eminent for chaat lovers. Prabhachaat bander has been serving mouth-watering chaats. They have bharwagolgapps, aloo tikki chaat and more.Prabhu Chaat Bhandar

3 Local foods

Local foods is famous for chaats. They have bharwagolgapps, aloo tikki chaat  topped up with Kacha aloo, imli chutney, and dahi. The decent portion and generous fillings make them a hit.

Local foods

4 Jain Chawal Wale

If you visit CP, then you should eat at this place. All veg menu with an affordable price range. It is excellent for a night out with friends. Take your food to enjoy it in your car. In the daytime, this place is much crowded. After good food at a reasonable price, the taste is like authentic North Indian, which you can feel after eating.Jain Chawal Wale

5 Sanjay Agarwal’s stall

Are you a sweet lover? Must-visit this place. The stall was fulfilling with crowded, especially for the faluda. In winters it comes with more surprises. You can observe people trying on moong dal halwa. It is so tasty.Sanjay Agarwal’s stall

6 Halkafulka

It is one of the famous places in CP. They serve Chinese food and the price is affordable.


7 Pappu Chaat Walla

One of the famous places in cp stall is not about fresh potato toss in spicy and khatte methi chutney and chaat masala, but also to get a fruit chaat.Pappu Chaat Walla

8 Kulcha Junction

Are you a big fan of Amritsari kulcha? Must-visit this place. They serve crispy kulcha and pyaz with a good amount of Punjabi chole. The menu is limited – mixed kulcha, masala kulcha, paneer kulcha, and paneer pyaz kulcha.Kulcha Junction

9 Jantar Mantar food point

This place is famous for its crispy dosa with masala aloo and sambar. Also eminent for crispy vada and soft steam idli with a good amount of sambar. Overall it is every south Indian food lover’s delight.Jantar Mantar food point

10 Chinky Momos

Momos are popular street food in cp. Momos are a type of dumpling and are formed of flour and vegetables. It is served with spicy chutney and mayonnaise. Momos are one of the tibetan recipes and now it is famous all over.Chinky’s Momos

11 Parashar Foods

One of the best places in CP which is famous for rajma chawal. They are famous for rajma chawal or kadhi chawal. I also like naan thali in which you can have naan along with shahi paneer, rajma, raita or rice and also they served papad and chutney alongside.

parashar foooods

12 Odeon Bhel Puri Bhandar

The word ‘Bhelpuri’ originated from Bombay i.e. Mumbai and Calcutta i.e. Kolkata. In Kolkata it is called jhal muri. The secret recipe of the bhelpuri combined with the khajur gur, and imli chutney makes this place a must-try.Odeon Bhel Puri Bhandar

13 Daksh Chinese food

This is a small street food shop that serves different types of Chinese food plus all Chinese foods and this price is affordable. They even have burgers, soups, sandwiches, and chilly potatoes. Daksh Chinese food

14 Haldiram’s

It’s a delightful place to eat street food. There you can almost find all the cuisines like Chinese, Indian chaat, south Indian, and Italian pasta etc.Haldiram’s

15 Shri Hanuman Kachori

An eminent place to visit with your family and friends and a variety of mouth-smacking street food is available at a reasonable cost. It is just outside the Hanuman temple and it is such a delightful place. If you like kachori you should visit this place.Shir Hanuman Kachori

16 Depaul’s

Depaul’s is located in Janpath marketplace, Delhi. Depaul’s is probably the oldest takeaway for hot & cold coffee with its sandwiches. My favorite is the cold coffee which is truly excellent. This place gets a bit crowded during the evenings but you don’t have to wait much for your order. It’s a good place for a quick bite which is a bit expensive.Depaul’s

17 Gupta foods

Whenever I go to CP, I always visit this place for lunch and additionally, the food quality and taste are excellent. The price of food is affordable. The food is good and yummy and if you are hungry or looking for a pocket-friendly outlet you must visit this place.

Gupta foods

18 Kulche Chole

It is one of the best kulche chole you will find in Delhi. It’s a must-visit for people of all ages. You must try this street food in cp.Kulche Chole

19 Momos Shop

Momos are popular street food in cp. Momos are a type of dumpling and are formed of flour and vegetables. It is served with spicy chutney and mayonnaise. Momos are one of the tibetan recipes and now it is famous all over.Momos Shop

20 Bistro 57

This place is good to hang out with your friends when you are around CP as it is very reasonable and the taste is also excellent. When you visit this place you must try their supreme garlic bread, sandwich and the brownie fudge which are absolute mouth-melters.

Bistro 57