Top 20 Restaurants In Chirawa, Jhunjhunu

Top 20 Restaurants In Chirawa Jhunjhunu
Top 20 Restaurants In Chirawa Jhunjhunu

Chirawa is a municipal town in Jhunjhunu and lies in the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. It belongs to the Jaipur division, and Hindi is the local language here. There are a lot of mansions, and temples in Chirawa. Peda is sweet, while Sag Rota is savory cuisine; both are very famous in Chirawa.

If you are thinking to visit Chirawa in a while or if you are already living there and want to explore Chirawa, so here we have a list of 20 restaurants in Chirawa that you must check out.

Here we go!

1.Haveli Restaurant

Haveli restaurant is a well-rated restaurant in Chirawa, situated on Loharu-Sikar road, Chirawa. Their service, ambiance, and interior are all excellent. Food is served with proper hygiene, and the taste of food is also very good.


2.Best IN Pizza

Best IN Pizza restaurant is situated in Shekhawati market, Shiv colony, Chirawa. Their interior and ambiance are perfect. They serve tasty and healthy fast food and pizza of this restaurant is very famous in Chirawa. The staff’s demeanor is excellent.


3.Wrapstick Restaurant

Wrapstick restaurant is situated on the main road opposite Dalamiya, Chirawa. Their interior and service both are excellent. They don’t take long to serve food, and they do so with proper hygiene. They are also famous for their chicken burgers.


4.Polky Restaurant

Polky restaurant is situated in Adarsh colony, Chirawa. They have a Hut-shaped restaurant with excellent maintenance. Their food is delicious, and they serve Sag Rota also. The service and behavior of the staff are also great.


5.Goggle Café

Goggle Café is situated on JhunJhunu-Rewari road, Ganapati Complex, Ground floor Near Gole Market, opposite Union Bank Street, Chirawa. Goggle café is one of the highly-rated restaurants in Chirawa. Goggle café offers a variety of dishes, and every dish is tasteful and worth paying for. Great ambiance and friendly staff.


6.Joey’s café

Joey’s café is situated near Shri Ganesh Narayan Marg, Main Market Road, Chirawa. Joey’s café sells a variety of fast food and one thing is famous here, and that is their Pizza. Chirawa citizens love to eat pizza at Joey’s café. The behavior of the staff is excellent and the décor is also stunning.


7.Top Up Restaurant

Top Up restaurant is situated on Pilani Road, opposite government hoy, Shiv Colony, Chirawa. The top-up restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Chirawa. The restaurant is spacious, and the hospitality is also good. You can enjoy here with your family or friends, and the plus point is this place is also couple friendly, as they have separate sections for couples.


8.WhatsApp Restaurant

WhatsApp restaurant also consists of Bakery. They are situated In the Muslim colony, Pujari colony, Chirawa. The behavior of the owner and staff is excellent. Their food tastes terrific and their fast-food pricing is affordable. The WhatsApp restaurant is one of the safest and private restaurants for couples in the town.


9.Love Bite Restaurant

Love Bite restaurant in Shiv colony, Chirawa. Love Bite restaurant is also safe for couples in Chirawa. Their food is very delicious, and the service is also top-notch. The vibe of the restaurant is also pleasant, with soft music in the background.


10.Friends café

Friend’s café is situated on Chirawa – Pilani Rd, Gayatri Market, Near Dalmia Ground, Chirawa. They have a good menu card with an acceptable price range for everything. The ambiance is nice, however, the beverages need to upgrade a bit.


11.Vrindawan Restaurant

Vrindawan restaurant also consists of a hotel and sweet shop. They are situated on Loharu-Sikar road Surajgarh Tiraya, Chirawa. The behavior of the staff and the manager is very courteous. Their food tastes not amazing, but yes it is good, and the ambiance is also nice.


12.Roll Stick

Roll stick restaurant on station road, near Dalmia complex, Chirawa. They have a menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The restaurant is well-kept, and the nature of the manager and staff is very humble. You can come with your friends as well as the atmosphere of the restaurant is also family-friendly.


13.Ridhi Sidhi Restaurant

Ridhi Sidhi Restaurant is situated in a Muslim colony, Chirawa. The food quality of the restaurant is excellent, however, the service is lacking. They have a wide variety of menus for vegetarian customers, and Ac rooms are also available.


14.French Fries Restaurant

French Fries Restaurant is situated in Shiv colony, Chirawa. They have a good quality of fast food and freshly made juices. The ambiance is kind of nice, and the behavior of the staff is also very polite.


15.Burger House

Burger House restaurant is situated in Chirawa. They have a menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. The restaurant is spacious, so you can easily bring your entire family. The Maharaja Fish Wrap is their signature dish.


16.Pavitra Restaurant

Pavitra restaurant, which is also a hotel, and they are situated near Lal Kothi, Station road, Chirawa. They have a nice small restaurant, and you can quickly get rooms to stay at reasonable rates. They serve hot, tasty, and nutritious food. Hygiene needs to be maintained otherwise, service is good.


17.Hotel Raj Mangalam

Hotel Raj Mangalam is situated on Surajgarh Road, Chirawa. The interior of the hotel is lovely, and they also consist of a restaurant. The facility is well-maintained, and the service is also very good. Hotel rooms are hygienic, and the food served to guests in the restaurant is also very tasty.


18.The Snooker Café

The snooker café is situated near the corporation bank, Chungi Naka, circle, Chirawa. The snooker café restaurant also has a different section for gaming and chilling. You can eat, play games and can easily chill here. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the personnel is also really courteous.


19.Jasrapuria Restaurant

Jasrapuria restaurant is situated in front of Balaji traders, Muslim colony, Pujari colony, Chirawa. They provide a wide variety of foods at low prices, and the service is good. The restaurant is not so well maintained, but the staff is kind.


20.Khushi Restaurant

Khushi restaurant is situated in Chirawa. The restaurant also has a motel where guests can stay. Khushi hotel is one of the best hotels in Chirawa to stay at night, and their food is also delicious.