Top 20 Restaurants In Churu, Rajasthan

Top 20 Restaurants In Churu Rajasthan
Top 20 Restaurants In Churu Rajasthan

Churu is a beautiful city in Rajasthan. Churu is known for being the gateway to the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Churu lies within the northern Shekhawati region of Rajasthan and is famous for its Havelies, Sand Dunes, and Forest reserves. Tourists also get attracted to this beautiful city because of its architecture. There are a lot of historical monuments, buildings and also the food of Churu. Tourists come here every year or every month to see the stunning scenery. If you are the one who is supposed to visit Churu in the upcoming years or months, then maybe this article is for you.

We have a list of 20 restaurants in Churu. So, that you can easily visit here and can eat delicious food from a restaurant of Churu.

Let’s start!

1.Cloud 9 Café

Cloud 9 Café is situated in Shastri Market, Naya Bass, Churu, Rajasthan. Their sandwiches, pizza, cold coffee, and shakes are pretty famous. The décor of the restaurant is also magnificent and modern. They also have private cabins for couples.



RJ-10 restaurant is situated near Babosa complex, New road, Nya bass, Churu, Rajasthan. The best place to hang out in Churu with delicious food, and their most popular fast food is the LA palate burger. Now they have renovated their restaurant and have a big party hall, an outdoor garden seating space, and a larger sitting area.


3.Krishna Restaurant

Krishna restaurant also consists of a hotel and is situated near New road, Nya bass, Churu, Rajasthan. Krishna restaurant is pure vegetarian, and the food is served with proper hygiene. Its infrastructure is also very nice.


4.Apni Haveli Café

Apni Haveli Café is situated near Nya bass, Churu, Rajasthan. They have a good food menu and also have a party hall that can be decorated as per customer’s demands. The pizza of Apni Haveli café is very famous in Churu.


5.Beyond Café

Beyond café is a very modern restaurant of Churu and situated Near Right street of Lohia College, Churu. The Beyond café restaurant offers the nicest ambiance in Churu, as well as excellent service. You can simply spend quality with your family and friends in this beautiful restaurant. Their corn pizza is very famous in Churu.


6.Mid-City Pizza Café

Mid-city pizza café is situated in Jain Market, Naya Bass, Churu. The ambiance is small yet pleasant, and the restaurant has a sitting of 20 people at a time. They can also host a birthday party on customer’s demand. They have a vast menu for fast food lovers.



Wrapstick restaurant is situated near Station road, near Natraj Hotel, Churu rural. Wrapstick has a menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Their chicken is very crispy, juicy, and fresh with the lowest price in Churu. They also have a comfortable sitting arrangement with a good ambiance.


8.U & Me Garden Restaurant

U & Me garden restaurant also consists of a hotel and swimming pool. They are situated in ward 14, near Kesar Balika School, Churu rural, and are open 24hours. The environment of this restaurant is spotless and soothing. Their food is also very delicious, and they serve authentic Rajasthani food. They have chicken which is rated as “finger-licking” by the customers.

U & Me-Garden-restaurant

9.Papa Veg Pizza

Papa veg pizza restaurant is situated near Lohia College, ward no.16, Churu. They have one of the best pizzas in Churu, and their ambiance is beautiful. Staff behavior is also lovely. They feature a wider range of fast food options than an only pizza.


10.Lucky’s Hub

Lucky’s Hub café is situated near new road, behind Ravi store, Churu. Lucky’s Hub is a fantastic café. Here you can chill with your friends and partner. Not a family-friendly café, but still, it is one of the most easygoing cafés in Churu. All type of food items and hookah is available in Lucky’s Hub café.


11.Rathore Restaurant

Rathore restaurant also consists of a hotel, lodge, and banquet hall. They are situated near an old bus stand, Court road, Churu. The décor of the Rathore Hotel is opulent and classic. Their service is good, and the food is also good, but their food is quite expensive comparatively other restaurants in Churu.


12.The Blackout Café

The Blackout café is situated in Shastri market, Nya bass, Churu. They have a small cute ambiance with good service. They provide delicious food, with a menu that includes everything from tea to cakes and fast food.


13.Food Lover

The Food lover restaurant is specifically a fast food restaurant. They are situated in Shastri Market, Naya bass, Churu.  They have a vast menu for fast food lovers, and they also sell juices.


14.The Dreamland café

The Dreamland café is situated in Naya bass, Churu. The staff of Dreamland café is excellent, and the food is also served with hygiene. The taste of the food is good, and also the rating of the Dreamland café is quite good. They are famous for their shakes and cold coffee.


15.Sunway Restaurant

Subway restaurant consists of hotel and resort. They are situated at national highway 52 Bypass, Churu rural. Here you can find lovely architecture and decoration with attractive selfie points. Staff service is friendly and helpful, and their food is also delicious. Their food looks freshly cooked and tasty.


16.Rayeen Burger King

Rayeen Burger King is a fast-food restaurant and situated near Mumtaj hospital, New road, Churu. The only Burger restaurant in Churu that has a wide variety of burgers. They also have pizza and French fries, but they are mainly famous for their Burger.


17.Pizza Hub

Pizza Hub restaurant is situated in front of Dhadhriya Haveli, near Subhash chowk, New road, Churu. The pizza taste is delicious, but the seating is limited, you can’t organize a party here. They are very famous for their pizzas.


18.Kuku’s Pizza

Kuku’s Pizza restaurant is situated near GK mall, near Shyam Cinema hall, Churu. Kuku’s pizza restaurant is one of the best restaurants for pizza in Churu. They offer a wide variety of pizza as well as other fast food items. You can easily find different types of pizza here.


19.Babal Restaurant

Babal restaurant is situated on a new road, Nya bass, Churu. They have mediocre fast food, although they are famous for their authentic desi food. Management is also excellent. Staff behavior is also very nice.


20.The Cake & Café

The cake & café restaurant is situated near Nature park, Bhartiya hospital road, Churu. They are known for their 100% vegetarian cakes and good quality of food at a reasonable price. They serve cakes, pastries, and fast food.

The-Cake & Café