Top 20 Restaurants in Durgapur, West Bengal

Top 20 Restaurants in Durgapur, West Bengal

The most admirable aspect about visiting Durgapur is that you may experience sample a broad spectrum of flavors, from hot eastern chiles to the sweet ‘roshogoulla’ that lasts forever. Bidhannagar is the ideal area to sample traditional Bengali street food, with various sellers selling Kathi rolls, homemade sweets, and ‘phuchkas,’ also known as gol-gappas. Restaurants like Ananya and Delta Ssuites are among the best places to go for a delicious breakfast or dinner. Theque and Zaykaa, located near the central area, are two reasonably priced traditional food restaurants. If you’re looking for a spicy dinner box, go to Hong Kong or Mainland China in the city center. Another excellent choice for Mughlai is Shiraz – Golden Restaurant, which serves crispy Mughlai.

1. Ananya’s Multicuisine Restaurant

It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant called Ananya Restaurant in Durgapur. North-Indian and South-Indian dishes can be found in Indian cuisines. Many veggies, gravies, rice, and Indian bread are included in their Indian Thali. Perfectly cooked biryanis, soups, and chicken are the restaurant’s prime servingsDeliverieswhich are one of Ananya’s most vital points. Guests are welcomed all year round by the friendly staff. This restaurant offers a good selection of dishes at reasonable prices.indyakee

2. Delta Suites

Here, you’ll find both Chinese and Indian food. It’s safe to say that the chicken at Delta Suites is perfectly prepared. Due to its accessible location, it’s easy to locate this place. Here, the personnel is reputed to be high. The service at this restaurant is outstanding. Here, you may get good food at a reasonable price. This restaurant has stylish decor and a cozy atmosphere that you will

3. Barbeque Nation

In this restaurant, you can savor Prawns, fish, and chicken which are some of the dishes available at this restaurant. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy some kulfi. Due to its excellent location, this venue is easily accessible by public transportation. Many people comment on how kind the staff is their income is There is a lot to like about this place, especially the service.photo0jpg

4. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is the world’s largest pizza chain. One branch in Durgapur is well-known among locals. You can cCome here to have great hot pizzas with your co-workers, classmates, and family members. They offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas. Along with well as that, they also provide chicken wings, sweets, and beverages. Around the clock, they feature a variety of offerings.farmhouse

5. Panchphoron Restaurant

In addition to Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines are also available at Panchphoron Restaurant. Every day they create beautiful dishes for families for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. You can order food to be delivered to your house. Their Bengali food is the greatest there is in town. Everyone likes the fact that they offer may try a wide selection of dishes at the same restaurant.restaurant_603517_0

6. Theque

Known for its Chinese and Indian cuisine, this restaurant is countless users’ experience that the biryani here is excellent. The continental and American Breakfast is a must-try here. Don’t skip out on the hot chocolate brownie.110_504886279

7. Café Coffee Day

In Durgapur, Café Coffee Day is a popular coffee establishment. People come here in their spare time to enjoy the delectable coffee and other snacks with their friends and family. They also have free Wi-Fi on the premises. Café Coffee Day is one of the most popular destinations for couples looking to spend quality time together. Everyone is enthralled by the aroma and flavor of the thick cream coffee.1595307922

8. Nabanna

Nabanna is a Durgapur restaurant that specializes in Chinese and Indian food. They produce mouth-watering and exquisite delights. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are tender, juicy, and delicious. The personnel are well-trained and professional. The restaurant provides a lovely ambiance that keeps the clients in a good mood.nabanna-1170×658

9. Lemongrass

Here you can sample delectable Chinese and Thai dishes. You might be served delicious chicken; don’t be afraid to try it. At this restaurant, the creative staff displays an outstanding level of hospitality. These restaurateurs are concerned about providing prompt service. Lemongrass offers a wide variety of cuisines at reasonable pricing. Visitors will feel at ease here because of the lovely decor and warm ambiance.lemongrass

10. Sholo Ana Bangali

If you wish to try Indian cuisine, now is your time to do so at this restaurant. If you’re hungry, come here for some delicious fish. Here you can get the Bengali cooking style of hilsa, pabda, and lobsters with coconut curry.20160713-203326-largejpg

11. Mainland China

In Durgapur, Mainland China offers Asian, Indian, and international cuisines. Lunch and dinner are served from a buffet. It features a wide range of specialties, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages. A vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet is available. The appetizers are crisp, fresh, and delicious. The delicacies of the main course are lavish. The sweets are delectable, and the drinks are exceptional.20180927-212618-largejpg

12. Mehak-e-Punjab

North-Indian cuisine is served at Durgapur’s restaurant, Mehak-e Punjab. They prepare both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for their customers. Unique Punjabi cuisines are ready here. In the restaurant, there’s a lovely ambiance. . You’ll be greeted by a Partying with friends and family is accessible at this venue.1963_2

13. Tamara

This restaurant’s Indian and Thai cuisines are a hit with all of its patrons. You may be provided delicious kebabs, soup, and chicken. There’s little doubt that Tamara’s crew enjoys working with their customers. The majority of respondents agree that the foods are supplied at a fair. If you want to start your adventure in a peaceful environment, this is a good spot to begin your journey.view-of-cottages

14. Punjabi Masala Dhaba

To make things easier for their clientele, this restaurant offers food delivery services. Users, if you want time to try some delicious chicken you must visit this place. Most tourists agree that the staff is kind and accommodating. Punjabi masala (The Family Dhaba) in bidhannagar offers excellent service. Here, you’ll find food at reasonable

15. Hong Kong

Chinese food is served here. Pork, soup, and chicken can be enjoyed here with friends. This restaurant’s great ratings would not be possible without the adorable employees. Guests at this establishment are unanimous in their praise of the amazing service the restaurant provides.Skyline-Hong-Kong

16. Hotel Kohinoor

Located in Durgapur’s Benachity, Kohinoor is one of Durgapur’s oldest restaurants. Their Mughlai recipes are legendary. They have a nice ambiance, and the food they offer is delicious. Also, the must-try-out dish is Mughlai paratha.hotel-kohinoor

17. City Residency

The Citi Residence Club Resort ensures that your biryani and chicken are prepared precisely. This place is a must-visit because you want to Due to its excellent location, this venue is easily accessible by public transportation. The kind staff makes this a must-visit. A priority for these restaurateurs is quick service. If you’re looking for an exotic setting, this is the perfect place for

18. Parban

There’s also a Parban amusement park in the vicinity of Anand. A lot of people come here to eat delicious fish. This restaurant’s convenient location makes it easy to get to even during rush hour. The crew at Parban is always happy to see you. People comment on the professionalism of the service in their reviews.1573477163_Screenshot_from_2019_11_11_18_23_58

19. Dosa Plaza

This is a great place to learn about vegetarian cooking. In this restaurant, you’ll get delicious pancakes. When it comes to masala dosa at Dosa Plaza, customers highly recommend this place. It’s been noted by several guests that the staff at this location is outstanding.american-panner-delight

20. Mohan Café

This is a great place to go if you prefer vegetarian food. Take a stop at Mohan Cafe and enjoy a delicious masala dosa. Several reviews noted that waiters served excellent coffee. Visitors comment on the quality of the service. This place claims to have low prices.mohan-s-cafe