Top 20 Restaurants In Frazer Town, Bangalore 

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Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India and is brimming with prestigious business people who have moved here from all edges of the globe, carrying with them a variety that is additionally culinary. Frazer Town in Bengaluru is each non-veg food sweetheart’s fantasy, concealing real and mind-blowing non-veg diamonds. 

In case you’re confused with regards to where to eat some incredible biryani or best of kababs in the city, we’ve assembled a rundown of 20 best food spots in Frazer Town. 

1.Sunnyside Bistro 

A peaceful and comfortable bistro, situated in Frazer Town, Bengaluru, is an ideal spot to hit for flavorful breakfast or Continental choices, including pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and mixed greens. Right offers an excellent outside seating space with plants embellishing it. It is more positive to visit this restaurant during the day because of its climate. In case you are hanging around for a quick brekkie, go for The American Breakfast. Start your dinner with a ‘Spinach and Garlic’ soup or ‘Potato Croquettes’. Or, on the other hand, you can even crunch on their ‘Mid-year Salad’ or ‘Greek Salad.’. ‘Pork Chops’ and ‘Penne Pasta’ are acceptable principle course decisions. sunny

2.Manjit Da Dhaba 

In a spot loaded up with overpowering non-veg eateries, Manjit Da Dhaba is a veggie lover’s heaven. This vegan, pocket-accommodating diner serves the absolute best North Indian food in Frazer Town. While the spot might be marginally hard to find, the prospect of delectable, plain food, for example, platefuls of parathas to clean up the flavourful sabji, with a glass of refreshing lassi to complete the feast will make you need to visit them over and over. manjit

3.Chichabas Taj 

Biryani is the default request here, however at that point, there is a great deal more. Vegans may not  observe to be a lot around here; however, there are good choices. Among the starters, the ‘Murgh Kebab,,’ the ‘Suki Phaal’ and the ‘Raan Ke Tukde’ will give you the beginnings of a great dinner. Assuming you are searching for a bit of Shivajinagar road food, the ‘Teetar Fry’ is most certainly something you need to attempt here as likewise the Bheja Fry.


4.Mangalore Pearl 

On the off chance that you are a genuine fish sweetheart, your chase to discover new fish should be in  Mangalore Pearl in Frazer Town. With the silly doodles on the dividers, basic stylistic layout, and incredible food, the spot makes sure to draw you back for additional. Get into a serving of  Fish Curry or  with steamed rice and wash it down with a glass of kokum juice. Likewise on offer are enticing assortments of crab, squid, sheep, and pork.


5.Sharief Bhai 

Sharief Bhai is an eatery that serves legitimate Mughlai cooking. The feel is acceptable with a fly of vivid lights. The seating is excellent, and the spot is sterile. Reproducing plans from Muslim families across India, Sharief Bhai serves traditional eats like ‘Patthar Gosht,,’ ‘Murg Shami Kebab,’ and ‘Paya Soup.’. From the segment of Patthar Ke Pakwaan, one should attempt Lal Mirch Ke Ande, Gosht Lal/Kali Mirch Ki Sukhi Phal. Dessert darlings ought to pick Matka Phirni, Sheer Khurma or Halwe Ki Poori.sarif

6.Savoury Restaurant 

It is on Mosque Road in Frazer Town and gives you a food trance-like state with Arabian Kebabs, egg appams, and good shawarma rolls. They are known for their scope of Arabian food choices and grilled meat that will make them drool. Attempt their shawarma rolls, chicken biryani, chicken barbecue, grill chicken, roasted chicken, and Kerala parotta. In case you are searching for some Indian alternatives, they serve that also. savory

7.Lazio Steaks And More 

This restaurant is on the second floor and offers a curious feel with exemplary red and white checkered decorative spreads and cycle-themed style, and  outdoor seating space as well. It is a go-to neighborhood for authentic Middle Eastern and Muslim-style prepared food alongside Continental and Chinese rarities. Attempt the ‘Pepper Steak’ and the ‘Chateaubriand Supreme’, which are overall quite delicate. The veggie lovers can decide on Sassy fries, Cheddar Rolls, Veg Burger, and Schezwan Veg Noodles with Paneer Manchurian. Lacio

8.Ali Baba Cafe And Restaurant 

Step into this café and you may contemplate whether you have entered the mysterious cavern of Alibaba from the Arabian Nights. With a Persian-themed stylistic layout, the eatery has practical experience in Bhatkali, Persian and Arabian food. We propose you grab their Bhatkali Biryani or Laham Machboos (Middle Eastern-flavored lamb with steaming, hot Basmati rice). While you’re busy, remember to attempt their Moroccan mint tea and Iranian chai. alibaba-cafe-the-king

9.Wangs Kitchen 

The café offered something that sweethearts in Chennai have been desiring for a long time: Authentic Chinese cooking. With probably the best culinary specialists doling out a variety of mouth-watering Chinese dishes, it didn’t take long for Wangs Kitchen to leave an imprint in the city. The veggie lover combo incorporates Schezwan Rice with Singapore Chili Gobi, Stew Garlic Noodles with Potato Chilly Sauce. Non-veggie lovers can go for their combos like Wang’s Special Fried Rice with Chicken Peking. wangs

10.Beijing Bites 

Beijing Bites is a chain of casual eating eateries working in Chinese and Thai foods. The spot offers a reasonable menu enlivened by Chinese and Thai cooking styles. The eatery likewise gives a pretty basic mood. Beijing Bites serves contemporary kinds of Chinese and Thai foods cooked flawlessly by the absolute best gourmet experts in the business. The power source is situated close to Holy Angels High School in Frazer Town, Bangalore.


Zaks is a café in Bengaluru, named after its proprietor curating delectable Arabic and Mediterranean food at sensible costs. With more choices for non-veggie lovers, the substantial dishes here are the featuring luxuries here. Obliging about 50 seats, stylistic layout coordinates with the food, as it is done in the Arabic style with seating desk areas made like tents and the foundation of a desert. You can likewise see camels painted on the dividers. With flavorsome food and drinks, you can attempt the hummus and falafel. zaks12.

Empire Restaurant 

Empire Restaurant is a chain of casual eateries in the city offering a basic yet delightful feeling and a tasty menu. The spot serves an assortment of delicious multi-cooking indulgences to browse, and the pocket-accommodating menu is following the budget and wishes of the people. The place serves North Indian, South Indian, the food of Kerala alongside mouth-watering Biryani and Seafood things. empire-restaurant-mysore

13.Nandhini Deluxe 

Nandini Deluxe is a chain of relaxed eating eateries offering an assortment of Andhra, North Indian, and Chinese dishes alongside various mouth-watering Seafood things. The menu they offer is monetary and obliges individuals of all age-gatherings. Each dish is of the superior taste and serves following the entire day’s difficult work by the culinary specialists. Nandhini Deluxe additionally gives home conveyance administrations to its cafes. The power source is on Coles Road in Frazer Town, Bangalore. nandini

14.Sheesh Kebab 

This relaxed feasting eatery offers a variety of Persian treats. The vibe of this spot is extraordinary and rich, with both indoor and roof seating regions. Start here by requesting Akbari Sheek Kebab, Sultani Kebab or Achari Murgh Tikka. For the primary course, you should choose the special meat dishes. You can likewise attempt their veggie lover alternatives like ‘Paneer Lababdar’ or ‘Dal Makhani’. Their ‘Gulab Jamoon’ and ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ are wonderful to end your supper. Lamb-Shish-Kebab-Recipe


A café that has been around since 1975, Fanoos has been among our top choices for their rolls and kebabs. For Ramadan, they have a special menu that incorporates Haleem (Alif, chicken, and sheep choices), samosas in various symbols, kebabs, iftar boxes, and so on. Indeed, even a whole cluster of Ramadan treats like Qubbani, Double Ka Meetha, and Pineapple Ka Meetha, among others. fanoos

16.Elements Eatery 

The hors d’oeuvre menu is genuinely old school, with roasted mushrooms, bruschetta, chicken strips, seared prawns, fries, wings, and so on being the fundamental components of the part. They have a fantastic number of steaks here, however, including a T-bone steak, and a chateaubriand. You should try something a lot more secure however, for example, the pepper sheep steak or get a rice platter where you get enhanced rice with your choice of meat. For dessert, attempt one of their souffles – they have eight flavors. elemenys17.

Siddique Kabab 

A pleasure for meat-sweethearts, Siddique Kabab Center, gets pressed during nights. Clear a path to this no-nonsense diner in the evening and you’ll delve into platefuls of their delightful passage. Start with their Chicken Kebabs before you attempt the delicious seekh kebabs, and Mutton Chops. Need something spicierspicer, then try the Arabian Grilled Chicken and Beef Bhuna Roll here, which are the group’s top choices. skc


Karama is a most loved spot in Frazer Town among food darlings for its spread of Arabic, Karachi, and Punjabi dishes. With mosaic glass divider stylistic theme and sheeshas as stylistic theme pieces, this eatery transports you to the Arabian grounds. Karama is the place where you should make a beeline for assuming you need to get your stomach loaded up with Arabian enjoyments, for example, Shawarma, Mandi or Seekh kababs, and Pakistani rarities like Karachi Dum Gosht.karama-is-1545555886

19.Sherlock’s Pub 

There is indoor and open-air seating, so take your pick of stalls, tables and stools. Or then, again hang by the bar. The brew flavored Baileys, and smokey Whiskey is a great idea to go with your food. From bar snacks like ‘Nachos’, ‘Messy Fries,”,’ and ‘Onion Rings’ to mains like ‘Biryani,’ ‘Singed Rice,’ and ‘Chicken 65,’ this one is a return to when bar food was inseparable from solace food. If you want to adhere to starters as most guests here do, then, at that point, ‘Murg Tikka’ – fresh outside and delicious inside, is an acceptable alternative. Sherlockspubambience-i


The spot is lovely, and the seats and tables are small. Anybody will fall head over heels for the area for its retro feel. Food is delicious and unique. Meat Burger is the most suggested dish. Barbecued peri Chicken strips are incredibly delectable and have the best taste. Macintosh and cheddar pizza is an exceptionally straightforward pizza with more chicken and mouth-watering. Added to the proposal chicken wings you should opt for the messy french fries.smallys-resto-cafe1-1579628851