Top 20 Restaurants In Galleria Gurgaon


Galleria is known to be one of the liveliest markets in Gurgaon. The market is perfect for shopping, entertainment, get-togethers, etc. in a spirited market, you feel the need for a delicious meal, and here you go with the list of 20 fantastic restaurants in Galleria. These restaurants will ensure you have a good time, and have a hearty meal. There is no successful outing without the perfect meal. All the mentioned restaurants and cafés could be tried for an excellent time.

1. Blackjack 

Blackjack is an American diner in the galleria market. It is a small but cute diner. It has a variety of American foods like hotdogs, mini burgers, pasta, fries, etc. It has a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The diner serves the best milkshakes and drinks. The food presentation is terrific here, and this diner can be visited for an excellent experience.

2. Auntie Fung’s

This is an Asian restaurant. It has all kinds of Asian cuisine Vietnam to Japanese, from Korean to Thailand, etc. The food is delicious and authentic. The restaurant has a warm ambiance. The interiors have a cheerful vibe, and there is a wall of hand-painted graffiti. The food is comforting. This place should be visited for sure.

3. Downtown 

Downtown galleria is a brewpub. This site has loud music, giant tv screens, a smoking room, large tables and a lively atmosphere. This is a great place for large friend groups or couples. The food is delicious. They have a large variety of cuisines and drinks. The staff is courteous and the prices are moderate here.

4. Al Qureshi

The food here is exceptionally delicious. The place is small, but it is worth it to come here. The prices are low. This place should be visited for great non-veg dishes. The menu also has a large variety.

5. Lazeez Foods 

Lazeez foods do not offer a place to sit, but have standing stalls outside. The food is excellent. It is a bit high priced, but worth it. They provide a large quantity of food which is filling. Here you can get cooked, marinated and raw meat. The site is clean and hygienic.

6. Omo: Soul Food Community

This is a chic and peaceful place. This place is Instagram-worthy. They have an open kitchen. The food and the food presentation are both excellent, and they have fantastic interiors. They also play soft music that provides a calm atmosphere. This is a European-themed café. The prices are a bit high, but the place is worth visiting.

7. Tibb’S Frankie

This is a small joint in Galleria. This site has excellent rolls, hotdogs, momos, sandwiches, and various kinds of beverages. The site is terrific. This is the place if you want to catch a small bite. The do not have seating arrangements.

8. Chaat Chowk 

Chaat chowk is a take-away restaurant. This place has decent snacks. They have all kinds of chaat. Every dish is exceptionally flavorful. The prices are also reasonable. The service is also fast and terrific. They have an open place for cooking so you can watch your chaat being prepared. They do make changes to your chaat as you want. This restaurant is a must-visit for chaat lovers.

9. Delhi Wale Sardar Ji

This is a fantastic restaurant. They have sitting arrangement outside the restaurant. The food is exceptionally tasty. They have a large variety of food, momos to kebabs, curries to noodles, etc. The staff is generous. This place is highly recommended. They serve food in significant quantities at an affordable price.

10. Doner Kebab House

This restaurant has authentic Mideastern food. The kebabs are mouth-watering. The ambiance is bright, and the restaurant has a cheerful atmosphere. Their menu has a large variety from beverages, desserts, main courses to appetizers. This restaurant is impeccable. The price ranges from low to high.

11. Coastal Reef

This is a great restaurant for seafood lovers. It is small and has a cozy and calm atmosphere. The food is flavorful. They have a wide range of food from goan to Malabari. The food tends to be a bit on the expensive, but the experience is all worth it. The quality and quantity are both excellent.

12.  Tossin Pizza

This restaurant has the ultimate pizzas. Their toppings are fresh, and the pizza is exquisite. If you are a pizza lover, then this is the place for you. This restaurant has a vintage ambiance. They have a peaceful atmosphere. There is no compromise in the quality of the food.

13. Fork With Stick

This is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Gurgaon. The taste is authentic and has great flavors. The food is delicious and they provide a generous portion. The food is filling. The prices are also reasonable. The food here is a must-try for all Chinese lovers.

14. The Joint Café

They have the best burgers. This is a small restaurant on the first floor of Galleria with a cute and gorgeous ambiance. They have a cozy atmosphere. While having food here you will experience peace. The food is delicious. They also have a wide variety in menu. This café is a must-visit.

15. Piknik

This is one of the oldest restaurants in galleria. This restaurant has the same food quality and quantity as they had when they started. It is a small place with the best momos and cold coffee there is. The restaurant has reasonable prices, and the staff is generous.

16. Café Onety One

This is a small and cute café in galleria market that has a wide variety of exceptionally delicious food. The service here is fast. The café has a comfortable and peaceful environment. This café is a must-visit. The prices are low, and they have terrific service.

17. Kwaliti

This restaurant is small but has a wide variety of rolls, Indian dishes, and momos. The food here tastes fantastic. They have your food ready in no time. The prices are on the lower side. This is a terrific restaurant to get a quick bite. The food is flavorful and delicious.

18. Chaayos Café

The best chai and coffee in galleria are here. This café has the best dishes that complement your tastebuds with terrific chai or coffee. The beverages have a wide variety. All foods here are worth a try. Especially the palak chaat, it is mouth-watering. They have a soft and cozy ambiance.

19. Choko La

This is the most terrific bakery for all chocolate lovers. The menu is filled with chocolate dishes. The coffee and hot chocolate here is fantastic. The price is a bit on the higher side, but the taste and quality is a guarantee. They have a warm ambiance. They also have the option to have customized cakes.

20. Grotto

This is a pretty pizzeria in galleria market, and they have a well-curated selection of pizzas and terrific coffees. The pizzeria has catchy music. The staff is courteous, and it has excellent service. The food here is fantastic and the prices are reasonable too. The interior is Instagram-worthy. The food presentation is excellent.