Top 20 Restaurants In Gulmarg, Kashmir

Top 20 Restaurants in Gulmarg Kashmir
Top 20 Restaurants in Gulmarg Kashmir

Gulmarg is a town, hill station, popular ski destination, and significant regional office in the Baramula region of the state of Jammu, and Kashmir. The city is located in the Pir-Panjal ridge in the western Himalayas. In terms of panoramic views, places for photos, and of course food, Gulmarg restaurants carry the essence of Kashmir in everything they serve and the taste, and aroma of the real spices they use will stay with you for a long time. Organic food, Bakshi restaurant is famous for satvik (Jain food). Highland Park Restaurant serves excellent Kashmiri and Continental cuisine. If you like British food, visit Cloves Restaurant for delicious dim sum, and pasta. Let’s read our list of the best places to eat in Gulmarg, Kashmir.

Bakshi Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants near the market, and Gondola, and serves the best cuisine in the locality to eat in Kurumaru Ward. This restaurant provides good experiences, and services from good people. All of the dishes are appetizing, and if you’ve ever been to Gurumaru-gu, you should eat at the Bakshi restaurant. Bakshi serves a variety of Kashmir cuisine. The place is equipped with adequate heating for the winter.bakshi-at-main-market

2. Big Bite Fast Food

Big Bite Fast Food Joint offers a unique combination of American and Italian styles in Gulmarg. We also serve delicious cafe dishes on the menu, and the taste of each dish is to beat the other bit to your taste buds. From pizza, pasta, and, ravioli to coffee, latte, and cappuccino, everything is worth trying. There are also many options for vegetarians. Chow mein stands out from the vegetarian menu. A pizza with a winding Indian flavor is also the right choice if you want a different

3. Downhill restaurant

Located in Tangmarg, this restaurant always offers a wide variety of fast food and excellent service. If you are going to visit Gulmarg you can stay here for a quick bite to eat, and pick up if you need lunch such as biryani, and other supplies. A lot of fast food orders here.105_508762498

4. Hotel Highlands Park

Highlands Park is a boutique, and cultural heritage site located in the heart of Gulmarg, boasting easy access to the Gulmarg Gondola, where you can enjoy the best view, and skiing of the Apharwat Mountains. Beginner slopes, and golf courses are just outside the door. Old-fashioned charm with modern facilities. Incredible attributes are a perfect mix of old-world rustic char ,and modern equipment. They offer cordial service, and delicious food. But most important,and unforgettable is the beautiful surroundings, gardens ,and beautiful wooden hut rooms!FrontView

5. Alpine Lounge

Alpine Lounge is a relaxing place to relax in the cozy atmosphere of the beautiful environment of Kashmir Ski Resort. Located in Gondola Ride Junction, Gulmarg.  This lounge offers tasty coffee, hot drinks ,and snacks. The price is set, ,and it is worth buying. Delicious ,and fresh food choices, an excellent collection of beers, wines ,and spirits in a specially selected bar, unlimited free Wi-Fi ,and sheesha, ,and many amenities. It cannot disappoint you with its flawless service ,and wonderful atmosphere this is the best place for those who want to have fun with friends or family in a beautiful setting.  A place for relaxation, Nightlife attracts regulars from all over the world ,and the staff is friendly ,and helpful.alpine-lounge-hotel-1305673

Nedous Dining Room

It is an excellent place to stay in Gulmarg. This is a mid-range hotel with a slight incline towards the expensive side. The quality of the food is amazing. The garden view is the best. Not to mention, the room service is top-notch. This hotel has history. The market is far away, but you can ask for cleaning services to take things from the market for a tip.dining-room (1)

Zig restaurant kehwa point

This place is located in Gulmarg with beautiful scenery, and offers great kehwa that is hard to find anywhere in Gulmarg. The kehwa is rich, sweet, and hot, I really like it! Add to the amazing kehwa. This is an amazing view, with sandwiches, and delicious Kashmiri Kehwa directly from the samovar (Kashmiri kehwa making equipment); the surrounding scenery is a treat to the eyes. It is located at only 1.5 kilometers from Gulmarg.the-kehwa

8. Raja Dhaba

On the way from Srinagar to Gulmarg, this Daba road serves delicious hot vegetarian food. Fresh food. Although it is worth spending your time serving the dishes. Value for money. The parathas are good. You must try aloo pyaaz pakora, some different, and delicious things from Chat masala. This is a great place to sit down for a cup of coffee, and eat some junk food. The quality of the food is good. They use high quality ingredients. Vegetable curry is spicier, suitable for those who like spicy food.raja-dhaba

9. The Hunters bar

This place hosts live performances ,and events. The cheerful ,and lively atmosphere of this place sets the tone for entertainment ,and experiential outings. For the a la carte menu, you can also enjoy a variety of cuisines in a sumptuous buffet, with or without wine. This nightclub is famous among locals for its wonderful atmosphere ,and delicious food. It is aimed at young people who want to experience the vibrant nightlife of Srinagar. This casual bar is an ideal place for any professional to unwind after a long day at work. A variety of delicious Chinese, continental ,and North Indian cuisines are ready to delight your palate. The bar menu offers a variety of beers, wines, appetizers, spirits, brandy, cocktails, flamers, imported scotch, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka ,and non-alcoholic cocktails.the-hunter-lounge-at

10 Cloves restaurant

The cloves restaurant is a solemn hotel, satisfying guests with a variety of delicious dishes prepared with authentic ingredients, each with the essence of Kashmir. Learn about Wazwan, a multi-course fee from Kashmir, made in the most precise way. As you feast on pasta, appetizers ,and snacks, enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding area. The restaurant has a typical Victorian atmosphere with comfortable dark wooden tables ,and chairs to ensure that guests have a pleasant dinner here.the-khyber-himalayan

11 Global restaurant

Global restaurant opens the door to a hearty meal for you. This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satisfy all cravings. It has some of the most respected delicacies included in North India. In order to cater to a large number of diners, it occupies a prime location in Gulmarg. Thanks to this strategic location, nearby gourmets can comfortably enter this restaurant without facing problems related to commuting in this part of the city. It is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Gulmarg. This is one of the famous Indian restaurants in Balamura.a-lunch-to-remember

12. The Chinar

A luxurious resort located at the quiet end of Pahalgam, a beautiful valley in Jammu ,and Kashmir. Elegant modern architecture, interior design ,and first-class mountain hospitality make it an ideal place to experience the panoramic beauty ,and tranquility of Pahargan. Chinar enjoys magnificent panoramic views of Lidder Creek ,and the Himalayas, a very pristine, peaceful location.hotel-entrance

13 Ahdoos

This is a very clean ,and beautiful restaurant with plenty of seats ,and a pleasant atmosphere. There are still vacancies. Food is a bit expensive, but you can get value for money. Try lamb ,and chicken with butter scones for lunch. The food was great ,and the serving time was shorter than expected. The bathroom is clean, hygienic ,and well maintained. The only problem is parking. Overall, this is a great high-end restaurant.DSC_0065

14 1860

Satisfy your hungry stomach after a day trip in 1860. Look at the unpretentious restaurants that really define the nature ,and lifestyle of the residents there. Order their in-house specialties ,and serve them hot, allowing you to experience the explosion of flavor in your mouth. Taste delicious food while enjoying the charming atmosphere. Order some hot soup here in the cold weather in Gulmarg. Pay attention to the unique display of the food they provide, ,and the taste will not disappoint. As a popular destination in Gulmarg, you can meet other travelers ,and share your experiences with them.frank-gehry-architecture

15 Northwind café

Shredded chicken, pizza, burgers, steamed sandwiches ,and all sorts of dishes you never thought you’d find here. It is a very comfortable place, the owner is a nice young man named Yaseen, and he also runs a tour company called Northwind Adventures. Very nice atmosphere ,and good music. The burgers ,and pizza are amazing! ,and their momos too.northwind-cafe

16 Mist restaurant

The restaurant can be found in the Rosewood Hotel. It has large windows that offer breathtaking views of the snow-capped valleys ,and mountains. One can spend hours looking at the beauty of nature. The Indian vegetarian food served here was by far the best we’ve had in Kashmir. Everything was freshly prepared; each dish had a different taste. Their parathas are crispy, the rajma is delicious.amman-s-coolest-neighbourhood

17. Kongposh restaurant

Founded in 2005, Kongposh Restaurant in Baramulla is synonymous with delicious food that caters to all desires ,and is home to some of the most popular cuisines including Continental, North Indian ,and Indian. To cater to a large number of guests, it is conveniently located in Gulmarg. Thanks to this strategic location, gourmets in ,and around the neighborhood can easily enter this restaurant without having to worry about commuting. In this part of town.145356349_644697486247148_3234676532184619135_n

18. Igloo café

Given the extraordinary snowfall in Kashmir this year, the nearby inn proprietor Wasim Shah chose to capitalize on it ,and fabricate the Igloo Cafe. It is situated on the grounds of the Kolahoi Green Heights hotel in the ski resort of Gulmarg. Against the backdrop of the picturesque Pir Panjal Mountains, this igloo cafe has attracted the attention of many locals ,and tourists, making it a popular winter attraction. This restaurant charges ₹100 per person for a visit as an entry fee. They also serve their traditional Kashmiri tea to their visitors. This is the first cafe in India ,and also the largest igloo in Asia, a spherical structure 22 feet wide ,and 15 feet high. This cafe has 4 carved ice tables ,and can accommodate 16 guests!baikang-yuan-QNG2MsEY6mU-unsplash

19 Black Bear Brew

This place, located in the snowy Gulmarg Valley, gives you a great atmosphere. While it’s too cold, you can sit here ,and enjoy some delicious hot chocolate covered with Marshmallow ,and ice cream with cookies or pancakes. It’s a bit pricey, but having that kind of vibe in a place like Gulmarg is great in itself. ,and yes, the music is great, as is the quiet staff. An irreplaceable place if you visit (1)

20 Fluorescence hotel ,and resort

Located at the top, so everyone can enjoy the lovely view. The room is equipped with an oil radiator to maintain the water temperature in the room ,and the bathroom. The staff is decent ,and cooperative. There is also a restaurant that works all the time, ,and there is also a buffet system for breakfast, lunch ,and dinner. Fluorescent Hotel is located in picturesque Gulmarg. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to the Gandola Ride reservation office. Your own vehicle or a hired taxi will only take you to the middle of Gulmarg. Depending on the snowy road conditions, you should take a local vehicle with chain tires.fluorescecne-hotel