Top 20 Restaurants In Jayanagar, Bangalore


Jayanagar in Bangalore houses a modern scope of cafés, restaurants, and bars, each bestowing an extraordinary and outlandish mix of flavors and fragrances that without a doubt will charm your sense of taste. Investigate a striking assortment of foods in Jayanagar that will unquestionably advance your taste buds. Jayanagar serves everything from pocket-friendly Maharashtrian pohas to healthy options and vegetarian-only menus to delicious lamb chops, pizza, pasta, and even milkshakes. Here are the 20 best restaurants in Jayanagar, Bangalore. 


Settle at one of the tables on the ground floor or deep set couches on the primary floor. This region ignores a progression of transcribed and brightened boards, which make for intriguing perusing. Attempt the ‘Pumpkin Soup’; it is truly encouraging. The ‘Fettuccine Con Pollo’ is a dazzling chicken pasta and arrives in a sizable piece. The ‘Ravioli Di Pollo’ is very rich and will make for a lazy dinner. The ‘Fish Linguine’ is an incredible amazement bundle and, remember to end on the house extraordinary ‘Crepe Suzette’ that is astoundingly acceptable. toscono 1

2.The Golden Oak 

The Golden Oak is a Multi Cuisine eatery where each cafe gets their inclination and taste individually. The moderate menu has such a considerable amount to bring to the table to its restaurants combined up with a stylish exemplary vibe. The very loaded bar and not to miss a great music playing behind the scenes takes you on a blissful ride. The closest milestone of The Golden Oak is ICICI Prudential. golden-oak


Get out of the lift and all you will see is enlightening the way there are a few lights. The starters, however broad, are not a lot to talk about, and you should delve straight into the meat and fish platters. They are large enough for a gathering of 4, and do reasonable equity to your hunger. They likewise pair well with the brews served here. Adhere to the lagers and natural mixed drinks; the analyses here are not generally fruitful. End your dinner on the ‘Qubani ka Meetha’, and you will return home glad. gufha

4.Via Milano 

This attractive restaurant has splendid, extensive, and comfortable insides, which are elegantly done with white tables and seats set across the indoor and outside seating region. Milano offers a variety of Italian rarities. Start your supper with a steaming hot ‘Broiled Tomato Soup’ or their unique ‘Panzerotti’ – pan-fried exquisitely loaded up with spinach, curds, and nuts. The Chicken Bruschetta’ and Bacon-wrapped Prawns’ are acceptable alternatives for non-veggie lovers. via milano

5.The Royal Corner 

The Royal Corner is a veggie-accommodating casual eating eatery in Pai Viceroy Hotel, Jayanagar, South Bangalore. The sensible menu serves North Indian and Chinese cooking styles alongside a variety of divine Barbecued dishes. The feel is exquisite and is an ideal spot to visit with companions, family, or your friends and family. The Royal Corner remains inverse Cloud Nine Hospital. royal corner

6.Salut Gastro Pub 

Found directly in the core of Jayanagar, these three celebrated Rooftop Pubs are totally amazing. The ‘Brilliant Fried Calamari’ and ‘Chicken Salad Croissant’ should arrange for tidbits. The veggie lovers have a lot of alternatives as well, for example, ‘Zucchini Mango Tomato Papdi’ and ‘Fledglings Paani Puri’, etc. You can attempt ‘Prepared Mac N Cheese with truffle oil,’ Veg ALa Kiev, Caribbean Chicken, Pork Chops and Mushroom Sauce for the introductory course.salut

7.Lit Gastro Pub 

LIT is on the housetop of a lodging. When you climb stairs, you find that it is a pleasant semi-outdoor porch space that opens out, and it is well when Bangalore’s climate acts. With your lagers, you could attempt the many dishes in Chicken – ‘Crumbed Fried’ Fiery Wings, bar-b-que, or Peri. On the off chance that fries are more your thing, the Texan or the Peri Fries are the best approaches. Vegans can look over Paneer, and Mushrooms are done from numerous points of view – bean stew, baked, Manchurian, pepper dry, and then some. lit


This restaurant comes out to be perhaps the best café in Jayanagar to feast on when you are running tight on financial plans. This claim to fame café with housetop seating is very much outfitted, and the atmosphere is very pleasurable. Eshanya’s planned menu includes each claim to fame dish under the referenced cooking styles that you can savor. You can’t pass up Eshanya when discussing the best eateries in Bangalore. eshanya


Jayanagar is enthusiastic about the vegan café front, and individuals love that. However, at that point there are those longings that a decent substantial ghee meal can satisfy. It turns out Jayanagar’s new fish joint, Bella, is about the ghee dishes, and Mangalorean cooking. The menu doesn’t explore a lot and they continue to win equation of ‘Prawn’ or ‘Chicken Sukka’ first off, three sorts of fry – Rava, Masala, and Bare, and Curries in Mangalorean, and Pulimunchi style everything which is ordered up with Neer Dosa or Sannas. Bella-(9)

10.Cafe Cozy

Concealed in a dull structure, Café Cozy is a hookah restaurant that serves some shockingly great food. The menu peruses like most cafe passages – mixed greens, soups, burgers, pasta, pizzas and afterward a scope of fundamental courses and treats. Make a start with the Hot Coriander Soup, and the Russian Chicken Salad. Then again, you can combine it with some Cheddar Garlic Bread. The ‘Peri Fries’ is a significant fiery issue yet functions admirably with the Green Apple Mojito. cozy

11.Chutney Chang 

Regardless if you’re a veggie lover or non-vegan, love Chinese or lean toward Indian food, you are spoilt for decisions at Chutney Chang. This forte eatery of Jayanagar serves the absolute generally extravagant and longest smorgasbords in Bangalore with a spread of more than 54 things. It is an outright banquet where you can begin with sweet and tart soups, go on to some lip-smacking starters, move on to the Chatpata Chaat counter, enjoy some great discussion and return for a liberal fundamental course and a colossal choice of treats. chutney-chang

12.The Diesel Cafe 

A decent indoor spot, it predominantly centers around Indian, Continental, and Chinese cooking. To begin your supper here, one should go for their steaming hot Basil Tomato Soup. The ‘Chicken Ghee Roast’ from their Indian starters is delicious. In addition, you can likewise attempt ‘Nachos’ or ‘French Fries’ on the off chance that you don’t wish to have a stomach filling nibble. They have an intricate refreshment menu with a plenty of coolers and shakes. Going to the mains, you won’t ever be baffled with their Kolhapuri Chicken.disel cafe

 13.Brew Meister 

They make some great and dependable brews – the Mind, and Pale are the two pleasers. They are exceptionally liberal with their fries; thus, a plate of that could occupy a ton of room in the stomach. Pick instead for the ‘Orange Chili Chicken’ – dazzling traces of orange skin in a gentle zesty chicken. From ‘Onion Rings’ and ‘Onion Pakoras’ and ‘Steamed Corn’ – you have these basic, whenever pleasers to go with your drink. Assuming you need to take b things up and indent – their ‘Nectar Roasted Potatoes’ just as the ‘Stew Egg’ are extraordinary decisions. brew mister

14.Desi Rasoi 

Desi Rasoi offers its burger joints two types of dinners consistently. You can decide the buffet or choose to go individually. The café is exceptionally liberal with it’s spread and if you like that, you will adore the naans. Their lassi is genuine articles; however, not really thick. Delightful Jain Food alongside incredibly pre-arranged food dishes incredible Rajasthani, North Indian, and Chinese charge is prepared with good manners. This feasting place is sufficiently bright and roomy, and is showcased in Rajasthani style with a contemporary seating arrangement. desi-rasoi

15.Andhra Ruchulu 

Andhra Ruchulu is an excellent cafe situated in The President Hotel, Jayanagar. The menu offers Andhra treats alongside a scope of North Indian indulgences and fish. This restaurant guarantees excellent quality and top-of-the-line food at monetary and pocket-accommodating costs. Andhra Ruchulu offers a broad range of spirits and beverages for one to appreciate. It is a decent spot to eat with your loved ones.


16.Hari Super Sandwich 

They say that assuming you haven’t had Hari’s super-gooey chocolate sandwich, you haven’t had anything throughout everyday life. OK, perhaps that is a bit excessive, yet folks, you honestly should attempt this glorious sandwich, which comes for a simple INR 40. Bundle several homes for that late-night pigging out meetings or chasm on them after class, and you are put in an awe forever. They are likewise known for their Chili Cheese sandwiches, and chaats. hari super sandwich

17. Go Native 

For those searching for a homestead to-fork menu in South Bangalore, the Cafe at Go Native is the place where to go. While their menu is vigorously reliant upon the accessibility of occasional and nearby fixings, you can attempt some delightful munchies, for example, the Aloo Patha Bhindi Chaat and Bisibelebath Fritters. On the off chance that you like Mutton galoutis, you’ll presumably like their Yam Galouti also. Kathal biryani, millet flapjacks and some light and solid breakfast dishes also are accessible here. go


One of the principal prison-themed eateries on this side of the town; Central Jail, is more with regards to the climate than the actual food. Directly from the overwhelming access to the model of a prisoner to invite you into hanging bulbs and uncovered block facades, you’ll appreciate eating in a jail-like setting. Goodness and they even have numbered ‘jail cells’ for seating regions too. With food, they have avoided any, all risks with dishes across cooking styles like Indian, Chinese, Andhra, and oven specials to pick. jail

19.Charcoal Veg Grill 

Charcoal Veg Grill is where veggie lovers can partake in their easygoing eating experience with loved ones. Situated in Jayanagar, South Bangalore, the eatery is cooled and offers to stop offices for its clients. Charcoal Veg Grill is the best objective to appreciate North Indian cooking, Chinese food, and treats. It provides food like Noorjahani Veg Seekh Kebab, Paneer in Hot Garlic Sauce, and Laccha Paratha. The atmosphere is sufficiently bright and exquisite, and the things on the menu are tolerably evaluated. charcoal

20.Once Upon A Rooftop

Set on a delightful housetop, this easy going feasting roof café in Jayanagar offers a fascinating perspective on the cityscape, notwithstanding a scope of Italian, Chinese, and Thai arrangements. The diner collects high acclaim for its atmosphere, just as for its profound cooking. An incredible assortment of lagers is presented here, wonderful to appreciate in the organization of companions. Mixed greens have Zidane, finger food has Raja Fries and Thai Tuk Paneer, and mains have Master Lee’s Rice Bowl.once upon a rooftop