Top 20 Restaurants in Kharghar to Try International Cuisine

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Kharghar is among the most significant parts of the city of Navi Mumbai. It has a population of more than 2.44 lakhs. Kharghar is home to a vast number of affordable and luxury residential complexes and apartments. It is also a well-known commercial hub with many leisure locations like shopping malls, movie theatres, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Because of the prevalence of many schools, colleges, education centres and offices, many people travel to Kharghar from various parts of Navi Mumbai. To accommodate all such people, Kharghar is abundant in multi-cuisine restaurants and food joints. Many restaurants offer delicacies from international cuisine. 

1. Cafe Monza

Cafe Monza serves Mexican and Continental cuisines, fast foods, desserts and beverages. Frequently ordered dishes are Vilayati Paneer, Mushroom Cheese Omelette, Cannelloni Florentine, Penne Paprika, Mojito Mint, and Oreo Cold Coffee. Cafe Monza is great for breakfasts or brunches. The average cost for two is approximately Rs 1600.

cafe monza2.Hugs & Mugs

Hugs & Mugs is a cafe that has a lot to offer on its menu. Breakfast options include Eggs, Omelettes, Parathas, English breakfast platter, vegetarian breakfast platter, desserts and sweet items like pancakes, waffles, muffins, sliced cakes, salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, and a massive range of beverages. This restaurant is sure to give you a delightful experience.

hugs and mugs3. Hot Wok

Hot Wok is an Asian speciality restaurant serving Chinese and Thai cuisines. The menu provides a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in salads, soups, appetizers, the main course, wok dishes, and rice dishes. Frequently ordered dishes in this restaurant are Shanghai Noodles, Chilly Garlic Noodles, Chilly Chicken, Chicken Lollipop, Thai Red Curry, and Chicken Manchow Soup.

hot wok4. Brewer’s Bay

Brewer’s Bay offers Mexican and Italian specials. Starters, Fries, Potato Wedges, Nachos, Rice Bowls, Pasta and Pizza. This cafe is cosy and attracts significant crowds during weekends because of its ample seating area. Frequently ordered dishes include Chicken Hotdog, English Breakfast, Cranberry Juice, Cappuccino, Lasagne, and Butter Chicken Pizza.

brewers bay5. La Crosta

La Crosta serves Italian dishes, Sandwiches, Burgers and Beverages. Stunning interiors and a calm environment make this restaurant an ideal choice for hangouts with friends. Bruschetta Platter, Frappe, Pastas, Waffles, Hot Chocolate, and Pancakes are frequently ordered here. This restaurant serves worth its value in generous servings.

la crosta6.Hot Momos

Hot Momos is an exclusive restaurant for momos and other Chinese delicacies. Their most recommended items include Chicken Triple Schezwan Rice, Chicken Sherpa Rice, Veg Triple Schezwan Rice, Chicken Kurkure Momos, Chicken Chilli Pan-Fried Saucy Momos, and Paneer Kurkure Momos. Hot Momos is highly affordable, with an average price of Rs 250 for two people.

hot momos7. Pattaya Street

Pattaya Street is a strictly Asian Cuisine restaurant and has dishes from the most major Asian countries of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The average price for two orders estimates at Rs 1000. Pattaya Street is considered a family restaurant with ample seating, good decor, and polite staff.

pattaya street8. Cheelizza

Cheelizza is a restaurant just for pizza and pasta. Additionally, other items like fondue, garlic bread, and fries can be ordered here. The average price for two is approximately Rs 600. Frequently ordered dishes here are Paneer Punch Pizza, Noodles, Veg Crispy, and Nachos. Cheelizza is a quick service and affordable restaurant suitable for large gatherings.

cheeliza9. Fatoush

Fatoush is a food stall located in Khau Galli, a stretch of food stalls in Crystal Plaza, Hiranandani. Fatoush serves Lebanese delicacies along with Kababs and Biryani. Fatoush’s Shawarma is extremely popular and can also be enjoyed as part of a Shawarma Platter. This stall also has beverages like fresh juices and milkshakes.


Cheezzo is a casual dining restaurant serving Italian main courses and snacks. The menu has a decent range of pizza, pasta, quick bites, burgers without buns, salads, desserts, and lava cakes. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 450. Cheezzo is a good choice for hanging out with friends while munching on Italian delights.

cheezzo11. Cafe Buddy’s Espresso

Cafe Buddy’s Espresso is near Glomax Mall in Kharghar and serves American-style snacks and fast food. Burgers, Sandwiches, desserts, appetizers, soups, breakfast dishes, pizza, pasta, salads and the main course are available on this cafe’s menu. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 800.

cafe buddy12. 99 Pancakes

99 Pancakes has a limited selection of pizza and a wide range of sweet and sweet-based items like pancakes, crepes, waffles, cakes and other desserts. This parlour has a friendly ambience, pretty interiors, and pocket-friendly foods. The average cost for two orders is approximately Rs 500 only.

9913. Cone Culture

Cone Culture is a European speciality restaurant located near Bhoomi Towers, next to Bal Bharti School in Kharghar. Frequently ordered dishes are Saucy Chicken, Schezwan Chicken, Chicken Keema, Savoury, Paneer Makhani, and Chocolate Nutella. The average cost for two orders is Rs 300 only.

cone culture14. Pronto Pasta and Noodles

Pronto Pasta and Noodles, as the name suggests, is a restaurant dedicated to Italian and Chinese cuisines. Frequently ordered dishes are Black Current Cooler, Chocolate Pudding, Sausage, Spaghetti, Cheese Garlic Bread and Egg Noodles. The average cost for two orders is Rs 400 only. Pronto is a perfect place for enjoying affordable food in an elegant ambience.

pronto15. Chi Na Chi Ni

Chi Na Chi Ni is an Asian restaurant offering primarily Chinese and Japanese specials. However, delicacies from other Asian countries are also provided here. The most recommended items are Kimchi Soup, Pad Thai Noodles, Jasmine Rice, Sushi, Dimsum, and Khau Suey. The average cost of two orders is approximately Rs 2400.

chi na chi ni16. Foodiator

Foodiator is a fast food centre serving American-style foods. This centre is located near Seawoods Heritage in Kharghar. Chicken Wings Combo, Peri-Peri Wings, Peri Fries, Drinks, and Chicken Crisp Burger are the most recommended items. The average cost for two orders is Rs. 450. Foodiator is a tiny place with an amusing marvel theme and prompt service.

foodiator17. Smokin’ Joe’s

Smokin’ Joe’s is a well-known pizza chain in the country. The outlet in Kharghar is located in Sector 9. Zest Chicken Pizza, Pizzas, Garlic Bread, and Thin Crust Pizza are frequently ordered in this pizzeria. The average cost for two orders estimates at Rs 500. Smokin’ Joe’s has free wifi available and is well-known for its great-tasting items and good service.

joe18. OH SOY

OH SOY is a Chinese and Thai cuisine serving restaurant in sector 15 in Kharghar. The menu offers fried rice, the main course, gravies, and beverages. The average cost for two orders is Rs. 600. OH SOY is well-known for its efficiency and quick service. Their packaging is spill-proof when catering to home delivery orders. This restaurant is a good choice to enjoy Asian flavours at affordable prices.

oh soy19. Wings & Chips

Wings & Chips is an Asian speciality restaurant in sector 4 in Kharghar. The menu offers combos of starters, soup, and a ride or noodle dish. Additionally, the menu also offers side dishes, momos, and chicken wings. The average cost for two orders is Rs 450. Wings & Chips is a highly hygienic restaurant with affordable food options.

wings and chips20. El Tacos

El Tacos is a Mexican cuisine serving restaurant located opposite Glomax Mall and provides flavorful Mexican street food. Even the interiors of the restaurant have been designed to bring out a Mexican vibe. El Tacos’ menu has vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and includes breakfast items, the main course, drinks and desserts.

el tacos