20 Best Places To Get The Best Italian Food In Mumbai!

20 Best Places To Get The Best Italian Food In Mumbai



One of the most amazing places to have wood fired Pizza in Andheri is from Kkrust. The Pizza is served hot and is made with ingredients which are fresh. Some of the best Pizza flavours are the Mushroom Chilli Cheese which is a cheesy delight.


Fransesco Pizza

If you are looking for a place which considers presentation just as important as the taste, then this is the perfect one. The Pizzas are aromatic and flavourful, and just as delectable as they look. One of the recommended ones is the Peri Peri Pizza. The Pizza is decorated with Chicken Morsels flavoured in a Peri Peri Sauce with a lot of Mozzarella on it. The added Mayonnaise adds flavour to the Pizza.


Joey’s Pizza

This Andheri Pizza outlet is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for an economical buy. Some of their classic Pizzas are the ones with Indian flavours. Try the Meat Ultimo which comes with a roast Chicken, Sausage and Bacon and Cheese.


Smokin’ Joe’s

This outlet was started in Mumbai itself in the year 1993, by entrepreneurs of a Parsi community. Since then, the outlet has been really famous and loved by the residents in the city. The Indian and Chinese flavours are quite excellent. One of their Specials is the Butter Chicken Pizza, which is just as delicious as it sounds.


Juno’s Pizza

This is one of the historical places in Mumbai known for serving Pizza over delivery since 1974. They used to have this special vegetarian Pizza which is part of their legacy and since then has been very popular. The Pizzas are simple but quite flavourful. The sauces are prepared daily and hence are quite fresh.


212 All Day Cafe & Bar

The restaurant has a charming interior, done well enough to impress you. The food here is also quite interesting especially the Spicy House Special Pizza which reflects their expertise in Italian food.



This restaurant is quite popular due to its unusual location in Shivaji Park. The edgy interiors will surely grasp your attention as you come here, especially with all the vintage lamps and exposed brickwork.  One of their best is the Pizza Terttulia named after the restaurant itself. This special Pizza comes with a topping of some amazing and delicious Veggies and Cheese on a thin crust.


Cafe Nemo

This Worli-based cafe is named after the Captain from the famous book- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. This aptly named cafe is thus inspired from worldly cultures and cuisines. The food has influence from Europe, Korea, Russia and other countries as well. One of their most popular choices for Pizza is the Fried Chicken and Bacon Pizza.


Jam Jar Diner

This is a popular resto-bar in Bandra that sees crowds often. You’ll find the place crowded due to amazing Pizzas and breakfasts they serve. One of their best is the Mushroom and Chicken Sausage which is a great choice.


Leaping Windows

This cafe in Versova is famous for the food, other than the unique interiors. The place boasts of its amazing stock of books stacked in a library, which you can read with some amazing food at the same time. This cafe is mostly flocked with comic book fanatics, for their comic book collection. Other than Burgers and Sandwiches you get great Pizza here. The Chicken Mushroom Pesto Pizza isn’t anything like what you’ve tasted before.


Ray’s Cafe And Pizzeria

This Pizzeria is a part of a century-old cottage which has been remodelled and restored to operate as a restaurant. The Portuguesa cottage has been operating as a restaurant since 2010 and has since then been popular with the locals. The restaurant believes in using freshest of ingredients in their amazing stone oven Pizzas. Some of their best are the Prosciutto Mirtilli Rosi, which uses Prosciutto Ham and a combination of vegetables.


Woodside Inn

Just as the name suggests, the restaurant reeks of wood! The interiors are done with only wood, which brings such a classic look to this cafe. The old world charm kicks in due to the ambience here. The restaurant is known for their exotic collection and some amazing Italian cuisine. One of the best dishes here is the Goan Pork Chorizo Pizza.


Pizza By The Bay

The restaurant is known for its sea view and delicious Pizza. The quality Pizza served here are worth every penny spent for it. The interiors are done in white which adds a dainty and rustic look to it. The Chicken Tikka Pizza is one of their specialities.


California Pizza Kitchen

If you are at the California Pizza Kitchen, then the Pizza you should be looking out for is the Chicken Fajita Pizza. The topping comes with a lot of marinated Onions, Chicken, Cheese and Pepper.


Nico Bombay

If you are on the search for Bombay’s finest Pizzas, then this is one place you should definitely end up at. Find some of their finest ones under Neopolitan Flat Bread. The menu is majorly Italian and French. One of their Specials is the Gorus Pizza.


Di Napoli

Find some of the best Pizzas in this amazing restaurant. The restaurant seems to be right out of a chapter in a book written about Italy.


Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli has classy interiors and charming ambience. One of their amazing Pizzas for choice is the Deli Carbonara. It comes with a Parmesan Cheese Topping.



This cafe is part of the Taj Vivanta, which should be reason enough for you to visit it. The Pizzas here appear freshly baked with flavours of Sicily and Bari. One of the recommended ones is the Misto Maire Pizza.


Pizza Express

The unique Pizzas are famous all over in the UK and have now found newfound popularity in the city of Mumbai. Try their Calabrese Pizza and you will not be disappointed.


Pizza Metro Pizza

The menu is simple, and the restaurant is known for serving authentic Italian food. This first opened in 1993 in London and has been popular ever since.