Top 20 Restaurants In Laheripura, Gujarat

Top 20 rest in laheripura ,guj-100

It is one of the most popular areas in Vadodara and is situated among the bazaar area and is a very cheerful and lively place. The Leheripura Gate is one of the major attractions of this place and is very intricately built. It has various historical and iconic significances as well. The people here are sweet, cheerful, and loving. Old is Gold is what you can say about this place and the food is amazing here.

1.Urban Ghati Restaurant

It is a proper family restaurant to spend some quality time with them. The ambiance of the place is casual, and the taste is delicious. The food is served fresh and hot. They have a wide range of options like North Indian, Continental, and Chinese dishes. Fried Rice, Chole Bathure, and Thin crust pizza are excellent.


2.Bhagyodaya Restaurant

It is the perfect place to try original Gujarati snacks, and other fast foods. They have both dine-in and takeaway options. The ambiance of the place is authentic, and the food they serve is delicious. The thali is very special and affordable and is one of the most loved dishes of this place.


3.Shree Kathiyawadi Khadki

It is one of the popular food joints in Gujarat. They are famous for their Kathiyawadi dishes. The pocket pinch is also minimal and you can enjoy a lot here. Some of the popular dishes are the Kadhi Khichdi, Sev Tamatar Saag, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Kachoris.


It is a hidden gem in the heart of Gujarat, serving delicious and finger licking delicacies. They work tirelessly to make their food taste and look flawless which is evident from the quality of the food that they provide. It would be best if you tried their Gujarati thali which offers a wide range of authentic Gujarati dishes.



It is a hub of delicious pizzas, pasta, and garlic bread. The taste of the food is delicious and they are not like Domino’s or Pizza Hut, they have something quite different in them. The ambiance of the place is also lively and happening.

pizza6.Spice Kraft

It is one of the finest multi-cuisine restaurants in this area. The food is perfectly spiced, and not too oily. The staff is well behaved and courteous. They have a buffet of options and the starters, main course, and desserts are equally good. Some of their signature dishes are Avadhi sizzler, Cheesy Cigar roll, and Spaghetti.

spice kraft7.Pizza on the Rock

It is one of the best pizzerias in Gujarat. They have made this place really well and go pretty well with the concept of this restaurant. Garlic knots, Pasta Alla Milanesa, and Supreme Pizza Vegetariana are some of their signature dishes.


It is a very popular food brand all over India. They have buffets as well as ala carte options. Their new meal in a box concept is also very popular. The ambiance and the staff are very good and the taste of the food needs no introduction.

110. gallery 85Buf_59. Shree Krishna Restaurant

It is one of the trendiest places in this region and is a very good option for all the vegetarians out there. They have good snacks as well as a decent main course option. Chole Puri, Kopda Kachori, and Cheese Chat Samosa are very good.



It is also one of the popular franchises in India. They have a very well balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. The sauces are outstanding, and the variety of bread makes it even more exciting. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable.

subway11.Kai Asia

It is a perfect place to try Oriental cuisine. The staff is well behaved and gives good suggestions to the customers. Whatever they serve is authentic and delicious. The ambiance also has an old-age charm. Sushi and Schezwan noodles are some of the most loved dishes.

kai-asia12.Desi Rotlo

Another gem serving authentic Kathiyawadi dishes. It is very popular among the people who are very close to their culture and tradition. It has an unreal hype during Navaratris because of the special dishes they prepare. The environment of the place is also happening and enjoyable.

desi rotlo13.Havmor Restaurant

It is also one of the popular franchises in India. The name justifies their deeds aptly because you just can’t stop enjoying eating at this place. They are basically popular for their North Indian curries. Biryani, Dhoklai Chicken, and Mini Pizza are some of their must-try dishes.


It is one of the oldest and iconic places to try snacks, which is why it is very popular among college and school students. The pocket pinch is also moderate Veg Cheese Hotdog, Veg Cheese Frankie, and milkshakes are the backbone of this place.

fridgetemp15.The Morsel

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant and famous particularly for their North Indian preparations. The ambiance of the place is pretty cool and the taste of the food is delicious. Irish coffee, Vegetable Kadhi, and Brownie are some of their most loved dishes.

the-morsel-bite-of-happiness16.Kala Ghoda

It is one of the popular brands serving good quality food. The staff needs special mention because they are polite and impressive. The food is supremely delicious and the ambiance is also pretty great.

r44a-Kala-Ghoda-Restaurant-logo17.Jassi De Parathe

It is a Punjabi-themed restaurant serving flaky and crispy parathas. They have other options as well but the most outstanding dish of this place is the parathas. Some of the famous parathas are the Amritsari, Aloo Cheese, and Paneer parathas.

aloo heese18.Fiorella

It is an amazing Italian restaurant serving authentic and delicious Italian cuisine. The presentation of the food and ambiance of the place is pretty awesome. A special mention has to be given to their tiramisu, which is delicious and mouth-watering.

fiorella-italian-restaurant19.Thyme & Whisk

It is a fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant serving good quality food. It is an amazing food joint to enjoy with your family and friends. One can also do business meetings as the ambiance is pretty good. Pizzas and Nachos are very popular.

thyme20.Raju Dhosa Centre

It is one of the best places to try crispy and flavorful dosas. The owner of the place is friendly and the taste of the food is awesome. They are also known for their variety of dosas. Italian(pizza) dosa is a must-try.