Top 20 Restaurants in Mattancherry, Kochi


Kochi is a beautiful city of Southern India and it is in Kerala, a state in India. It was previously known as Cochin, and later named as Kochi. It is famous for having many cultures that represents the unity in diversity. The people from different religions and communities live here. It has a diverse culture that consists of Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Konkanis, Hindus, Jews, and Buddhists denominations. It has a mixed culture and customs in Kerala and from all over the India. It is considered to be an important place as it was the empire where the famous Silk Route bisects and meets at Dun-Huang Caves of China. It has its unique South Indian food culture that includes mouth-watering dishes such as Dosa, Avial, Kerala Parotta, Appam with Stew, Idiyappam with Curry, Idli Sambhar, Kerala Puttu Kdala, and many more delicious dishes.

1. Restaurant 51

It serves European, Continental, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisines. Its favorite dishes are Banana Chips, Kerala Parotta, Saffron Rice, Starter, Mango Curry, and many more. This place is better known for its amazing ambiance and spectacular interiors. The staff here is hospitable. It is an excellent place for couples to dig in.

1 Restaurant 51

2. Ginger House Restaurant

It is popularly known as Beer Garden. It caters to Chinese, South Indian, Mughlai, Gujarati, Rajasthani, and North Indian cuisines to its customers. It has a casual dining type and known for its breathtaking sea view. It fascinates customers with Live Musical background. It has an outdoor seating area and provides quick home deliveries.

2 Ginger House Restaurant

3. Kayees Rahmathulla Café

It serves South Indian and Biryani to the customers. Mutton Biryani, Roasted Mutton, Rice, and Biryani are the popular dishes here. It is a nice place with great atmosphere and magnificent area. It provides punctual and liable services. It includes decent and responsive staff.

3 Kayees Rahmathulla Cafe

4. Mocha Art Café

It is a café that serves Pasta, Sandwich, Steak, and Continental cuisines with delicious beverages. Chicken Cheese Omelette, Mocha Cold Coffee, Peri Chicken, Chicken Schnitzel, and Chocolate Cake are the favorite dishes here. It has a superb atmosphere and glorious dining environment to dine in. It is an aristocratic place that is the center of attraction for the customers.

4 Mocha Art Cafe

5. Sri Krishna Café

It is a South Indian restaurant famous for serving delectable dishes such as Utthapam, Idli, Masala Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Rasam, Sambhar Vada, and so on. It has a polite and liable staff that provides prompt services to its customers. It has an eye-catching environment and decent atmosphere.

5 Sri Krishna Cafe


It is a café that serves fast food dishes and delicious beverages. It has decorous and romantic seating area and the ambiance is elegant. Its staff is well behaved and impressionable. The services here are punctual and considerate. It provides instant food deliveries to the visitors.


7. Aah Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for serving original taste of Kerala. It has a wide and rich menu of many delicious dishes. It includes having experienced and noble staff that provides quick and convenient services for the customers. It is a considerate place and has superb and excellent environment.

7 Aah Restaurant

8. Spice Craft

It serves South Indian and North Indian cuisines to the visitors. It includes providing excellent and fresh food quality to the customers in pocket-friendly price that value for money. Its staff is noble and polite with visitors. The servings of food and packaging of food are excellent.

8 Spice Craft

9. Nooriya Hotel

It is an Indian restaurant that serves Kerala dishes and mouth-watering Biryani. It is an excellent dining place and a great place to hang out with friends. It provides quick and responsive home deliveries to the customers. It has a well mannered and decent staff.

9 Nooriya Hotel

10. Deewan Restaurant & Bakery

It serves South Indian and Arabian dishes. It has a spectacular environment to dine in and wonderful atmosphere for the customers to enjoy the food here. It provides quick and well disposed home deliveries to the customers. The ambiance is superb and food quality is fresh and exquisite.

10 Deewan Restaurant Bakery

11. Vijaya Lakshmi Bhavan

It is a Vegetarian restaurant that serves fast food and South Indian cuisines with delectable beverages. It consists of an elegant ambiance and comfortable indoor seating area for the visitors to dig in. Its food presentation and servings are great. It has a courteous and friendly staff and takeaways are available.

11 Vijaya Lakshmi Bhavan

12. East India Street Café

It is a health food restaurant in Kochi famous for serving fast food and Italian cuisines with delicious Shakes and desserts. Its favorite dishes are Pasta, Burgers, Steak, Drinks, and Pizzas. It includes splendid ambiance and a decent environment with decorous indoor seating area. It provides quick food deliveries and takeaways are available.

12 East India Street Cafe

13. Balan Chettande Kada

It is a quick bite outlet and a restaurant that serves North Indian dishes to the customers. It serves fresh and delicious food quality to the visitors that value for money. Its ambiance is elegant and has a cozy environment to dig in. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends and enjoy the finger-licking food.

13 Balan Chettande Kada

14. Hotel Arafa

This place is famous for serving North Indian, South Indian, and Kerala cuisines. It has a casual dining area that serves delectable food in reasonable and pocket-friendly budget that worth money. It includes hygienic packaging of food and takeaways for the visitors. The staff here is noble and friendly with customers.

14 Hotel Arafa

15. Atharva Fastfood

It is a fast food restaurant famous for serving Chinese, North Indian, and South Indian cuisines to the customers. It worth every penny you spend here. Its food quality is excellent and the food here is mouth-watering in affordable price. It provides quick food deliveries and takeaways are available. The packaging of food is excellent.

15 Atharva Fastfood

16. Pandari’s Biryani & Restaurant

It serves Kerala dishes and delicious Biryani with many beverages. This place is better known for its spectacular environment and amazing atmosphere to dine in. It serves great portions of food in reasonable and affordable price that value for money. Its staff is friendly and responsive that provides amazing presentations of food.

16 Pandaris Biryani Restaurant

17. MeltyWay

This restaurant is famous for serving Italian, fast food, desserts, and beverages. Its favorite dish id delectable Pizza, customers like it the most here. It includes polite and noble staff that provides instant and punctual deliveries to the customers. It services are excellent and timely. Takeaways are available for its clients.

17 MeltyWay

18. Pettikada

It caters to North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, and fast food cuisines. It serves homely taste of food and delectable dishes in affordable and pocket-friendly budget. The staff here is congenial and friendly with customers. It includes excellent packaging of food and clean environment to dine in.

18 Pettikada

19. Vinayaka Café

It is an excellent coffee shop that has a comfortable and casual dining area. It has a beautiful ambiance and an amazing atmosphere with wonderful environment to enjoy the food here. It has a friendly and decent staff that provides quick and responsive services to the visitors.

19 Vinayaka Cafe

20. Balante Hotel

It has a casual dining type and a beautiful ambiance with a comfortable indoor seating area to dine in. The food here has exquisite and fresh food quality. Its staff is friendly and skillful that provides the excellent presentations of dishes. Its services are convenient and punctual for the customers.

20 Balante Hotel