Top 20 Restaurants In Mayapur, West Bengal

Top 20 Restaurants In Mayapur West Bengal
Top 20 Restaurants In Mayapur West Bengal

Mayapur, initially known as Miyapur, is a neighborhood of Bamanpukur, West Bengal, India, situated adjacent to Nabadwip, where the water of the two rivers Jalangi and Bhagirathi mix. Along with Nabadwip, it is considered a spiritual place by the followers of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. The city is the headquarters for ISKCON as it is the birth place of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The city is loaded with many temples of Radha- Krishna and Gaur-Nitai. The main attraction is the newly built Temple of Vedic Planetarium. The city is flooded with devotees of the lord every year, the city also consists of various food spots where you can enjoy delicious dishes. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Sri Gauranga Food Paradise

This food paradise is located in the parking area of Iskcon, Mayapur. It is an excellent place to begin your day with delicious breakfast recipes served here. You can have lunch and dinner here. The place is active after 9 AM and serves delicious and lip-smacking Khichri and lemon after offering to the lord.

Location: Iskcon Parking Area, Mayapur.

Sri Gauranga Food Paradise

2. Kitchen Religion

If you are looking for a place where you can have quality lunch that tastes delicious, then you must visit this site without any second thought. All the dishes are prepared with love and care. They serve special Indian thali and Italian lunch plate which are worth tasting. In desserts, the serve custard pie and cheesecake which are fantastic.

Location:  Near Srila Prabhupad Pushpa Samadhi, Mayapur.

Kitchen Religion

3. Govinda’s

It is a vegetarian restaurant with beautiful ambience and atmosphere is impressive and is quite popular in the city for meals. This place is crowded during weekends. They serve various types of dishes, among which family pizza is a must-try. If you want to have dinner here, then make a sure visit by 8 PM.

Location: Gurukula Road, Mayapur.


4. Gouranga Garden Restaurant

This simple, straightforward restaurant with limited seats available is suitable for family visits. They serve vegetarian items without onion and garlic. The lunch thali served here is delicious and has fixed options. Though, in dinner, you can choose among various dishes on the menu.

Location: Abhaynagar near Shiv Doba Mandir, Mayapur.

Gouranga Garden Restaurant

5. Sattvik Café

It is a vegetarian restaurant in the city that serves delicious lunch thali worth Rs.120 only. The quality and taste are the top-notch and the perfect dishes to satiate your hunger. Their thali includes Fried rice, Pakora, Dal, Two vegetables, Sweet rice, Papad, Chutney, and special sweet.

Location: Ishodayan Bhavan, Mayapur.

Sattvik Cafe

6. Prasadam

They serve delicious recipes that are offered to the lord first and then to their guests. They provide takeaway options, too other than a dine-in option. The pizzas are delicious from this place.

Location: Gournagar, Abhaynagar, Mayapur.


7. Santa’s Pizzeria

This eatery is airy with limited seating options yet very vibrant. All the food is prepared is hygienic and filled with love. They are specialized in pizzas though; they serve pasta and soups too.

Location: Mayapur, West Bengal.

Santas Pizzeria

8. Maa Annapurna

It is a small eatery having good quality food for their guests. Their menu consists of Bengali cuisine dishes that are authentic in taste. They do not have a proper dine-in arrangement, so you must prefer takeaway. The site is an excellent option for lunch at a low price.

Location: Near Iskcon Temple, Mayapur.

Maa Annapurna

9. Big Kitchen

It is basically a big hall that offers food to a large number of people simultaneously. They only offer lunchtime meals at the cost of only Rs.30 per person. The dal and rice served here are delicious in taste and feel like home preparation.

Location: Near Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mayapur.

Big Kitchen

10. Radha Madhava’s Mahaprasad

It is a vegetarian café serving various items ranging from snacks to proper thali. They offer the best prasadam vegetarian thali at just Rs.95, which is fulfilling. Also, various items are available at Rs.30 each. The herbal tea and pasta are quite famous servings here.

Location: Mayapur, West Bengal.

Radha Madhavas Mahaprasad

11. Ma Laxmi Hotel

It is a simple family restaurant with not many fancy interiors. They have many options to try at their premises all of them being of good quality. The taste is also appreciable and turns out to be a good option for lunchtime meals.

Location: Mayapur, West Bengal.

Ma Laxmi Hotel

12. Giri Govardhan Restaurant

This beautiful and vibrant family restaurant is situated in Gournagar, Abhaynagar. They serve delicious parathas for breakfast and the perfect meal to start the day with. They also offer a special Bengali plate worth Rs.100 and is also famous for delicious sweets that you can buy from here.

Location: Gournagar, Abhaynagar, Mayapur

Giri Govardhan Restaurant

13. Gouranga Food

It is a simple, straightforward fast food eater having the fine-dining option. The place is neat and well-maintained. They serve lunch thali also and accept payment through cash only.

Location: Near Iskcon Temple, Mayapur.

Gouranga Food

14. Vrinda’s Pizzeria

This pizzeria has a staff, which is friendly and offers various kinds of vegetarian pizzas. The service is fast and without compromise on quality and quantity of food. So in case you are in the mood of having something different in the city you can visit this place with family or friends.

Location: Abhinayadham Apartment, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarawati Marg, Mayapur.

Vrindas Pizzeria

15. RK Café Restaurant

This is a pretty vegetarian café. They serve pure and healthy dishes without onion and garlic. The service and staff are excellent. It is one of the most visited restaurants in Mayapur.

Location: Gournagar, Kalvart Avaynagar, Mayapur.

RK Cafe Restaurant

16. Madhu Bakery

This bakery offering fast food items like pasta, pirogi, and brownies is an excellent option to visit if you want to munch on snacks. The cake named as ‘Prabhupad cake’ is famous here and is homemade. Apart from that, the smoked paneer cheese sandwiches are fantastic in taste.

Location: Samadhi Ring Road, Mayapur.

Madhu Bakery

17. Sri Rangas Restaurant

It is a little outlet serving scrumptious South Indian Prasadam to the visitors. All the preparations are fresh and warm cooked in a homely atmosphere. The idli sambar and Dhal vada are highly recommended dishes of this site.

Location: Gournagar, Mayapur.

Sri Rangas Restaurant

18. Damodar’s

This is a pretty fast-food restaurant. It is a cuisine dedicated to the preparation of authentic South Indian food. The cook and service are good. They accept payments only through cash and provide food at a reasonable price.

Location: Bamanpukur, Mayapur.


19. Karuna Kitchen

They serve unique recipes with a beautiful presentation of food items. They provide pizza and Quinoa that are excellent in taste. They serve different meals other than a proper meal, but it is a good option for snacks.

Location: Samadhi Road, Rudrapara, Mayapur.

Karuna Kitchen

20. Namahatta Kitchen

This place serves delicious prasadam to their guest at an affordable price. The site is large and beautiful perfect for visiting with the family to enjoy meals. They also have a wheelchair-accessible entrance.

Location: Abhaynagar Road, Mayapur

Namahatta Kitchen