Top 20 Restaurants In Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Top 20 Restaurants In Hoshiarpur Punjab
Top 20 Restaurants In Hoshiarpur Punjab

Hoshiarpur is a city in the Hoshiarpur district in the Doaba region of the Indian state of Punjab. It was founded, during the early part of the fourteenth century. The city has a total population of 168,443. It falls under the Jalandhar revenue division. The city also has a large statue of Maharishi Valmiki. It is a small town that consists of various impressive restaurants in terms of environment, service, quality, and taste. Though there are many, but to make it easy for you, we have selected the best 20 and listed them below.

1. Hashtag Restaurant

This classy site is a fine-dining family restaurant serving tasty snacks and regional dishes as well. The quality and quantity both are excellent. The service is fast and impressive. They also have a large parking space provided.

Location: Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Hoshiarpur.

Hashtag Restaurant

2. Stonecage Café

It is a well-oriented place with a decent interior and casual atmosphere, which makes it suitable for chilling out with friends or loved ones. They have games also available on the premises. The food is delicious and economical.

Location: Above World88 Gym, Hoshiarpur.

Stonecage Cafe

3. Delicious Bite

It is a pizza restaurant located. The paneer makhani cheese burst pizza is their specialty and tastes excellent. All other items like garlic noodles are also worth tasting. In mocktails, the blue ocean mojito is a must-try.

Location: On Sutheri Road opposite Maharaja Hotel, Hoshiarpur.

Delicious Bite

4. Imbiss Food Point

This small and straightforward outlet, serves exceptionally good food of excellent quality. The service and packaging of food are impressive. The price is reasonable and is a go-to place.

Location: New Model Colony, Hoshiarpur.

Imbiss Food Point

5. Horror House Restaurant

It is a haunted theme restaurant. The dining room is decorated with haunted stuff and has dim lighting. The seating arrangement is good and is an ideal place to go with friends. They serve many fast food items at moderate prices.

Location: Railway Road, Manavta Nagar, Hoshiarpur.

Horror House Restaurant

6. Saffron Restaurant

It is a large and spacious fine-dining restaurant, which is beautifully decorated with splendid interior work. The hygiene is well-maintained and has professional staff. They have a buffet facility, and serve food with good presentations.

Location: Phagwara Road, Hoshiarpur.

Saffron Restaurant

7. Tandoori Bite

It is a food court serving pizza, biryani, and different curries. The quality of food is excellent and portions are also appreciable. The tandoori bite special veg pizza is a must-try. They have fast service and a dine-in facility.

Location: On Bus Stand Road, Kamalpur, Hoshiarpur.

Tandoori Bite

8. Chinese Kitchen

It is an outlet serving delicacies from Chinese cuisine. They serve almost every Chinese food item that is authentic and spicy in taste. The quality and portions both are impressive. It is a highly recommended place for Chinese food in the locality.

Location: Mall Road, Shakti Nagar, Hoshiarpur.

Chinese Kitchen

9. Sam’s Pizza And Saffron

It is a large and splendid restaurant with a pretty ambience. They are specializing in offering pizza to their guests. Though, you will get other items from Italian and North Indian cuisine also. They also serve brownies that are tasty and remarkable.

Location: Gokal Nagar, Hoshiarpur.

Sams Pizza And Saffron

10. Burger Singh

It is an outlet devoted to the service of pizza to the customers. As the name suggests, they are specialized and famous for offering various kinds of burgers that are definitely tasty. They also have a seating arrangement to enjoy warm burgers at the premises.

Location: Sohla Complex, Govt. College Road, Hoshiarpur.

Burger Singh

11. Chennai Xprs

It is an attractive and charming restaurant famous for South Indian cuisine. Their menu consists of dishes from North Indian cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, and chaat items. In South Indian, the sambar vada is delightful and served warm and fresh. You can visit this place with your family to dine out.

Location: Swaran Mall opposite Bus Stand, Hoshiarpur.

Chennai Xprs

12. MCM Café And Restro

This spacious and open area restaurant has a dine-in option. The desi ghee jalebi are highly recommended and cannot be resisted. The pizzas look good and taste even better as they are prepared in a wooden oven.

Location: Court Road, Guru Nanak Avenue, Hoshiarpur.

MCM Cafe And Restro

13. Downtown Café And Lounge

It is a family-friendly restaurant with a beautiful ambience and decent arrangements. The food is delicious and served by polite staff. The garlic bread is highly recommended and available at a fair price.

Location: Mall Road, Gopal Nagar, Hoshiarpur.

Downtown Cafe And Lounge

14. B2Y Food Junction

It is a peaceful, large place with basic interior work and an open seating arrangement. It is an ideal place to visit with family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The paraths served here are excellent and an ideal breakfast dish.

Location: Opposite Road Hotel Garden Court, Shergarh, Hoshiarpur.

B2Y Food Junction

15. D-Nuvo

This restaurant with party vibes and dim lighting is located on the Mall Road in Hari Nagar. They have various range of snacks and items for the main course also. The paneer tikka tastes lip-smacking and is delightful. They also have a big screen where you can enjoy cricket match.

Location: Mall Road, Hari Nagar, Hoshiarpur.


16. The PubG Eating Store

It is a good option for Italian food items like pizza and pasta tasting genuinely good. They serve fresh and warm recipes to their guest at an affordable price. They also have a pizza called as ‘PubG pizza’ and is tasty for sure and would be loved by game lovers too.

Location: Street Number 4, Bahadurpur, Narayan Nagar, Hoshiarpur.

The PubG Eating Store

17. Kathi Junction

It is an easy-going outlet for chain serving quick bites like kathi rolls, kebabs, tikkas. It is situated in the city centre near a bus stand. They also have a small seating area with limited seats; hence it is a suitable place for casual meetings. The kathi rolls are filled nicely and also taste quite good.

Location: City Center near Bus Stand shop number 30, Hoshiarpur.

Kathi Junction

18. Green Valley Pizza

It is a Continental restaurant having a pretty ambience is pretty and based on a natures theme having greenery all around. They serve delicious pizzas, noodles, momos of good quality and taste.

Location: Aslamabad, Hoshiarpur

Green Valley Pizza

19. Gobble’s Café

It is a decent spacious café with a fine seating arrangement where you can relax and chill with friends. The coffee served here is worth tasting, especially the espresso shots. For snacks, you can go for a cheese burger that is filling and tasty. You will have a great time at this location.

Location: Court Road, Hoshiarpur

Gobbles Cafe

20. Xero Degrees

The last but not the least is the Xero degrees, which serve you not only tasty food but also top quality tasty food in a hygienic and beautiful place. You can try varieties of Italian snacks and fries. The peri-peri fries are quite famous here.

Location: Roshan Road near City Center, Hoshiarpur

Xero Degrees