Top 20 Restaurants In Muzaffarpur


Muzaffarpur is a megacity located in Muzaffarpur quarter in the Tirhut region of the Indian state of Bihar. It is the center of the Tirhut division and the Muzaffarpur Railway District. It’s the fourth most vibrant megacity in Bihar. The city is also called the Sweet City of India because of the production of the best and most tasty leeches. Kachri, Pyazi, Ghugni, Aloo kachalu, Kachori, Dahi Puri are some famous dishes in Muzaffarpur.

1.Orchid Aroma – Hotel Grand Madhav Palace

Enjoy the delicious Indian and Chinese cuisines at the Orchid Aroma Restaurant. Get perfect and warm food at the restaurant. Located in front of the Electricity office, Circuit House Rd, Muzaffarpur. The hospitality of the restaurant is impressive, and the staffs are well-trained. Swiggy and Zomato have 500+ ratings with 4.0 stars.

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2.The Cinnamon (a Traditional Awadhi, Mexican, And Fusion Food Joint) Top Restaurant

The Cinnamon restaurant, located near Zenith Petrol Pump, Aghoria Bazar, Muzaffarpur, is a top-rated restaurant. The food quality and taste are outstanding. On weekends, live music shows are an add-on to food. Staffs are professional, friendly, and good at services. The rating of the restaurant is 4.5 out of 5.

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3.Milan Restaurant Conference Hall

Milan Restaurant and Conference Hall, located in Kalambagh Chowk Muzaffarpur, offers a variety of cuisines like Chinese, north Indian, and biryani. Recommended dishes you must try- Hyderabadi chicken biryani, butter naan, paneer butter masala, paneer handi, paneer chili, veg Manchurian, etc. Catering services are available on special occasions.

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4.Restaurant Simna Spice Garden

Restaurant Simna Spice Garden is a highly-rated restaurant in Muzaffarpur. The restaurant is known for its Indian cuisine. The chefs have the best cooking and garnishing ideas. Staff are highly trained, interactive, and attentive. Always great, tasty, piping hot food served. The peaceful atmosphere and fancy decor make the environment relaxed.

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5.Lazzez Restaurant

Lazeez Restaurant, located in City Yogendra Mukherjee Road, Near the North Bihar Chamber of Commerce, is known for the best Indian cuisine. The food is flavourful, fresh, and perfectly cooked with authentic Indian spices. The ambiance is welcoming, and the service is prompt and friendly.

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6.Friends Restaurant And Banquet Hall

Friends Restaurant, situated on University Road, is always known for sweets. It has a great ambiance and interiors. For vegetarians – paneer kadhi and paneer chili are must-try options. For non-vegetarians – chicken stuffed omelet, chicken Hyderabadi biryani, chicken kadhi, and chicken handi are must-try options.

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7.Grill Inn Restaurant

American-inspired casual dining outlet, the Grill Inn restaurant, is popularly known for its American-Italian cuisine. Pizzas, fried fries, and fried chicken are some high-rated foods. Italian lovers must visit this restaurant. This restaurant is near Butler Rd, Tilak Nagar, Muzaffarpur. Staff interaction and services are good.

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8.The Bbq

The Bbq restaurant, located at EB Star Market, Club Rd, near Aditya Vision, is a buffet restaurant serving fresh and juicy meals. Enjoy the glamorous experience of live barbeques on your table with unlimited ripe kebabs of various world cuisines. The restaurant serves vegetarian plus non-vegetarian meals with 12 starters and main courses. The rating is 4.6 out of 5.0, according to Google feedback.

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9.London Bridge Rooftop Restaurant

London Bridge Rooftop Restaurant, located on the 4th Floor Of Bansal Tower, in front Of Jubba Sahni Park, Club Road, Mithanpura, Muzaffarpur, is one of the best restaurants in Muzaffarpur. The restaurant is at a prime location with a rooftop view. It provides the best quality food and ambiance to the people. It includes different facilities and services such as booking like, table booking, group booking, and outdoor catering. The rating of the restaurant is 4.5 out of 5.0 scale.

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10.Klag Café

Klag Cafe, located on the 3rd 4th Floor, Kalambagh Rd, above K Lounge Killer Showroom, opposite La Kids School, Muzaffarpur, is a restaurant known for well-cooked chicken. The food served here is hot and warm, and the quality is superb. The staff is courteous and generous to the guests.

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11.Rreamso Dj On Fire

Rreamso Dj On Fire is a fabulous restaurant for family or friends. The best part of a restaurant is the exclusivity, as one can book the whole place for one group. Along with the dine-in food facility, the restaurant includes a dancing floor with authentic JBL speakers and top-notch lights. It gives an ambiance vibe, and the behavior of the staff is good.

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12.Chatkara Family Restaurant

Chatkara Family Restaurant is a friends and family restaurant with a great experience of delicious Indian and Chinese cuisine. Experience the best hospitality with the friendly behavior of the staff and a clean and hygienic place. The specialty of the restaurant is paneer tikka and soup. The site of the restaurant is Sadpura Rd, Muzaffarpur.

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13.Om Sweet Restaurant And Bakery

Om Sweets Restaurant and Bakery, located near BRAHMPURA CHOWK Brahampura, Muzaffarpur, is known for Indian, South Indian, and Chinese Cuisine. Indian cuisines like Rajkachori and Gulab Jamun are some famous foods. Staffs and services are well-trained. The rating of the restaurant is 4.0.

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14.Blueberry Restaurant

Blueberry Restaurant, located near Urmila Complex, Chowk, Muzaffarpur, is a calm place for friends and family. The restaurant provides very delicious food with a variety of dishes available. The staffs are respectful and interactive. Chicken dishes, biryani, and soup are some most rated foods.

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15.Bella Bite

Bela Bite, located at 4C33+848, Swami Vivekanand Rd, Muzaffarpur, provides the best quality food in the town with Indian and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant looks very small from the outside but has comfortable space. From fast food to heavy meals, every food is delightful.

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Amigos, located Beside westside Mall, Club Rd, Mithanpura, Muzaffarpur, is a must-visit restaurant in Muzaffarpur. The feeling is pretty good, with a great mix of cafes. You can find the best place for the party, like a private party. And dine-in is always great. They have a good menu with authentic taste, and you won’t feel like a waste of money. The cafe area has a great vibe. The service is pretty good.

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17.Karim’s Restaurant

Karim’s Restaurant, located on the First floor, P.S. Kari, Vishwa Manoram Complex, Kalambagh Rd, opposite Excise Godown, Nayatola, Mohammadpur, Muzaffarpur, is the best place for dine-in. The atmosphere is good, and the interior is well-designed.

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18.Momomia Café And Restro

MOmomia Cafe and Restro, located at Kalambagh Rd, Pokhraira, Muzaffarpur, is one of the best places in the town to enjoy good quality and budget-friendly food. It provides a wide variety of delicious dishes. The most recommended is tandoori momos.

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19.Downtown Pizza

Downtown Pizza, located at3rd FLOOR DRB MALL BB COLLEGIATE, ROAD, Motijheel Rd, Muzaffarpur, is a good pizza restaurant with delicious food. The Ambiance is mind-blowing, and the service is undoubtedly the best.

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20.Ottimo Pizza

Ottimo Pizza, located near Chatta Chowk, Damuchak Rd, Muzaffarpur, is a pizza restaurant that is tastier than dominos or pizzahut. The restaurant provides the perfect quantity of everything you ask for. It has the best chicken burger in Muzaffarpur town. This place is convenient to reach, and the service is okay.

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