Top 21 Places To Have Chicken In Delhi

Top 21 Places To Have Chicken In Delhi

Are you a die-hard chicken fan? Here’s good news! We bring you the list of Top 21 Restaurants/ Dhaba in Delhi where you can taste some of the best chicken dishes in India! So what are you waiting for, scroll down!


Karim’s Restaurant

Karim’s is a vintage restaurant standing firm since 1913. It is well-thought-out as the most famous non-vegetarian restaurant in New Delhi.

Its most famous dishes include Murgka Shorba, Shahi Dastar Khwan, Kababs, Chicken Biryani and lots more. This hotel is purely built on Mughal cuisine and their dishes. They claim to cook just the way it used to be in olden Mughal rule. Isn’t that fascinating! Average price for two- Rs.800


Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is among the first-born as well as most celebrated restaurants of Delhi. It was established as one of the first restaurant in independent India and is said to be the father of Tandoori chicken in India. The delicacies it offers are beyond compare. It offers Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, BurraKabab, Bhuna Gosht which can make you forget everything. If you do not prefer décor over food, this place should be on your bucket list. Average price for two- Rs.700



Hadippa is a casual dining in West Delhi. The locals nearby calls it as the heart of Punjabi cuisine. From the lovely décor to lip smacking Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Malai Chicken Kababs, this place has it all. Average meal for two- Rs.1200



Murg Malai Tikka, Tangri Kabab, Tandoori Chicken here are worth licking your fingers clean. Opened in 1959, it claims to offer the Royal Muglia cuisine for people everywhere. This place surely has the potential to serve you for a king or queen you are. Its menu consists of selected Hyderabadi dishes like Dumpokht Biryani, Fish Curry. Average price for two- Rs.1500



Caution: Diet cautious people beware!. Changezi chicken is famous for its generous addition of ghee, butter in its dishes. For the taste that makes you crave for more again,they make dishes with Gravy full of ghee and of course, Chicken. Khameeri Roti and Butter Chicken will make your head spin. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The average price per two- Rs.900


Qd’s Restaurant

QD’s was made keeping students in mind. It has a blissful and youthful environment with graffiti on walls, music and Wi-Fi!

QD’s is most famous for its mouth-watering Chicken Tandoori Momos and triple Chocolate Brownie. This restaurant is mostly filled with DU students. This place serves both Indian and Chinese cuisine.The average price per two- Rs.550


Punjabi Grill

Apart from providing good food, this outlet also gives good experiences to its customers. Chicken Kabab and Chicken Dum Biryani are their USP. Their menu is small and simple, but everything in it is a show stopper.

The restaurant gives you the homey vibes as the food is delicious and the staff is courteous.The average price per two- Rs.1200


Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi is the renowned food chain with outlets around the country. The restaurant is famous for its Chicken Tikka and Butter Chicken. It gives the home-made touch to its food and restaurant feel in its ambiance.

The place also serves drinks which go very well with the food.

Average price for two- Rs.1000


Chic Fish

Chic Fish is your perfect pocket-friendly restaurant. It always offers various deals, coupons to its customer, after all, who doesn’t love good food and cash back!

The recommended dishes here are Chicken Tandoori and Butter Chicken.

Average price for two- Rs.750


Indian Accent

Indian Accent has just two branches, one at New York and other at New Delhi. This restaurant has once made its place in Asia’s Top 50 best restaurant’s list. It also has the trophy of the best restaurant in 2015. It has one of the top chefs in India and he is Chef Manish Malhotra!

Its menu consists of exquisites like Duck Khurchan, Galawati Kababs, Ribs, Chicken and what not!

Average price for two- Rs.4000


Rajinder Da Dhaba

This place provides only the option for take-away for the amount of people who visits here are impossible to fit in. Their Chicken Malai Kabab is considered the best in Delhi. People from all over Delhi come to the Dhaba for Galati Kababs and Chicken Malai Tikka. Average meal for two- Rs.900


Aslam’s Chicken

Asking what Aslam’s Chicken is famous for is like asking what Agra is famous for. Aslam’s Chicken is one of the oldest shops of Delhi and serves the best Chicken Tandoori and Kabab you will ever taste. Aslam’sChicken can be found in the gali of Jama Masjid but beware of the duplicates; it has many. Average meal for two- Rs.1000


Kake Da Hotel

This restaurant has been standing since 1931 and is still getting stronger day by day. When you look at the restaurant, the ambiance might not be appealing, but when you finally get to taste your Butter Chicken after the wait in long queues, you will know it was totally worth it. Average meal for two- Rs.600


National Restaurant

National Restaurant is also a Dhaba and is an entity of the owners of Kake Da Dhaba. The combo of butter chicken with their Naan is the combo which you can never forget. Their food is so delicious that mostly people forget their eating manners while they are at National Restaurant. Average price for two- Rs.400


Bukhara, Itc

You know the food is going to be good when the restaurant has won several awards for its dishes. Bukhara is a fine dining restaurant and also has a bar. Its speciality is the Mughal cuisine it serves. Bukhara is famous for its Chicken Curry and Tandoori Chicken, but its Butter Chicken is a show-stealer. Average meal for two- Rs.700



If this restaurant was to be described in three dishes, they would be Butter chicken, Dal makhani and Butter naan. Invitation is quite an old restaurant and has been the life of Ashok Vihar. The recipe for its butter chicken is a secret which no one has been able to crack yet. Average price for two- Rs.1000

Dal Makhani


Mughal Mahal

The Butter Chicken served at Mughal Mahal has a hint of sweetness in its curry which makes it different from all the other restaurants. Mughal Mahal is as old as Moti Mahal and is quite a place for family dinner or friends’ day out. Average meal for two- Rs.500



Havemore is a dhaba cum restaurant and is quite old fashioned which attracts the tourists and residents of Delhi. Most famous dish of Havemore is their Butter Chicken with the topping of Cream and Grated Cottage Cheese. But if we talk about its USP, its Tandoori Chicken.The best part of this restaurant is that it stays open after hours which make it more famous. Average meal for two- Rs.900


Mini Mughal

Mini Mughal has what we call a perfect setting for a family restaurant. Its Butter Chicken with Butter Tandoori Roti can make anyone drool. Mini Mughal also serves North Indian cuisine. Average meal for two- Rs.800



If you don’t like to wait in line or step in the crowd, this place is not for you. Minar is so famous among the locals that it is always full with its loyal customers. The Chicken Curry they serve can be arguably known as the best in Delhi. Average meal for two-Rs.1000


Punjabi By Nature

This restaurant is quite famous for its non-vegetarian dishes. The Butter Chicken paired with Rumali Roti is worth trying. The Orange Curry with the flavours of 65 masalas make you lick your plate clean. Average meal for two-Rs.1200