Top 20 Restaurants In Palanpur, Gujarat

Top 20 Restaurants in Palanpur Gujarat
Top 20 Restaurants in Palanpur Gujarat

Palanpur is a town and a municipality of Banaskantha district, located in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is considered the home to and industry of Indian diamond merchants. It was previously well-known for Gujarati Ghazals and poetry. There are even various public interest spots like Mira gate, Mithi Vav, and many other places. This place also serves a wide range of interesting Gujarati food items, among which the combination of samosa and Kadhi is marvellous. The city is the spot for various excellent restaurants providing you with an authentic range of Gujarati and other food items that would please you. So, to help you know some of the best restaurants there, have a look at them.

1. Gamdu Garden Restaurant

It is a down to earth roadside destination dishing up local and global offerings. They offer kathiyawadi food, which belongs to Gujarat. You can get recipes like jeera rice and veg Tofani, dal baati, palak paneer, and many other snacks recipes from this place.

Location: Abu Highway, near Surmandir Theatre, Palanpur, Gujarat

Gamdu Garden Restaurant

2. Guptaji Hotel

This straightforward hotel in Palanpur offers authentic Gujarati delicacies like sev tamatar bhaji and dal fry. Everything from food packaging to its taste is delicious. They offer veg thali, veg biryani, paneer bhurji, Gujarati thali, and dal fry.

Location: Railway Station Road, Palanpur, Gujarat

Guptaji Hotel

3. Sankalp

It is a beautiful food site or restaurant offering various kinds of meals but is specialized in south Indian cuisine. You can try Rava dosa and their special dosa from this place. Also, you must try out Margherita pizza here.

Location: Highway Cross Road Hotel, Aroma Cir, Lajwanti, Palanpur, Gujarat


4. Kargil Kathiyawadi Restaurant

It is a restaurant serving Gujarati cuisine that would please you with its variety and taste. If you visit this place, try their tomato sev sabzi and adrak ki sabzi. Also, you must try the churma served here for dessert.

Location: Abu Highway, NH-27, Maheshwari Colony, Palanpur, Gujarat

Kargil Kathiyawadi Restaurant

5. Ami Dalbati

If you want to enjoy authentic dal baati and churma in Gujarat, then this restaurant is suitable to visit. It is a nice, neat, and clean space where you get one plate of dal baati at the cost of Rs.70 and quickly fills up your stomach.

Location: Ashok Avenyu, Abu Highway road, Palanpur, Gujarat

Ami Dalbati

6. Shreenath Restaurant

It is a beautiful and decent family restaurant offering varied vegetarian food items. The most famous delicacy from this place is Punjabi thali. You must also try their south Indian recipes like uttapam and dosa.

Location: Sanskar Society, Palanpur, Gujarat

Shreenath Restaurant

7. Bawarchi Restro

This meal-delivery site offers you everything from samosa kadhi pakora to proper vegetarian thali meals. The food tastes excellent as all the food items are well-balanced. It is highly recommended to taste the pav bhaji served here.

Location: Near Railway station road, Chaman Bagh, Palanpur, Gujarat

Bawarchi Restro

8. Madhvi Restro

It is a relaxed destination with a warm ambience that serves traditional vegetarian cuisine and pizza. All the delicacies served here are vegetarian preparations and includes dishes like masala papad, buttermilk, Manchurian dry, lassi, gulab jamun lasagne, falooda, and many more exciting items.

Location: Sankalp Plaza, Ground Floor, Gathaman Gate Road, Palanpur, Gujarat

Madhvi Restro

9. Agashi

It is a beautiful, greenery surrounded rooftop café where you can get varieties of food items like Mexican rice, Pina colada, Agashi ke kebab, Manchurian, kebab, brownie, Kesar paneer tikka, and other things. You must try the different mocktails served here as they are very famous.

Location: Abu Road Highway, Opposite Bihari Bagh, Palanpur, Gujarat


10. The Secret Kitchen

It is an elegant and peaceful family restaurant that is a perfect place to plan a dine-out with family. They serve various Indian cuisine main course meals like paratha, paneer gravy, buttermilk, masala papad, fried pasta. The Matka kulfi offered here is splendid and pleasing in taste.

Location: near Royal Enfield Showroom, Bihari Bagh, Maheshwari Colony, Palanpur, Gujarat

The Secret Kitchen

11. Gupta Pav Bhaji And Pulav Centre

It is a small roadside stall famous among the locals for its delicious buttery pav bhaji and spicy pulav. The bhaji is correctly cooked with fine consistency and added butter on top. Even the pav is topped with lots of butter.

Location: Palliviya Nagar, Parshavanath Nagar, Palanpur, Gujarat

Gupta Pav Bhaji And Pulav Centre

12. Oasis The Garden Restaurant

It is a restaurant having a garden and a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy food in a well-spaced dining area. You can probably enjoy all the local cuisine and other cuisines of India. They also provide a hall or cottage for small celebrations.

Location: Ahmedabad Highway, Palanpur, Gujarat

Oasis The Garden Restaurant

13. Darshan Restaurant

It is a straightforward, down to earth place offering vegetarian meals, including rice, paneer, and curry. This restaurant prominently serves Punjabi cuisine, including Punjabi thali, Paneer Handi, Kaju Curry, Chaach, and other delicious items of Gujarati cuisine.

Location: Shree Ram Complex, Opposite Lal Bungalow, Palanpur, Gujarat

Darshan Restaurant

14. Ramdev Restaurant

The menu of this place consists of Kathiyawadi food items such as Dahi fry, sev masala, Dal Palak, Aloo Matar, rice, roti, and even offer Punjabi food items and curries. You can also try snacks and south Indian food items from this place.

Location: Laxmipura, Palanpur, Gujarat

Ramdev Restaurant

15. Dadaji Family Restaurant

It is a casual, light-filled location with a simple dining area dishing up Informal Indian and Chinese plates. The menu of this place includes Punjabi thali, paneer Pahadi, chole bhature, Manchurian dry, sandwiches, and many other items that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Location: Nr. Surmandir Multiplex, Palanpur, Gujarat

Dadaji Family Restaurant

16. Jain Bhojanalya

This place offers healthy, traditional, and local food items that have authentic local flavours and tastes to them. They offer Gujarati food items like sev tamatar sabzi, puri, dal, rice, and many more things.

Location: Patthar Sadak, Delhi Gate, Palliviya Nagar, Palanpur, Gujarat

Jain Bhojanalya

17. Leelalaher Kathiyawadi Restaurant

It is a Gujarati restaurant offering authentic and traditional food items such as bajra roti, khichdi, kadhi, sev tomato sabzi, and other things like daal baati churma. The Punjabi sabzi and buttermilk are excellent in taste.

Location: Ahemdabad-Palanpur Highway Road, Bihari Bag, Palanpur, Gujarat

Leelalaher Kathiyawadi Restaurant

18. Atithi Dining

It is a well-maintained, healthy, and neat place providing you with authentic local food of excellent taste in this peaceful dining space. They also offer a healthy tana tan drink, which is quite famous here.

Location: Abu Delhi NH, Palanpur, Gujarat

Atithi Dining

19. Maa Annapurna Restaurant

This restaurant offers dal baati, sev tamatar, ice cream, masala papad, soft roti, bhaji, and many other food items that are pleasing to taste buds. They also have swings arrangement for kids.

Location: NH 27, Bihari Bag, Maheshwari Colony, Palanpur, Gujarat

Maa Annapurna Restaurant

20. Tulsi Kathiyawadi Restaurant

This restaurant in Palanpur offers Rajasthani patty melt, paneer handi, fried rice, vegetarian lunch meals available with various options. They also have an option for snacks like kebabs and other items.

Location: Near Madhav Complex, Bihari Bag, Maheshwari Complex, Palanpur, Gujarat

Tulsi Kathiyawadi Restaurant