Top 20 Restaurants In Pimpri Pune

top 20 restaurants in pimpri pune 1

Pimpri Chinchwad is an area that covers various localities in Pune, such as Nigdi, Pimpri, Akurdi, and other local areas under its Municipal Corporation. It is one of the most busy municipal corporations in the entire country, and it is famous for its clothing style and delicious eateries. Pimpri is a real example of unity in diversity in the whole region. It is an urban and metropolitan area, and many people from all over the world come here to earn, work, study, and making a living. It connects the people from different languages and culture, and food plays a significant role in acting upon it. Maharashtrian food has its uniqueness and taste that attracts most visitors to the city.

1. Barbeque Nation

It caters to Mughlai, North Indian, and BBQ with desserts and beverages. Its famous dishes are Chilli Garlic Prawn, Pan Kulfi, Masala Bhaat, Walnut Brownie, and many others. The service and the quality of food are excellent and remarkable, and it has authenticity and incredibility. Digital Payments, cards, and cash are all accepted here.

1 Barbeque Nation

2. Spice Fusion

It is a fine dining restaurant that serves Asian, Chinese, North Indian, and Sichuan cuisines. The décor and interior are highly fabulous, with an excellent ambiance. They serve delicious food with the main course and have a spectacular presentation.

2 Spice Fusion

3. Abhinandan Pure Veg Restaurant

It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves South Indian, Chinese, North Indian, and fast food. It has a casual dining and outdoor seating area and an outlet. They provide quick services to their customers and Roti, Naan, Pav Bhaji, and Dal Tadka are a few famous dishes here.

3 Abhinandan Pure Veg Restaurant

4. Gharonda Veg Restaurant

It is a fantastic restaurant that serves a wide range of cuisines such as Indian, Asian, Chinese, Breakfast, and fast food that includes delicious tastes and fresh food.  The most famous dish here is Masala Dosa. It provides quick services to its customers, and home delivery is available. It has outdoor seating and polite staff.

4 Gharonda Veg Restaurant

5. Pathik Biryani House

It is famous for serving North Indian, Biryani, and Mughlai dishes. It is a family restaurant to dine out. This place is better-known for catering fresh food and delicious tandoori. It includes quick services and home deliveries. It serves the best Biryani in its neighborhood.

5 Pathik Biryani House

6. Keys Café

It is mainly famous for serving Maharashtrian, Chinese, Italian, and North Indian cuisines. It includes an excellent ambiance and a seating area for customers. The staff and chefs here are professionals and experienced. They serve breakfast and fresh food quality. 

6 Keys Café

7. 3 Spices

It is a bar and a casual dining place with an excellent environment to dig in. It serves European, Chinese, Italian, Asian, and many other cuisines. It gives soothing vibes and positivity to the mood. Home deliveries and takeaways are available. It contains live entertainment and wheelchair seating services. 

7 3 Spices

8. Annapurna Restaurant

It caters to Maharashtrian, Chinese, Sichuan, and North Indian dishes. It is famous for its delicious food quality and fresh food servicing. The services and staff are polite and customer-friendly. The menu contains its best and mouth-watering dishes at an affordable price.  

8 Annapurna Restaurant

9. Laibhari Restro Laturkar

It serves North Indian, Maharashtrian, and Chinese dishes. It has incredible and delicious food quality. Its menu contains the best Maharashtrian words that one should try, and they serve customers with kindness and hospitality.

9 Laibhari Restro Laturkar

10. Little Italy Restaurant

It is famous for serving Italian food and beverages. It has an ample seating area and great ambiance. This place is suitable for a large group of people or joint families to dine in. It has a righteous and polite staff. It’s a favorite place to have delicious Macaroni Pasta. 

10 Little Italy Restaurant

11. The Clover – Bar

It caters to oriental, Chinese, and North Indian food. It provides the best service and tasty food to its customers, and has extensive and comfortable seating area. The staff and manager here are polite and friendly. They serve many types of Cocktails and other beverages. 

11 The Clover – Bar

12. Golden Curry

It has excellent servicing and a beautiful dining area to have Continental and seafood. They serve Chinese, Continental, and Mughlai, with Salad and beverages. It is a family restaurant, and has ample seating area for large groups. It includes a relaxed atmosphere and an outdoor seating area to dine in. Seafood, curry, and fish are among the famous dishes here.

12 Golden Curry

13. Supreme Family Restaurant & Bar

It serves Chinese, Sichuan, Seafood, and North Indian food. It is a bar and a restaurant with a casual dining area and has a good location. They serve the main course with the best food quality and services.

13 Supreme Family Restaurant Bar

14. Raaga Thali & Pure Veg Restaurant

It is a Maharashtrian restaurant that serves North Indian, South Indian, Sichuan, and fast food. The sandwiches are the most delicious food here. This place is better known for its comfortable seating area and a good ambiance. It serves spicy and delicious food at the best possible price.

14 Raaga Thali Pure Veg Restaurant

15. Hotel Empire Garden

It caters to Chinese, North Indian, Sichuan, and Mughlai food. Its famous dishes are Butter Chicken and Chicken Matka Kebab with Rice. They serve starters and the main course with beverages. It has a wide area to sit in, with comfortable and relaxing background and environment.

15 Hotel Empire Garden

16. Tatva

It includes various cuisines such as Continental, North Indian, Chinese, and fast food with many delicious shakes and beverages. Its famous dishes are Paneer Koliwada, Dragon roll, Kesari Paneer Tikka, and many other tasty dishes. Its food quality and delicious starters have an amazing taste.

16 Tatva

17. Appetite

It serves Italian, Chinese, Mughlai, and North Indian dishes with many shakes. It has two outlets in Pune. Its services are excellent, and it has a casual dining area. Home deliveries and takeaways are available with quick services. Cards and cash are accepted here.

17 Appetite

18. Machli Seafood Restaurant

It caters to Seafood, North Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines. It is a Maharashtrian seafood restaurant to dine in, and provides breakfast and good food quality. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends and has a beautiful ambiance.

18 Machli Seafood Restaurant

19. Aladdin Restaurant

It serves Mughlai and Chinese dishes. It is a new restaurant that has a relaxed atmosphere, and exquisite food quality. It is an excellent place to dine with family and friends. Services are quick and the staff is managerial.

19 Aladdin Restaurant

20. Neo Wood Ambassador

It is famous for serving Continental, North Indian, Chinese, and Italian food with delicious shakes. Its mouth-watering dishes are pasta, fried rice, soup, and many more dishes. It is a family place with a live music ambiance. It includes outdoor seating and an excellent parking space.

20 Neo Wood Ambassador