Top 20 Restaurants In Sabarmati Nadi Area, Gujarat

top 20 restaurants in sabarmati nadi area gujarat
top 20 restaurants in sabarmati nadi area gujarat

Sabarmati Nadi is one of the major attractions of Gujarat, and people from all over the country visit this place to enjoy its magnificent beauty. It originates in the Udaipur district, and meets the Arabian Sea. There are many food joints in and around the place and the diversity in the shops are awesome. Some of the other attractions are the Hathmati, Harnav, and Guhai dams. There are various cuisines which you will find near this place, but the authentic Gujarati cuisine is what you must-try.

1.River View Restaurant

It is one of the popular food joint in and around this region, serving multi-cuisine dishes and has one of the best breakfast options. The ambiance of the place feels serene and genuine. South Indian food and non-vegetarian curries are really good here.

river view2.Citrus Café

They have ala carte and buffet options. The variety is humungous, and the quality is pretty good. It is located in the River Front Area, and the peculiar thing about this café is that the ambiance has many modern elements, but the dishes they serve are classic like the Khakras, Patras.


It is nicely placed inside the Hyatt Regency and is one of the finest Italian restaurants in this region. The food is flavorful, and the support staff is co-operative as well. Some of the must-try dishes here are the Brownie, Pizza Toscanna Di Roma, and Croissant.


It is one of the richest testimonies that why we should love our culture. The place is nicely built and takes you back to the days of nostalgia. The hygiene and ambiance of the place is awesome. They serve food in traditional style, which is one of the important highlights of this place. You should try their Gujarati thali, which offers good quality and quantity.


Good food and courteous staff is what you get here. The place is really beautiful, and you will have an amazing time here with your loved ones. Chinese and Punjabi food is your go-to option here as it s made deliciously.

chirag6.Posh Urban

It is one of the favorite vegetarian restaurants among the locals. The food is moderately priced, and the taste is delicious. The ambiance of the place is perfect. Some of the must-try foods here are the Paneer Tikka and Veg Spring Roll.



It is one of the famous restaurants serving traditional Rajasthani cuisine. The ambiance of the place is pretty cool, and characterized by dim lights. The staff is also very well behaved, and the food is delicious. Dal Baati Choorma and Sandwich Dhokla are some of the popular dishes here.

rajuvadu8.650 The Global Kitchen

It is one of the famous restaurants in Ahmedabad and the vibe of this place is unparalleled. They have a wide range of options from Indian to Continental. The signature dishes of this place are the Chipotle, Lotus Wonton, and Quesadilla.

650-the-global-kitchen9.Jungle Bhookh

It is one of the famous themed restaurants in Ahmedabad. The ambiance is eerie but at the same time very lively. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and the food is super delicious. You must try their Chinese dishes and kebabs, which are really good.

jungle10.Wind & Water

It is an open air restaurant with a cool vibe and the hygiene of the place is maintained correctly. It is a good option for you to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Dim Sum and Chocolate Truffle Pudding are their most amazing dishes.

wind-water-restaurant11.The Rope

It is a fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant serving a variety of dishes. They have many special plans for their customers which vary from time to time. They have a special knack in preparing continental dishes with a twist. Mexican Nachos, Cheese Fondue, and Mint Mojito are delicious.

rope12.D Canteen

It is a very popular place among the students because it is a cozy, wonderful, and a lively place. They have limited options, but the taste is delicious. Fried Idli and Khichdi are pretty good here.

d canteen13.Chandravilas

It is one of the iconic food joints in Ahmedabad, and the farsaan they serve is pure bliss. It is one of the best places to have your breakfast. Jalebi, Fafda, and Dhokla are yummy and authentic.


14.Jai Bhajiya House

It is one of the better places to have piping hot bhaiyas during the monsoon. They are served fresh and hot. You should try their mix bhajiyas, which has a variety of fritters that are made up of potatoes, cauliflower, and other vegetables.

bhajiya15.Barbeque Nation 

It is one of the popular franchises all over India serving good quality food. The starters and appetizers are the key features of their menu. The buffet is vast and the quality of the food is decent as well. Crispy Corn, prawn preparations, and desserts are very good.

barbeque-nation16.Swati Snacks

A good option to try authentic Gujarati snacks like the Dhokla, Patra. The food is fresh and wonderfully prepared. The ambiance is very refreshing and happening. Pav Bhaji, Dal Dhokli is some of the popular dishes.

swati-snacks-lead17.Nini’s Kitchen

It is one of the exciting and promising food ventures in this region. They are popular for their delicious Italian and Mexican dishes. It is a good option to hang out with your friends. Lasagna, Fondue, and Italian Hot Chocolate are some of the must-try dishes.

nini18.Mocha CG Road

It has a very homely feel and the taste of the food is super-awesome. The staff is very friendly and gives good suggestions. The dessert overshadows the main course here as they are top-notch and delicious. Fudge Brownie Shake, Chocolate Avalanche, and Ferrero Rocher Milkshake are very good.

cg road19.Gwalia

It is one of the trending places in this region. The food and the ambiance are very good. The staff is courteous and welcomes you with smiling faces. They pay special heed to the presentation of food which makes it even more lip-smacking.

gwalia (1)


The ambiance of the place is eye catching and the taste of the food is great. It is a perfect food joint to try South Indian cuisine. Malabar Paratha, Payasam, and mutton preparations are really good.