Top 20 Restaurants In Piplod Night Bazaar, Gujarat


Piplod Night Bazaar is one of the famous late-night street food streets in Surat, Gujarat. It is a favorite spot for all the bikers in and around the place. It is a paradise for all the people who roam around at night and want to enjoy spicy and flavorful street food.  SMC Night Bazaar food court is one of the famous places here and has a variety of shops selling a variety of dishes.

1SMC Night Bazaar Food Court

It is a culmination of all the different shops serving quality and flavorful food. It is like a multi-cuisine restaurant but with other sections. You should visit this place for sure whenever you visit this place. Some of the most loved dishes here are the God Father Pizza, Sandwiches, and Chinese delicacies.

Night-food-bazar-surat-22Night Bazaar

It is a hotspot for all the youngsters, especially the riders, because the food is flavorful, spicy, and economical. They have a variety of dishes, and people from any taste genre would love this place. The best sellers here are the Pizza, Noodles, and shakes.

43Lababdar’s Bistro

It is wonderful place to try both desi and western appetizers. The taste is delicious and the staff is co-operative and decent. They will suggest you some food according to your food preferences. Their signature dishes are the Peri Peri Paneer Tikka, Mysore Dosa, and Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich.

54Crysttal Palace

It is one of the liveliest places in this area. Although Piplod bazaar is more famous for its street food but it is one of those luxury places which you can try occasionally. They have disco seating as well where you can enjoy yourself with your friends.

crysstal5Seven Kings Food Fantasy

It is another fast food restaurant serving some mouth-watering snacks. The owner is user-friendly, and the ambiance is cozy and friendly. They have a different column for their signature dishes which are must-try and delicious.


Another wonderful shop for trying delicious snacks. They have a variety of Pav Bhaji, Garlic Bread, Rice, Rolls, Fries, Sandwich, Pizza, and Burgers. The food is not too oily and spicy, and even children will enjoy eating at this place.

garlic bread7Den’s Pizza

It is one of the best pizzerias of this area and they serve delicious pizzas. The base of the pizza is slightly different and is heavily loaded with toppings and sauces. Some of the best pizzas here are the Margherita and Veggie Supreme Pizza.

dens pizza8Singh Saab Di Rasoi

The place is greatly influenced by cultural traditions and customs. The ambiance is pretty authentic and refreshing. It is basically known for traditional Punjabi cuisine but Chinese is also great. Some of their best sellers are the Patiyala Lassi, Chicken Tikka, and Paranthas.

69Geetha Restaurant

It is one of the popular franchises in Gujarat because of the amazing food, taste, and service. The ambiance is decent and the service is good as well. They have Jain food option, which makes it more flexible and dominating in the food industry.

710Sai Paratha

A wonderful option for all the parantha lovers. They have a variety of parathas that are cooked to perfection. The flavor and spices are authentic and finger-licking. Aloo Paratha, and Gobi Cheese Paratha are some of the best dishes here.


It is one of the famous and iconic shops serving quality juices, ice creams, shakes, and other desserts. The taste is wonderful and refreshing and the best part is that it is quite filling. They have been able to maintain their quality over the past few years, and we hope them to continue to do the same.


It is one of the trending food joints in Piplod Bazar, and their quality is best. Nothing is ordinary about this place because it seems there is a lot of thought behind this restaurant which is evident from the quality they serve.

mk13Bombay to Goa

It is another popular food joint in Piplod Bazaar serving quality starters and beverages. It is rated very high among the locals, and you will have a wonderful time here. The taste is quite good, and food is not too oily which is the best part.

1014Seven Kings Food Fantasy

It is one of the best shops in Piplod Bazaar and is popular for their Chinese delicacies. The desi Chinese concept of this restaurant is loved by all. Manchow Soup, Manchurian, and Fried Rice are some of the popular dishes.

seven-kings-food-fantasy15Patiala Shahi Tandoori Night

They provide an array of Punjabi dishes as well as other cuisines. The kebabs are smoky, fresh, and juicy and go pretty well with the chutney. Some of the popular dishes are the Cheese Chicken Tikka, Chicken Biryani, and Chicken Masala.

1216Spice Villa


It is one of the premium locations in this area and the food is amazing. They have a separate action for small kids, which make the work of parents very easy. The staff is well behaved and gives good suggestions. North Indian Cuisine and Brownie are served best here.

spice villa17Sizzling Salsa

It is located close to Rajhans theatre at Piplod and the food is amazing and delicious. The backbone of this restaurant is the sizzling hot sizzlers and brownie. The ambiance is pretty cool and energetic too.

1318Kailash Parbat

They have limited options of food, but the taste is great. They have combo meal options as well and their chaats are extraordinary. The ambiance is an ordinary and decent place to enjoy with your friends.

1419Crystal Café

It is a decent café with good array of dishes. The taste of the food is authentic. The owner is nice and gives good suggestions. The Coffee is very good and one can have a wonderful time over the coffee along with some complimentary starters.

1520Masala Canteen

They have good food options and the ambiance is pretty decent as well. The hygiene of the place is maintained properly. Some of the popular dishes are the Kebabs, Biryani, and Malai Tikka.