Top 20 Restaurants In Shamli, Uttar Pradesh

Top 20 Restaurants In Shamli Uttar Pradesh
Top 20 Restaurants In Shamli Uttar Pradesh

Shamli is a small city and the headquarters of Shamli district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is also a part of Delhi-NCR and is an administrative subdivision under Saharanpur District. It has a total population of 107,233 as per the census of 2011. Though it is a small city and has restaurants located throughout the city serving different food items, finding those places that would actually meet people’s expectations is difficult. After selecting the top 20 restaurants that serve tasty and delightful recipes without compromising quality, we have made a list of them below.

1.Vrindavan Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best among the others in this locality. This place has great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve tasty and good quality work. They serve all the Indian dishes that one can have for proper filling meals.

Location: ST tiraha, Near Police Chowki Banat, Shamli

Vrindavan Restaurant

2.Grand Rama’s Bistro Restro And Café

It is a beautiful family restaurant with a unique and excellent menu. They serve top quality food that tastes heavenly delicious. The ram bistro special paneer, navratan korma, are the best among vegetables. The dahi ke sholay is lip-smacking in taste. It opens at 11 AM.

Location: CCS Road, Shamli

Grand Ramas Bistro Restro and Cafe

3.Brand And Grand Pizza

This is a small pizza restaurant in the town. The pizzas are fresh, hot, and delicious in taste. The Brand and grand chef’s special pizza and garlic bread are must-try recipes. They serve various pizzas of different toppings that are loaded with cheese.

Location: Subhash Chowk Choti, Shamli

Brand and Grand Pizza

4.Choti Haveli

This is a fine-dining restaurant serving delicious tandoori roti, roomali roti, laccha paratha, along with tasty gravy curries like kofta. They also serve a special Sheer that costs Rs.50 per cup. It is active from 10 AM to 10:30 PM.

Location: Bus stand, Saharanpur-Delhi Road, Shamli

Choti Haveli

5.Shri Gopal Vaishno Bhojanalya

It is an excellent restaurant for vegetarians as they serve delicious varieties of dishes at their premises. Their menu includes everything ranging from simple dal-roti to proper huge thali that is filling. This restaurant is open from 10 AM to 11 PM.

Location: Ajanta Chowk, Saharanpur-Delhi Road, Shamli


6.Italico’s Pizza Café

It is a small, simple pizzeria with seating arrangements. They serve various kinds of pizza like capsicum pizza, mixed veg pizza, etc. Apart from pizza, they also serve burgers and garlic bread, which is highly recommended. They begin their service from 11AM in the morning.

Location: Near Bank of Baroda, Shamli

Italicos Pizza Cafe

7.The Pizza Theatre

This place is specialized in serving tandoori pizza that is loaded with cheese and vegetables. They also serve cheesy white sauce pasta, garlic bread, Queen burger. The pizza corn flavour is highly recommended.

Location: Hanuman Road, Shamli

The Pizza Theatre

8.Govindam Restaurant

It is an excellent place to enjoy every kind of meal ranging from snacks to proper lunch meals. Their menu includes dishes like chole bhature, French fries, paneer tikka, etc. The quality is excellent, and even quantity is worth the price. This restaurant opens from 9 AM onwards.

Location: National Highway 709AD, Shamli

Govindam Restaurant

9.Milan Point

It is a busy place famous among the locals. Their menu includes dishes from Chinese and Indian cuisine. The dosa, chowmein, dahi puri are some of the highly recommended dishes. They also offer some delicious sweets that would please you.

Location: near Hanuman Tila, Shamli

Milan Point

10.Sachdeva Chole Bhature

As the name suggests, this place offers delicious Chole bhature that is quite famous among the locals. The bhature are soft and crispy served hot. Chole are of moderate spices, tasting delightful. The quantity offered is good at a reasonable price.

Location: Vijay Chowk, Shamli

Sachdeva Chole Bhature

11.Raj Elpine Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant serving dishes from different Indian Cuisine. The chole bhature served at this outlet are lip-smacking in taste and an ideal dish to order in breakfast. You can also get proper lunch meals at this place.

Location: Shivaji Park Colony, Shamli

Raj Elpine Restaurant

12.Vip Dosa Café

Though this place is specialized in preparing dosa, but they never disappoint their customers with the taste of their other preparations as well. The masala dosa is the best-selling item here. Apart from that, tandoori momos and butter pav bhaji are fantastic in taste. This place offers dishes from 10 AM.

Location: Dhimanpura, opposite Hp Petrol Pump, Shamli

VipDosa Cafe

13.Vip Pizza Hut

This outlet is a small place serving tasty cheesy pizza that would not disappoint you with the taste. They also serve burgers, chowmein, cakes at their premises. The size of the pizza is also appreciable.

Location: Dhimanpura, Near Arya Samaj Mandir, Shamli

Vip Pizza Hut

14.Dreams Café

It is a nice place offering dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve recipes like dal makhani, paneer vegetables, soft rotis, mixed veg, etc. All preparations are tasty and satisfying. It opens at 8 AM and closes at 8:30 PM .

Location: Majra Road, near Andhra Bank, Shamli

Dreams Cafe

15.Vegan Food Planet

It is a modern Indian restaurant consisting of dishes from Indian and Italian cuisines on their menu. The Italian dishes are tasty and loaded with cheese in them. The pizza and loaded fries are a treat to the cheese lovers. Also,  the oreo shake is a must-try.

Location: V.P Complex, Near M.Nager Bus Stand, Shamli

Vegan Food Planet

16.Shakti Sweets And Restaurant

It is a vegetarian restaurant serving varieties of sweets along with snacks and meals. They serve samosas, burgers, chowmein to the customers, all of them being prepared freshly and are hot. It is active from 7 AM from 9 PM.

Location: State Highway 82, Dayanand Nagar, Shamli

Shakti Sweets and Restaurant

17.Happy Hours Café

It is a café consisting of dishes prominently from Chinese cuisine and others as well. The spring rolls are crispy and stuffed nicely served along with spicy chilli sauce. The noodles are excellent and delightful. You can visit this place with friends to hang out.

Location: V.V Inter College Road, Near Reliance trends, Shamli

Happy Hours Cafe

18.Biggies Pizza

It is one of the most lavish and elegant restaurants in this town. They are specialized in pizzas and they are simply amazing, and worth craving for. The kaju casatta pastry is moist and super tasty. They also serve biryani and cheese salami at their premises.

Location: Opposite Lavanya Banquets, Kairana-Panipat Road, Shamli

Biggies Pizza

19.Da Gross Café

It is a fast-food restaurant, which is an ideal place to hang out with friends. Their menu includes varieties of pizzas and burgers along with cold drinks. The pizza crust is thick and crispy that is loaded with cheese and veggies.

Location: Shamli Rural, Uttar Pradesh

Da Gross Cafe

20.Chai Sutta Bar

It is a fast-food restaurant popular for offering flavored coffee and tea along with snacks like sandwiches, garlic bread, sweet corn, etc. The tea is served in kulhad, which makes it more appealing. The café opens at 10 AM and provides service till 11 PM.

Location: Hanuman Tila Road, Shamli

Chai Sutta Bar