Top 20 Restaurants Near Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Top 20 Restaurants Near Solang Valley Himachal Pradesh
Top 20 Restaurants Near Solang Valley Himachal Pradesh

Solang Valley gets its name from a combination of two words: Solang, which means “nearby village,” and Nallah, which means “water stream.” It is a side valley at the top of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh on the way to Rohtang Pass. The sports that are offered here are parachuting, paragliding, skating, and zorbing. This valley is the most visited place by tourists when they visit Manali. There are many sports activities available along with the beautiful view of the town. There are many small and good restaurants near this valley where you can munch or take a tea break in between your adventurous sports activities. We have listed some of them below on the basis of the food they offer.

1.Solang Holiday Restaurant

It is a stay cum food restaurant near the valley. They serve good quality food in reasonable portions that taste excellent. They serve meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner to their guests. They also provide hill station special recipes. It provides service from 8 AM to 10:30 PM.

Location: Solang Valley, Solang

Solang Holiday Restaurant

2.Rozi’s Café

It is one of the best eating joints at Solang Valley. They have many options for vegetarians also, among which the veg sizzler is lip-smacking in taste. They also serve starter dishes at a reasonable price.

Location: Solang Valley, Solang, Manali

Rozis Cafe

3.Italian Pizza Hut

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant, also serving food without onion and garlic. They serve various local dishes of the city like siddu. Apart from that, they serve Indian meals like Rajma Chawal, onion paratha. You can visit this place for breakfast and enjoy some warm lemon tea.

Location: Solang Valley, Solang

Italian Pizza HutItalian Pizza Hut

4.Delhi Royal Hospitality

This place is quite famous among visitors and tourists when it comes to wholesome meals for lunch. Even the simplest dish like chapatti and dal is delicious and satisfying. They also have athali option for its guests.

Location: Solang Valley, Burwa

Delhi Royal Hospitality

5.Man Vs Miles

It is a beautiful dine-in restaurant with a beautiful view of the surroundings. They serve various meals, snacks, and hill station recipes to enjoy in the cold climate of the town. You can enjoy any dish of your choice at this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Location: Solang, Himachal Pradesh

man vs miles

6.Jai Mahalaxmi Dhaba

It is a pretty good restaurant serving delicious items from Punjabi cuisine. They serve almost all dishes like dal makhani, tandoori roti, saag, and many other Punjabi food items.

Location: Solang valley, Solang, Himachal Pradesh

Jai Mahaluxmi Dhaba

7.Singh’s Kitchen Dhaba

It is a simple and small Indian restaurant that serves delicious items from Indian cuisine. They serve amazing gravy curries, biryani, and tandoori items. This place is owned by two amazing people providing you with great hospitality and food for sure.

Location: Solang Valley, near Solang Resort, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Singhs Kitchen Dhaba

8.Himalayan Dhaba

It is a restaurant which is located at a place from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the town. It is mainly a Dhaba style restaurant serving food tasting exactly what you get on a Dhaba. The taste is lip-smacking and delightful.

Location: Solang valley, Solang, Himachal Pradesh

Himalayan Dhaba

9.Sanggel Dhaba

This restaurant serves delicacies like paratha with butter, fried rice with butter, curries, etc. The best serving is aloo pyaaz paratha which is nicely stuffed and cooked. It is a small Dhaba, which is perfect for taking a tea break in the cold climate of the town. It closes by 9 PM.

Location: Solang Valley, Solang, Himachal Pradesh


10.Puljoom Dhaba

This is a little, straightforward restaurant with few seats in an open area. They serve food for lunch and dinner like dal, roti, rice, vegetables, salad. Also, you can get breakfast options here that you can enjoy with warm tea. This place opens at 8 AM.

Location: Solang, Himachal Pradesh

Puljoom Dhaba

11.Rinku Dhaba

This dhaba style restaurant serves top-quality food to its guests. The dishes they serve include proper lunch meals like dal, roti, rice and also a little bit of snacks option to enjoy for quick bites.

Location: Solang, Himachal Pradesh

Rinku Dhaba

12.Binda Tea Stall

No, doubt Maggie is the most favorite dish of everyone when visiting hill stations. This stall in town serves delicious Maggie that is suitable to eat in the cold climate. Also, the tea they serve is also very tasty and different from that served at other places. It closes by 5 PM.

Location: Solang Valley Road, near ATV booiKing centre, Burwa, Himachal Pradesh

Binda Tea Stall

13.Silver Spoon

This outlet serves delicacies that have an authentic Ludhianvi taste. They serve delicious food items like kebabs, biryani, parathas, dal tadka, afghani items, tandoori items, etc. This place is open for 24 hours.

Location: P.O.Palchan, near Solang Valley

Silver Spoon

14.The Gazebo

This restaurant is popular among the locals and visitors for its delicious Italian food. They have a wooden oven and make crisp and tasty pizzas in it. Even all other Italian recipes served here is delicious, like pasta, spaghetti. This place opens at 12 PM, and is a good option to visit for lunch or dinner.

Location: Solang Valley, P.O Palchan, Burwa, Himachal Pradesh

The Gazebo

15.Valentino’s Cooking With Herbs

It is a delightful and happy place for Italian food lovers, who do not want to compromise on taste and waste their money.  Their menu consists of dishes like pizza, cheesecake, tiramisu, baked food etc. this place opens at 11 AM and is a perfect option for brunch.

Location: Solang Valley, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Valentinos Cooking With Herbs


They serve delicious food items like spicy veg pizza, honey chilli potato, veg spring roll, vegetable biryani, dum aloo, all of them being excellent in taste. They also serve various desserts like butterscotch and strawberry ice cream, with bournvita powder sprinkled on top. It opens at 8 AM in the morning.

Location: Solang Valley, P.O Palchan, Burwa, Himachal Pradesh


17.Chandigarh Café

It is a small and simple café with well-maintained cleanliness. They serve Chinese starters, Indian meals, and desserts at their premises. The noodles are tasty with moderate spices added. The gravy curries have a good texture and taste.

Location: Solang Valley, Solang, Himachal Pradesh

Chandigarh Cafe

18.Ronin’s Bistro

It is a highly recommended café near Solang Valley, where you get lip-smacking food and the spectacular views. They serve veg sandwiches, cappuccinos, and Ice tea.  The carrot cake is a delicious dessert served here. It opens at 1PM.

Location: end of the road Majhach Village, Majach

Ronins Bistro

19.Royal Heritage Camps

It is a good place serving tangy and tasty bhel and other breakfast options to try with a cup of hot tea. The bhel is spicy and flavorful, consisting of chopped vegetables and added lemon juice. It opens at 10 AM.

Location: near Solang Activity Ground, Burwa

Royal Heritage Camps

20.Hotel Adventure Valley

This restaurant is surrounded by mountains and is in a peaceful place. They have proper rooftop dining arrangements and serve delicious meals for dinner like dal makhani, paneer varieties, and bread.

Location: Near Solang ropeway, Solang, Himachal Pradesh

Hotel Adventure Valley