Top 20 Restaurants In Soyagaon, Malegaon

top 20 restaurants in soyagon malegon

Malegaon is a city in Nashik district in Maharashtra, India. It is also a municipal corporation and is located on the banks of river Mosam. The villages near the Malegaon are the significant producers of Onion and significantly indulged in agriculture. The majority of people here is Muslims and follows a Non-Vegetarian food culture. Malegaon Fort and the Malegaon hill station are popular places to visit here. The food culture here is highly dominated by street food. Vada Pav, Samosa, Sandwiches, Mung Bhaji, and more are the delicious dishes here. Sabudana Khichdi is the specialty of Malegaon.

1. The Bawarchi’s Multicuisine Restaurant And Cafe

It serves Chinese, Italian, North Indian, and fast food delicacies with flavorful beverages. Honey Chilli Potato, Cheese Loaded Nachos, Burnt Garlic Noodles, Hakka Noodles, Manchow Soup, Fried Momos, and Litchi Strawberry Mojito are the menu highlights here. It includes a fantastic ambiance and marvelous interiors to dine in.


2. Family Cake & Coffee

It has a casual dining place and is a nice place for dining with kids. It caters to South Indian, Chinese, and fast food dishes to visitors with delicious beverages. It includes a takeaways facility. The food packaging here is hygienic and the food comes at a pocket-friendly budget.

2 Family Cake Coffee

3. Bobby’s Restaurant

It’s a vegetarian restaurant that caters to South Indian, Maharashtrian, Chinese, and North Indian dishes with delectable beverages and Desserts. It’s famous dishes include Masala Papad, Pav Bhaji, Paneer Tikka, Manchow Soup, Soyabean Chilli, and more. It has lovely interiors and a beautiful dining space with a calm environment.

3 Bobbys Restaurant

4. Abhinandan Fast Food Corner

It caters to Maharashtrian fast food cuisines to its visitors. It has a peaceful environment and a usual dining ambiance. The food quality here is delectable and it serves food at reasonable price. It has a friendly and skillful staff that has amazing experience in food presentation.

4 Abhinandan Fast Food Corner

5. Kitchen County

This is a Biryani restaurant that serves finger-licking Biryani, fast food, Kebab, and Italian cuisines with delicious Desserts. It includes a casual dining area with a cozy seating arrangement. The staff here is polite and humble with customers, and it provides excellent catering services and fresh packaging of food.

5 Kitchen County

6. Arogya Tandoor Vadapav and Chai

This restaurant is famous for serving fast food to the customers. Its favorite dishes are Tandoor Vadapav, Sandwiches, and delicious Chai. It has formal seating area and a lively atmosphere to dig in. It includes a well-mannered and cordial staff. The services here are punctual and liable.

6 Arogya Tandoor Vadapav and Chai

7. Shivam Hotel

It’s a breakfast restaurant that serves mouth-watering breakfast dishes such as Pakoras, Kachori, Imarti, and many more. It is a fine dining restaurant, has a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the food here. It includes a gentle and polite staff and it provides convenient services to customers.

7 Shivam Hotel

8. Umesh South Indian Dishes

It’s a South Indian restaurant and an excellent place for enjoying South Indian dishes. It has a casual outdoor seating arrangement and an open-air environment to dine in. Its staff is gentle and friendly with customers, and its catering services are superb and timely. It facilitates excellent food packaging.

8 Umesh South Indian Dishes

9. Hunger Hub Café

It is a fine dining café that serves lip-smacking Chinese and Italian cuisines with delectable soft drinks. It includes a beautiful indoor seating space and lovely dining interiors. It is a fabulous place for throwing small parties with friends. The food here is delicious and has incredible quality. It has a pleasant and decent staff.

9 Hunger Hub Cafe

10. Foodies Restaurant

This is an Indian restaurant that offers Chinese, North Indian, Maharashtrian, and Italian dishes to visitors. French Fries, Burgers, Hakka Noodles, Tomato Soup, and Tandoori Butter Roti are the some famous dishes here. It includes a lively atmosphere and an air-conditioned environment with modern interiors to dine in.


11. Meilleure

It caters to North Indian, fast food, and Chinese cuisines. Veg Crispy Lollipop, Veg Manchurian, Veg Cheese Grilled, Dahi Ke Shole, Jaipuri Papad, and Honey Chilli Potato are the favorite words here. It has fantastic interiors and a beautiful rooftop seating area with a pleasant environment to dine in. The staff here is decent and professional.

11 Meilleure

12. Hotel Aalishan

It is a family restaurant that offers North Indian and Maharashtrian delicacies to customers. It has a casual dining space and a comfortable indoor seating with a calm ambiance. It has a polite and friendly staff that provides excellent catering services to customers. A takeaways facility is available.


13. Aalloo Katta

It is a fast food restaurant famous for serving finger-licking Maharashtrian fast food dishes to its visitors. Vada Pav is the food specialty here. It has a simple dining and a peaceful ambiance. The staff here is cordial and pleasant with customers, and it facilitates fast home deliveries and fresh takeaways for customers.

13 Aalloo Katta

14. Maitree Food Corner

It’s a fast-food restaurant that serves delicious Maharashtrian and fast food cuisines to its visitors. It has a beautiful retro ambiance and a lovely outdoor seating area is available to enjoy the food here. It includes an elegant and well-behaved staff that provides punctual services to its customers.

14 Maitree Food Corner

15. Majesty Veg Restaurant

It’s a renowned vegetarian restaurant that offers North Indian, Chinese, fast food, Maharashtrian, and delectable Indian cuisines with delicious beverages. Its menu highlights include Paneer Maratha, Yogita Shegar, Veg Schezwan Fried Rice, and many more dishes. It has a large indoor seating facility with an air-conditioned environment to dig in.

15 Majesty Veg Restaurant

16. Hunger Out Pizza Malegaon

This restaurant serves delicious fast food, Chinese, Indian, and Italian cuisines. It has a marvelous ambiance and a relaxed indoor dining area. The food quality here is hygienic that valued for money. The food here is available at friendly budget. The services here are outstanding and timely.

16 Hunger Out Pizza Malegaon

17. Hotel Mangaldip

It is a Chinese restaurant better known for catering to North Indian, Chinese, and Maharashtrian delicacies to its visitors. It has a formal indoor seating room with a calm atmosphere and a lively environment to dine in. The staff here is courteous and humble. It provides liable and superb services to its customers. Fresh takeaways are available.

17 Hotel Mangaldip

18. 60 Feet Corner Canteen

This restaurant is famous for serving lip-smacking Chinese cuisines. Dry Manchurian, Gravy Manchurian, and delicious fusion Noodles. It has an awesome environment and a beautiful dining atmosphere. It is an amazing place to dine out with friends and for partying. The food quality here is good and the food packaging is fresh that worth the money.

18 60 Feet Corner Canteen

19. Hotel Sukhsagar

It’s a Dhaba outlet that includes an ample outdoor seating arrangement for its customers to dine in. It is famous for serving mouth-watering Chinese delicacies. The staff here is friendly and prompt in providing speedy and timely services to visitors. It endues a hygienic food packaging, and takeouts facility.

19 Hotel Sukhsagar

20. Thunder World Juice Bar and Snacks

It is a fast-food restaurant, better known for serving mouth-watering Chinese, Italian, Maharashtrian, and Indian delicacies with appetizing beverages. Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich, Country Zest Pizza, Paneer Tikka Masala Pizza, and Pineapple Juice are the favorite dishes here. It includes a modern décor environment and a cheerful dining atmosphere.

20 Thunder World Juice Bar and Snacks