Top 20 Restaurants In Jalgaon, Maharashtra

top 20 restaurants in jalgon maharastra

Jalgaon is a city located in North Maharashtra, a state in India. It serves as the administrative headquarters of Jalgaon district. It is better known for producing gold in the city. It is known as the Gold city because it is said to have the best quality of gold. Apart from this, it is famous for Bananas. Mehrun Lake, Mahatma Gandhi Garden, Icchapurti Ganesh Mandir, Shivdham Mandir, and Balsankar Bal Udyan are prominent places to visit here. Khandeshi Style Buttermilk, Vaangi Bharat, Khandeshi Khichdi, Eggplant Bhaji, Tomato Bhaji, Jalebi, Imarti, and Chakli are the favorite dishes here.

1. Pakwan Palace

It is an Indian restaurant famous for catering to delicious Indian traditional and North Indian delicacies to visitors. It has a wide dining area and a large indoor seating arrangement. The staff here is polite, and provides quick and responsive services to the customers. Home deliveries and takeaways are available.

1Pakwan Palace

2. Uttam Bhoj

It is a Rajasthani restaurant that serves Pure Vegetarian, North Indian, Gujarati, Punjabi, Jain, Rajasthani, and South Indian cuisines. It facilitates Jain-friendly food, and Buffet. Prompt home deliveries, and new takeaways. It has modern interiors and a wonderful dining area. It includes a decent and skillful staff.

2 Uttam Bhoj

3. Tandoor Restaurant, Jalgaon

It caters to delicious Tandoori, Chinese, Modern Indian, and barbeque delicacies to visitors. It has an aristocratic and a décor ambiance with a magnificent dining atmosphere. This is an excellent place for dining out with family, and celebrating occasions with large groups. It provides prompt food deliveries and hygienic takeaways. The staff here is experienced and professional.

3 Uttam Bhoj

4. Minar Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant that offers North Indian, South Indian, and finger-licking Maharashtrian cuisines to its customers. It has beautiful indoor seating arrangements and unique interiors to dine in. Chicken Butter Milk, Tandoori Roti, Chicken Crispy, Chicken Barbeque, Amritsari Kabab, and Lemon Chilli Kabab are the dishes in demand here.

4 Minar Restaurant

5. 19 The Lounge

It offers Barbeque, Modern Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. It is a lounge and a restaurant that has a casual dining and a large indoor seating arrangement to dig in. It facilitates private dining, live entertainment, and a wide parking area. It includes décor interiors and a fancy crowd ambiance.

5 19 The Lounge

6. Grappe’s Restro & Bar

It has an aristocratic environment to dine in with an ample seating area and a luxurious atmosphere. It caters to North Indian, Multicuisine, Tandoori, Non-Veg, Indian, and Chinese delicacies to its visitors. It has fantastic interiors and a beautiful ambiance. It includes an air-conditioned environment and a cozy dining atmosphere.

6 Grappes Restro Bar

7. Hotel Step Inn

It is a family restaurant better known for serving Maharashtrian, South Indian, American, Modern Indian, North Indian, and Continental cuisines. It has a casual dining and beautiful interiors to dine in. It’s an excellent place for dining with family and friends. It provides prompt services and timely home deliveries.

7 Hotel Step Inn

8. Gokul Hotel

It’s a vegetarian restaurant that caters to Chinese, Maharashtrian, and North Indian delicacies to its visitors. Paneer Butter Masala, Kaju Curry, Veg Kolhapuri, Malai Kofta, Dal Khichdi, Paneer Rajwadi, and Paneer Garlic Naan are the menu highlights here. It has a superb ambiance and a cozy indoor seating area to enjoy the food here.

8 Gokul Hotel

9. Vrinndavan Restaurant

This is a vegetarian restaurant famous for offering North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, and Maharashtrian delicacies to customers. It has a magnificent dining arrangement and delightful interiors with a luxurious atmosphere. It is a fantastic place to dine with family and party with large groups.

9 Vrinndavan Restaurant

10. Sayali Restaurant

It is a South Indian restaurant that caters to mouth-watering South Indian and fast food dishes to visitors. It has a beautiful atmosphere and a lovely dining arrangement with a cheerful environment. The staff here is managerial and gentle with customers, and provides excellent catering services with prompt food deliveries.

10 Sayali Restaurant

11. Rasika Restaurant

It’s a vegetarian restaurant famous for serving Punjabi, Jain, Multicuisine, fast food, North Indian, Biryani, Chinese, and Pure Vegetarian dishes. It’s a quick bite outlet and a restaurant that includes an amazing indoor seating space with an elegant dining ambiance. The staff here is friendly and well-mannered, and the services here are incredible.

11 Rasika Restaurant

12. Hotel Rasoi

It offers Biryani, North Indian, Chinese, Maharashtrian, and Fast food dishes to customers. It has a lovely atmosphere and beautiful décor interiors to dine in. It has a decent staff that provides fast and liable services to visitors. It endues timely home deliveries and fresh takeouts to its visitors.

12 Hotel Rasoi

13. Hotel Gulshan-e-Hind

It is a Mughlai restaurant that caters to Chinese, Biryani, Maharashtrian, Kebab, Malwani, North Indian, and Hyderabadi delicacies to the customers. It has a casual dining and formal interiors to enjoy the food here. The food quality here is delicious and fresh, and its food packaging is superb.

13 Hotel Gulshan e Hind

14. Shamiyana Only Veg Bar Family Restaurant

It is a themed restaurant with beautiful and illuminated dining environment. It serves delicious North Indian and fast food delicacies to visitors. Its favorite dishes include Paneer Satay, Roasted Chana Masala, Butter Paneer Masala, Papad Hungama, Paneer Rolls, Veg Tirnga, and many more. It provides delicious and fresh takeaways facility to its clients.

14 Shamiyana Only Veg Bar Family Restaurant

15. Hotel Kanhaiya Kunj

It is a fine dining Indian restaurant that serves Biryani, North Indian, and Chinese delicacies to customers. Kaju Paneer Masala, Shev Sabji, Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Angara, and Paneer Handi are the famous dishes here. It includes a formal indoor seating arrangement and a relaxed dining environment.

15 Hotel Kanhaiya Kunj

16. Veg Aroma

This is a vegetarian restaurant, caters to Punjabi, North Indian, and Chinese cuisines to its customers. Masala Cheese Khakra, Butter Naan, Masala Papad, Veg Manchow Soup, Paneer Lucknowi, Kaju Masala, and Sindhi Papad are the favorite words here. It has a beautiful dining environment and a décor indoor seating area.

16 Veg Aroma

17. Sulax The Fast Food

It caters to Chinese, Fast food, North Indian, Maharashtrian, and South Indian delicacies to visitors. It has a casual indoor seating space and a superb dining area. The staff here is polite and responsive, and it provides timely food deliveries to customers. It includes providing hygienic takeaways and excellent services.

17 Sulax The Fast Food

18. OMI’s Dum Biryani House

It is a Hyderabadi restaurant and a quick bite outlet that serves North Indian, Biryani, and Hyderabadi dishes. It has an outdoor seating arrangement with a lively dining atmosphere. The food quality here is fresh and comes at reasonable price. The food here is value for money, and the staff here is decent that provides excellent services.

18 OMIs Dum Biryani House

19. Hotel Dwarka

It is a Non-Vegetarian restaurant that serves delicious Biryani, Hyderabadi, fast food, Maharashtrian, and Chinese cuisines. It includes an ample seating arrangement and a lovely dining ambiance with a friendly atmosphere. It has a well-behaved and friendly staff that provides quick home deliveries, and excellent food packaging.

19 Hotel Dwarka

20. Hotel Basuri

This restaurant is better known for offering Pure Vegetarian, Punjabi, South Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, Mughlai, and many more delicacies. It includes a formal seating space and a magnificent atmosphere with lovely interiors to dine in. It has a cordial and managerial staff, and it is excellent in providing catering services.

20 Hotel Basuri