Top 20 Restaurants In Udupi, Karnataka

Top 20 Restaurants In Udupi Karnataka
Top 20 Restaurants In Udupi Karnataka

Udupi, also called Odipu, is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is situated about 55 km north of the commercial and industrial hub of Mangalore and about 422 km west of the state capital, Bangalore, by road. The term “Udupi” is synonymous with vegetarian food and is now found worldwide. The origin of the cuisine is linked to Krishna Math. Lord Krishna is offered food of different varieties every day at this place. The cuisine was developed by the Shivali Madhwa Brahmins, who cooked food for Lord Krishna. So, we have listed a few restaurants below where you can enjoy the Udupi cuisine.

1.Sagar Ratna

It is a long-standing restaurant offering plant-based South Indian Cuisine in a low-key dining room. It is an excellent option if you want to have lunch or dinner. The Mysore masala dosa and paneer ghee roast are a must-try recipe. The gadbad ice cream is delicious.

Location: Udupi-Manipal Highway, Kunjibettu, Udupi, Karnataka

Sagar Ratna


It has been an excellent food joint serving people since the year 1924. The dishes are fabulous in taste and quality. They serve a special sweet on Sunday called ‘Chandrahara sweet’, which is delicious.  The dish named as chow chow bath and Bisi Bele Bath are a must-try.

Location: near Govinda Kalyana Mantapa, Kinnimulki, Udupi, Karnataka


3.Kediyoor Gazebo

The starters and main course meals served at this outlet are fantastic. The tandoori items and ghee roast dishes are authentic sand tasty. The Cinderella mocktail is tasty and worth tasting. It opens from 11 AM to 4 PM and then reopens at 6:30 PM in the evening.

Location: Brahmagiri, Udupi, Karnataka

Kediyoor Gazebo

4.Woodland Restaurant

It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves special south Indian thali and bread masala. The dosa prepared in ghee is tasty and a healthy option. The mini gudbad ice cream is a perfect choice to complete one’s meal. They serve many other cuisines also at their premises.

Location: Dr. U.R. Rao Complex, near Shri Krishna Matha, Thenkapet, Udupi, Karnataka.

Woodland Restaurant


This restaurant serves gravies having the flavour of coconut in them, which enhances their taste. They offer pulao, matka biryani, tikka masala, raja masala papa, spring rolls, and many other items at this place. The blue moon Belgian white mocktail is delicious and a must-try.

Location: Comfort Towers, Opposite Kalpana Theatre, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka


6.Hotel Swaadisht

It is a straightforward yet elegant chain outlet serving Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Their menu consists of tandoori items, biryani, manchow soup, paneer tikka, etc. The swadist special thali is delicious and highly recommended if you want to have lunch.

Location: Bannanje opposite Vijaya Bank, Udupi, Karnataka

Hotel Swaadisht


This restaurant serves delicious ghee roast items and tandoori items that would definitely satiate your taste buds. They also serve biryani of authentic taste. They provide service from 12 PM to 10:30 Pm.

Location: Kalpana Residency, UpendraBaug, Udupi, Karnataka


8.Dawath Family Restaurant

They serve tandoori items, biryani, main course meals, fried rice, daal fry, south Indian veg meals. All the south Indian meals are fantastic in taste and have authentic flavours. This place is active from 12 PM to 10:30 PM.

Location: IDSMT Building, Service Bus Stand, K.M. Marg, Udupi, Karnataka

Dawath Family Restaurant

9.Café 7 Bees

It is an excellent place to hang out with friends as this place serves some amazing collection of starters. They serve veg cutlet, paneer pizza, bread masala, cheese nachos, paneer Maggie, combo fried rice, etc., at their outlet. The oreo chocolate frappe is fantastic in taste.

Location: K M Road, MarutguVeethika, Udupi, Karnataka

Cafe 7 Bees

10.Namaskara Pure Veg Restaurant

This restaurant serves varieties of north Indian and south Indian dishes along with some unique recipes. The north Indian special thali is pretty famous of this place among locals. Titanic ice cream and banana split are some unique desserts served here. They also serve pani puri, which is quite good in taste.

Location: Sri Sai Palace, near Jayalakshmi Skills, Udyavara, Karnataka

Namaskara Pure Veg Restaurant

11.CTF Udupi

It is a fast-food restaurant serving veg cheese sandwiches, burgers, maharaja club sandwiches, veggie crunch pizzas, and many more delicious items. The choco brownie and royal falooda are good options to satiate your cravings for sweets.

Location: KaviMuddanna Marg, Thenkpete, MaruthiVeethika, Udupi, Karnataka

CTF Udupi

12.Cafiya Restaurant

This restaurant is solely dedicated in offering biryani to their guests. Their biryani is quite famous among the locals. Apart from that, dal fry, curd rice, and chana masala are good options to try, especially for vegetarians. This place closes by 10 PM.

Location: Rukmini Residency, MaruthiVeethika Road, Thenkpete, Udupi, Karnataka

Cafiya Restaurant

13.Gokul Krishna

It is a vegetarian restaurant serving various combos like veg fried rice combo and veg biryani combo. The north Indian Deluxe veg thali is tasty and has lots of varieties. Aloo puri and keser special ice cream are also very delicious. They offer a various south Indian dishes too.

Location: Brahmigiri, Udupi, Karnataka

Gokul Krishna

14.Hotel New Shanthi Sagar

It is a south Indian restaurant offering Mysore masala dosa, which is quite large in size. They also offer various north Indian dishes like thali, pani puri, paratha, etc. the gadbad ice cream sundae and banana split are fabulous of this place.

Location: Brahmagiri, Udupi

Hotel New Shanti Sagar

15.LX Brasserie

The caramel custard served at this place is worth tasting and craving for. They have various option in kebabs and tikkas. They also serve proper Indian meals for lunch or dinner. The buffet option is also available, but only on Sunday.

Location: Shri Ramakrishna Hotel, opposite Geetanjali Theatre, Thenkpete, Udupi, Karnataka

LX Brasserie

16.Malika Fine Dining

They have some exciting and delicious options for desserts that will for sure please you. The dish named as Khajura milk chocolate brownie is a unique and delightful dish. The white chocolate cheesecake is also appreciable and is good in quantity. The paneer ghee roast turns out to be impressive.

Location: White Lotus Hotel, Mosque Road, Udupi, Karnataka

Malika Fine Dining

17.Vedanth Veg Restaurant

Their menu consists of different starters and main course meals from the north and south Indian cuisine. The paneer tikka and paneer banjara kebab are out of the world. They have various options to satiate your sweet tooth as well, like fruit salad with cream, royal falooda, fruit punch, all of them being equally good.

Location: Thenkpete, MaruthiVeethika, Udupi, Karnataka

Vedanth Veg Restaurant

18.Hotel Badagumalige

This place is pretty famous among the locals for providing the best authentic traditional dishes in Udupi. They have variations in dosa like ghee dosa, plain dosa, masala dosa. Apart from that, goli baje; a south Indian dish, is very tasty here.

Location: Court Road, Kadekoppala, Chitpady, Udupi, Karnataka

Hotel Badagumalige

19.Hotel Naivedya

This restaurant serves soft parottas and Mangalore buns of good quality. The special Naivedya dosa offered here is also appreciable and worth ordering. They also have many other items from North Indian cuisine as well that would be a good choice for lunch.

Location: Manjuradha Building, Kadekoppala, Chitpady, Udupi, Karnataka

Hotel Naivedya

20.Odeya Restaurant

It is a fast-food restaurant offering various snacks items from all over the country. Their menu includes pav bhaji, dahi puri, veg pulao, masala dosa, pizza, masala puri, Chinese bhel, veg oota, etc., all of them are tasty and pleasing.

Location: Thenkpete, MaruthiVeethika, Udupi, Karnataka

Odeya Restaurant