Top 20 Restaurants in North Delhi for College Students

Top 20 Restaurants in North Delhi for College Students

“Ah, dude, I spent half of my money on the clothes and food, and I am broke a week before the month ending,” these are the words we hear from every college student’s mouth. The biggest question is, “how am I supposed to handle my expenses for college life and yet find a decent place to munch at without spending half of my month’s pocket money”? We all know that being a college student is not an easy job. Among taking care of our assignments, diet, social life, home and sleep; most importantly, we need to take care of the money we spend on the food that we love eating with our friends and lovers. Saving all of us from this huge responsibility, here we present before you the top 20 restaurants in North Delhi for college students to spend their money on food sinlessly.

1.University Bistro, Vijay Nagar

A very cool and a casual restaurant surrounded by radiant vibes and people who attend their customers with welcoming smiles. The restaurant provides us with an open kitchen which allows us to see the process of cooking the food. The food is presented tidily and the menu consists of Italian, Continental, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.


2.Momo’s Point, Kamla Nagar

This place is very well known for being one of the best Chinese restaurants. The different kind of momos, soups, and the very famous crispy chili potato wins the heart of the people here. However, it consists of a limited seating capacity but the affordable mouth -watering food makes up for it.


3.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Café, Hudson Lane

Every lover of the most renowned TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. must visit this restaurant. The extraordinary menu contributes to the charm of this place. The menu comprises of dishes like Joey’s Special Pizza, Ross’ Sandwich, Rachel’s Salad and a lot more. The ambiance here is great providing the essence of the TV show like football table and a television that runs the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes in it.


4.For God’s Cake, GTB Nagar

Yummy in my tummy, a place that serves the best of bakery alongside the small Italian menu, shakes, cool drinks, chocolates as well as munchies. Here one is bound to find their favorite genre that suits their sweet tooth. The trendy look of this place gives it an appearance of a quaint French café.


5.Al Jawahar Restaurant, Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is always one of the most visited places for food lovers. Al Jawahar is probably the best option for Mughlai cuisine. They are well-known for their Chicken Korma, Mutton Rogan Josh, and Khameeri Roti. That’s some delicious non-vegan food we are looking for!


6.Delhi Chilli, Mukherjee Nagar

Well, if you are looking for a nearby solution, especially in this area, you can visit this place at even seven in the morning. There is no seating arrangement, but this restaurant is quite known for the scrumptious Chilli Chicken, Afghani Chicken, and Rumali Roti. They serve people excellent quality North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai cuisines at a very feasible price.


7.Big Yellow Door, Vijay Nagar

Love Italian? This is probably the best place in North Delhi for this cuisine. However, one must be patient to come here as it always remains house full and runs on waiting almost every time. Big Yellow Door is a combination of good food, cordial service and pocket-friendly prices and bundles of good times.


8.QD’s Restaurant, GTB Nagar

One of the oldest eating places in North Campus, QD’s has maintained its quality ever since. The restaurant is packed with an amazing wall of fame art. It serves Chinese as well as North Indian food. My personal favorite is the crispy honey chilli potatoes. The restaurant accommodates quite some people.


9.Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk

This place is crowded for its large varieties of paranthas topped by an even larger amount of butter. The old Delhi experience is never complete without a taste of these paranthas whether you are a tourist or a true Delhiite. For a cheat day meal, pay a visit here ASAP.


10.Karim’s, Chandni Chowk

Karim’s is almost a hundred years old restaurant. It is said that the cooks from the Mughal kitchens started this restaurant. The dishes to must try here are Seekh Kebabs, Chicken Jahangiri, Roomali Roti and Sheermal. This place takes us back in time indeed.


11.Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point, GTB Nagar

Maaaaggi! Isn’t this everyone’s savior? This hotel is near Delhi University. Because of its palatable taste and quality of food offered after many years, every college student ought to make a visit here. The various styles of Maggi are served here along with refreshing drinks.


12.Shagun Restaurant, Vijay Nagar

Shagun is a cozy and an authentic Chinese restaurant, with dark lights and mainly tables for two. The prices are very low as well as easily affordable, and the quantity & quality are generous. Students are often spotted here with their laptops and friends. One must try the tasty cold coffee of this place.


13.Kake Di Hatti, Vijay Nagar

Say hello to the North Indian food! This place is famous for its HUGE (literally) Cake size Naan, that I am sure a single person can never finish, and Kadhai Paneer. It is purely a vegetarian restaurant. The food here is served quick and well.


14.The Vintage Avenue, GTB Nagar

Soothingly lit ambiance, it caters to the needs of the young crowds. It serves the likings of youngsters and is made beautifully into a reading café. It delivers North Indian, Chinese, and Continental food to its visitors.


15.Urban Hub, Kamla Nagar

It serves Chinese, North Indian. It is a nice and affordable restaurant for partying or enjoy with friends if you are looking for loud music and fun. This place radiates party vibes.


16.Berco’s, Kamla Nagar

A must try here is the Garlic Chilli Noodles! A restaurant that provides an Indianised version of Chinese food. Feasible and provides easy take-away as well.


17.Ricos, GTB Nagar

Who loves waffles here? Head towards this place ASAP. Ricos is famous for its Waffles of different types like Nutella Waffle, Butterscotch Waffle and much more. It is easy and light in our pockets, too. The place is said to have a generous staff.


18.The Hudson Café, GTB Nagar

It is said to be undoubtedly amongst the most popular cafes in GTB Nagar. This place is huge, both regarding space and food menu. Both food and ambiance have given wow factors to its customers.


19.Wow Momos, Kamla Nagar

Have you ever tried different varieties and styles of momos, starting from Chicken Cheese Fried Momos to a MoBurg (Momos Burger)? If not, then you are missing a lot in life. It is a small place, but one of the most loved and happening places for momos. The menu has creative items filled with heart filling momos.


20.Yolo 21, GTB Nagar

You indeed live only once! Therefore, you must try this place which has a very chilled out and a relaxing vibe to it.


Hope this helps you save your time and money! You’re welcome, college students!