20 Places To Enjoy Mouth Watery Chole Bhature

20 Places To Enjoy Mouth Watery Chole Bhature

The famous Punjabi dish “chole bhature”, a combination of masaledar(spicy) chole & fried bhatura which you can never say no to even if you are the one who’s on a diet. Chole bhature is known to be in Indian fast food as they are not only in well-seated restaurants, but also in so many stalls serving huge population from kids to elder people and are very much favorite of the young generation who wait on lines for it on their college or office breaks. Either you live in Delhi or you are just visiting, a plate of chole bhature must be on your checklist. Here are 20 places to find mouth-watering chole bhature right around your corner.

1. Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paharganj

Sita ram’s chole bhature is without a doubt most famous in Delhi and worth a wait for a plate as you will find a bit of waiting because of its popularity. Their spicy chole & stuffed bhatura are heavenly with its famous pickles & green chili with chutney which is no less than the cherry on a cake.


2.Kwality Restaurant, Connaught Place

As it’s in the name, they do serve a great quality of chole bhature with great service and fully satisfaction of cleanliness and ambiance. A well quantity Desi dish to be tried if one must find itself in the central of the city.


3. Om Corner, Karol Bagh

No place will be left in your plate neither in your tummy as the full plate of big brown bhature & chole on the other half of the plate will take your mind off from our another popular spot in Karol Bagh. Delicious spicy chole bhature with pickles & onion at its best, don’t forget to order a beverage with the Mirchi dar (full of spice) dish.


4. Bikanervala, Rajouri Garden

A place that has a joint all over the city so one might not need to travel much for its exquisite plate of huge bhature & chole. This place might make you wait just a bit for your number, but gives an enormous pleasure of self-service & hot fresh plate for you to enjoy on your table.


5. Haldiram, Connaught Place

Haldiram is another popular joint of great Indian cuisines, but quite popular for its puffy bhature and flavorful chole. A valuable place to be visited and can be paired with their hot or cold beverages to enjoy every bit of it.


6. Prem Di Hatti, Rajouri Garden

Where else to enjoy a palatable desi dish rather than in a desi ambiance, Rajouri Garden famous dhaba for chole bhature “PREM DI HATTI”, where people will wait for a plate or take away to enjoy the fresh, flavorsome plate of chole bhature with pickles & onions.


7. Ramesh Namkeen Bhandar, Shadipur

Is it Spicy? Yes. Divine? Oh, very much yes. Ramesh bhandar offers a tempting and appetizing plate of chole bhature which is regretful to miss. It’s an old shop of varieties, but people still come for its well-known and mindful Punjabi chole bhature. A sweet dish can also be enjoyed after the plate.


8. Baba Nagpal Corner, Lajpat Nagar

One of the Lajpat Nagar most happening spot for their tasteful plate of chole bhature with good service can be delightful. A bowl of chole served with a plateful of bhature served with salad & chili can be stomach full, but still, your heart will want more of it.


9. Anand Ji Chole Bhature wale, Lajpat Nagar-1

Another famous chole bhature spot of Lajpat Nagar, a small good old desi restaurant in Krishna market is surely not to be missed but around the corner as after a shopping session there is no best way to relax over a plate of Anand Ji as they have been serving a gratifying & well-prepared chole bhature from years.


10. Gopal’s 56- Kalkaji

A small but unique place in Govind Pura extension which has a wide variety of toothsome meals, but has a crowd gathered around especially of students for its chole bhature with onion & chili all day long.


11. Om di Hatti, Shakti Nagar

Om di Hatti, a place that has been serving the streets of Delhi from 60’s and has maintained their legacy & taste till now. A full-flavored plate of paneer stuffed soft bhature and chole are simply palatable to your soul and have a cherishing service as well.


12. Chache di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Another place serving the heavenly plate of chole bhature in North Delhi is this place. The best and fresh batch starts to serve in the morning for breakfast where you will find good verge of people drooling over the spicy flavorsome chole and soft bhature. The early morning visit is worth it!


13. Nand di Hatti, Sadar Bazar           

Anything & everything you find near Chandni Chowk is always worth a try and what’s better than an appetizing plate of soft white bhature and hot chole. Nand di Hatti is also one of the popular spot with in the market for its famous chole bhature and whenever people visit never let go of the chance to have it.


14. Bhanu ke mashoor chole bhature, Malviya Nagar

A place which keeps itself open for 12 hours every day only so that everyone can enjoy their freshly made bhature and every bit of it. Chole contains a couple of slices of potato, and green chili which is finger-lickin’ good and some onions, lemon and pickle on the side is not to be missed.


15. Banshi di Hatti, Jawahar Nagar

Rawalpindi ke mashuur chole bhature, their specialty is in pindi chana, which is nowhere to get as this melts your mouth with its delicious savour. This place has been in service from 1954 and still got their charm. Freshly made chutney by side and onions, this combo has its greatness.


16. Shiv Misthan Bhandar, Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk has many highlights and food is the top-most. A fluffy bhatura with black chole with ginger & dhaniya(coriander) leafs on the top is a must stop after a crowd rush of one the busiest streets as you sit in air-conditioned place with a steaming plate.


17. Pandit Ji, Kanti Nagar

It’s easy to locate this place in the morning as the crowd will lead you towards it. A lively place of East Delhi Pandit Ji, offers a tasty place of bhature & gravy full chole with a perfect mixture of spice.


18. Your’s chole bhature, Vikas Puri

If you like it crisp, you will drool over every bite of crispy & crumbly bhature of Vikas Puri. When it says “yours”, it means as it gives you the best meal the way you like and a great time.


19. Roshan di kulfi, Karol Bagh

Don’t be mistaken by the name, yes it does give one of the best kulfi in town, but their slightly fluffed bhature and spicy chole are best served with pickles & onions are to be had first, and if some place is left, a sweet craving can be handled in the same place.


20. Bawa snacks, Lajpat Nagar-4

Small snacking is good, but the ones who are a foodie and a small snack is not enough for them as the Bawa snack is the place, a small place offers a big enough mouth-watering plate which makes your stomach full and your mood jolly.