Top 20 Restaurants To Savor Italian Cuisine In Pune

Top 20 Restaurants To Savor Italian Cuisine In Pune

Pune, the cultural capital of the wealthiest state of this country, Maharashtra, has an immense variety of cuisines to offer, one of which happens to be Italian cuisine. This city knows its pizza, kinds of pasta, and lasagna reasonably well and much more for your taste buds to get excited if you are a fan of Italian dishes. From the cliché Tiramisu to the not so often ordered Quesadillas, you will get to experience authenticity at its very best. The best part is that you get to explore these items, as even the local food stalls have them on their menu at nominal prices. These are our top picks.

1.Little Italy

One of Pune’s favorite Italian restaurants, Little Italy, is the first name that comes to one’s mind when Italian cuisine is mentioned. With a well-assorted and elaborate menu, this place has everything that will impress you to the core! You are in for a hearty meal, from the plethora of pizzas to their signature dishes.

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2.Rosso Bianco

The name Rosso Bianco means Red and White. Serving rich Italian cuisine, they are known for their great taste and value-for-money menu. Spaghetti aglio olio, grilled veg panini, signature hot chocolate, and their Rosso Bianco special pizza are the must-try dishes. A happy haven for all lovers of Italian food, a trip to this restaurant ensures a lovely meal rich in Italian spices and herbs.

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3.La Gustosa

It is an Italian bistro known for its bruschetta, risotto, and sandwiches. They also have a variety of both veg and non-veg food. Remember to try their iconic Irish Baileys Cheesecake. The classy ambiance and the cozy atmosphere only add to the charm, making every visit memorable.

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4.Greens And Olives

With its classy appearance offered by white brick walls complemented by brown wooden tables, it is a people’s favourite. Their Greek salad, Fettuccini Florentine and Ratatouille are some of the mouth-watering dishes. Experience fine dining with each of their plate being an absolute treat to the eyes.

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The comfortable and cozy atmosphere that it offers is alluring to everyone, and all we want to do is go there, sit, and enjoy a delicious meal. With its highly palatable dishes like the hand-stretched sourdough pizzas and a profusion of cocktails, you are bound to have a sweet time with your friends and family.

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6.Café Roberto

Being an all-vegetarian Italian restaurant, it does not disappoint in offering a variety of dishes to its diners. It has an open-air set up where you can sit under red and white umbrellas and enjoy the chef’s special Tiramisu or their Devils lasagna, and it is indeed a happy haven for all lovers of Italian food.

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A hit among all the Koregaon Park residents, its cozy and classy decor makes it a perfect spot for date nights. The restaurant being all-vegetarian serves authentic Italian cuisine. With its delectable food, including mouth-watering lasagnas and pizzas, as well as healthy Greek Salads for the fitness freaks, it has a little something for everyone.

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8.Sorriso By Marriott Suites

With its extravagant interiors, it is a place where you can relax and have exquisite dishes at your own peace. Some of the noteworthy dishes are their Nachos Fondue, and Ravioli. If you happen not to come to a conclusion on what to order, you could opt for their Sunday buffet to experience a number of Italian dishes.

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9.Buon Cibo

An Italian café, the place is popular not only to satisfy your taste buds but also to indulge in the perfect harmony of food and peace. Here you could just read your ongoing book while sipping away hot chocolate or order from the diverse Italian dishes it has to offer. You will find a good variety of pasta with them too.

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10.Alto Vino

You are about to have one of the finest fine-dining experiences of your life with their candle-lit dinner setting. Their sublime pasta has to be on the menu of your mind while choosing the sauce of your choice. Do indulge in their signature Ravioli Di Zucca Biologica or the Semi Di Zucca for an explosion of rich Italian flavours, and be rest assured of an experience of a lifetime.

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11.La Pizzeria

The friendly vibe of this restaurant matches the numerous options they have, with it being one of the very few places having vegan-friendly options too! From the name itself, you must have guessed what is a must-have at this restaurant, and yes, you are right, their pizzas are to die for.

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12.Fontana Viva Italian Pizza Bistro

Famous for its Italian delicacies, this restaurant in Pune is frequently visited by anyone interested in a delightful Italian dining experience. Being a bistro, you can have a gala time with your friends by ordering sumptuous dishes alongside your drink. With a staff that knows its food, you are missing out if you already haven’t been there.

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13.The Blue Plate

With its minimalistic decor and al fresco dining area, it is a must-visit for the people of Aundh. They dole out delicious mains, out of which the Chicken Picante is one of our favourites, and the hazelnut custard goes with it like a charm. It is going to give you a well-rounded Italian experience.

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14.Beetroot Bistro

This pocket-friendly place is perfect for youngsters to hang around with their friends. It has a very lively vibe, along with which they are known for making the best garlic bread this side of town make sure that you order it as a side whenever you visit. The perfect combination of pasta and their peach iced tea is to die for.

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The amount of justice it does to the word ‘pizza’ is noteworthy. Their sweet and small pizzas are made to perfection, and you will have absolutely no problems ordering as many as you want. Their banana and peanut butter shake is on top of the list when it comes to shakes.

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16.Tales And Spirits

A quintessential laid-back gastropub offering international homestyle cooking, plus cocktails, wines, and spirits. You would definitely be surprised looking at their extensive menu and wondering what to order. Their activated charcoal al Fiamma and masala macaroni and cheese are exquisite. Their dishes go perfectly well with the cocktails they offer here, making it perfect for a sundowner.

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17.Le Plaisir

This restaurant will not disappoint as it has what every diner dreams of, quick service. It is rest assured that the crockery they use and their plating will be worth the visit. Along with their portions of pasta and pizzas, the drums of heaven are irresistible, and their deserts are to die for. Nothing better than ending your meal on a sweet note definitely.

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18.Arthur’s Theme

They make sure that good food made with passion from the freshest produce is being served lovingly with utmost warmth. Known for its extensive menu, they have named their dishes on various themes like the name of famous rulers. Must haves are the Duke of Wellington, Michelangelo pasta, and the seafood.

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A classic Italian restaurant, with its minimalistic decor and al fresco dining area, it is perfect for date nights. For appetizers, dig into ‘Polpette di spinaci formation and immerse yourself in their menu, which works wonders. If you are a fan of risotto, then this place might turn into heaven for you. Do not forget to try their tangy lemon tart.

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20.Laa Unico

Situated near the city’s center, this place can be the perfect spot for any celebration. Start your culinary experience by ordering the super stuffed nachos, then move on to their famous Napoli pizza, and do not skip their handmade ravioli. Have a perfect ending by indulging with the Instagram-worthy desert, the chocolate landscape.

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