Top 20 Traditional Brands

Top 20 Traditional Brands

Hey foodies, how are you doing? Today, we have planned to take you to your childhood. We will discuss the top 20 traditional brands. You will see many extinct and old brands. Also, you will relive many memories. I am sure you will discuss the article with your friends and family. There will be many laughs and moments that you will recall by the end of this article. Keeping this motive, let us start with the article. Do let us know your special memory with any brand. Also, we would like to hear from you in case we miss out on any brand.

1.Parle G

G for genius. Parle G has been a people’s favorite for a long time. It comes from the parent company Parle. They have other goods like juices, chocolates, and wafers too. They have been ruling the Indian market for a very long time.



Anand Milk Union Limited, also known as Amul. They are the largest milk and dairy products producers in India. They started from Anand, Gujarat. Now, they spread almost all over India and a few other parts of the world. Amul is probably the oldest brand of dairy products.



Initially, Kissan sold only fruits and veggies. They were famous for the same. Moving further, they put their hands into snacks. They made fruit jam and ketchup. It brought relief to many mommies out there. Also, they are designing a website to showcase new and unique recipes using their products.



Balaji Wafers opened its doors in Rajkot, Gujarat. The Virani Brothers started it initially, selling only potato wafers. Moving further, it spread across India. Today the brand has more than ninety outlets in India. With that, they are spreading across the globe with their delicious flavors.



Precisely, I was waiting to add it to the list. Haldiram has a good reach across the globe. They produce nankeens and sweets. Currently, they are famous for their mouthwatering Bhujiya. You can also try their newly added flavors and nankeens. I personally love their Petha. It is worth trying.



They have a branding advertisement like no other. Everest is famous for their spices. They have a variety of spices. Recently, they have put their hands on sweet dishes too. You must have seen ready-made ice cream mixtures. They also have baking soda, faluda mix, and other ready-made mixes.



Britannia is in the market for the last one hundred and twenty-eight years. An English man started it in Kolkata. Further, the partner company took over it. Today, they have a wide range of biscuits. They are famous as the king of biscuits. They keep innovating their product range from time to time.



I assume Dabur to be the oldest company after Britannia. I remember my grandfather feeding me Chawanprash in the earlier days. Dabur proves to be the biggest FMGC Company too. They have everything from toothpaste, and soaps, to juices and honey. Dabur honey can be your friend in your weight loss journey.


9.Rooh Afza

Do you see any Rooh Afza bottles around? I guess they have turned extinct. Well, they were a reach last decades. They have an excellent tv advertisement. Initially, they made it just to treat heat strokes during summer. Moving further, they turned out to be people’s favorite.


10.Kwality Walls

Kwality Walls is a tempting brand for everyone. They come in different shapes and flavors for their ice creams. Hindustan Unilever started it in 1959. Since then, they have won hearts with their delicious ice creams. Also, you must have already tried their famous Cornetto.



I am not talking about the car brand. Here we are discussing the Fortune Oil brand. Gautam Adani is the founder of this brand. They have been producing a variety of oils for a long time. They are famous for their quality and purity of oils.



The brand is present even before many of us were born. They are present in snacks, household foods, chocolates, and more. Many brands come under ITC. They have ruled the food industry for a long time. Furthermore, they are partnering with different companies to increase their sales.


13.Daawat Basmati Rice

I like the India Gate Basmati rice. We have been eating it for a long time. However, Daawat Basmati Rice is trendy. You can see Amitabh Bachan in the advertisement of the same. They have basmati rice of all sizes.



No one needs an introduction to this brand. Initially, they have a few soaps and shampoos. However, currently, they have biscuits, oil, chocolates, and even noodles. There are talks about how Patanjali noodles are not that healthy. I haven’t tried them yet.



Paperboat came into existence recently. They have a presence in the market because of the emotional touch they add to their products. Their ads have a social message. They remind people of their childhood days and nostalgia.



We all grew up watching their advertisement. Mahashay Chuni Lal started the company, with the motive of making this easier for homemakers. They have all kinds of grounded spices. Today, the brand has a premium presence in the market.


17.Mother Dairy

Mother’s Diary is as old as Paperboat. They are bringing good products in the dairy category. Furthermore, they also deal with frozen food, Jams, oils, and pickles. Mother Dairy is no more a dairy product brand. They are diversifying their range to increase sales.


18.Mc Cain

We are moving fast forward in life. McCain is a helping hand to people with hectic lifestyles. They have many unique frozen food items. They have French fried, Tikki, smiles, Chessy bites, and more. All the food is ready-made. You need to fry them and enjoy them.



If you think they have hair oils, then you are wrong. Emami produces many other varieties of oils too. They have rice bran oil, Kucchi Ghani oil, sunflower oil, refined oils, etc. All their products are pure and brought up in a clean environment.



How can we forget this brand? You must be reading this article while eating Maggi. They have one of the best coffees in the market. Furthermore, they have biscuits and other food items too. Nestle is bringing changes in their products. They are introducing new flavors.