Top 20 Restaurants To Try At Ravindra Puri Road, Varanasi

Top 20 Restaurants To Try At Ravindra Puri Road, Varanasi

Ravindra Puri Road is a famous road in Varanasi. It is mainly crowded with hotels and restaurants. You can find different types of restaurants on this road. It is a great place to visit for food lovers. It has small food outlets, lavish restaurants, a food court, and more. One should visit Ravindra Puri Road to enjoy with friends and family. Let us see the Top 20 Restaurants on Ravindra Puri Road.

1.Ming Garden Restaurant

Ming Garden Restaurant is best known for Chinese cuisine. It is a famous eatery for Chinese food lovers. They have a massive menu full of Chinese food items. Some of the best dishes to try here are chilli baby corn, pearl corn, polar pizza, paneer chilli, and more. Apart from Chinese, they also serve shakes and mocktails.

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2.Banarasi Baati Chokha

Banarasi Baati Chokha is an authentic Chokha Baati restaurant. The ambience of the restaurant is mesmerizing. They serve the best Baati Chokha in Banaras. Baati Chokha is their speciality. Apart from Baati Chokha, they also have Chinese, rice, drinks and more.

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3.Chrystal Bowl

Chrystal Bowl is a multi-cuisine restaurant on Ravindra Puri Road. They have a massive menu having different options of pizza, south Indian, Chinese, north Indian, and more. Their maharaja thali is the most famous. The ambience is mesmerizing and has all the required amenities for customers.

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4.The Taste Café And Restaurant

The taste cafe and Restaurant is a famous cafe on Ravindra Puri Road. They serve different snacks such as pizza, mocktails, Maggie, pasta, shakes, and more. They also have the option of chapati and different curries. The vibrant-coloured ambience is enough to attract customers. The taste of the food is also good.

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5.Haldi Restaurant

Haldi restaurant is a non-vegetarian restaurant in Ravindra puri road. They have different options of food items to eat. Their chicken tandoori is the most famous. They also serve beverages, soups, rice, dessert, and more. It is the perfect place to visit with your family.

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Champaran is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The beautiful ambience is mesmerizing and enough to get attractive. They serve different cuisines such as North Indian, south Indian, Chinese, and more. Some must-try food items of Champaran are paneer tikka, biryani, sizzler brownie, handi chicken, and handi mutton.

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Interval is a fascinating restaurant to visit. This Bollywood-themed Restaurant is fun to go with friends. Their menu, hotel walls, and even their plates have a famous dialogue of Bollywood written on them. There are multiple selfie points inside the Restaurant. They serve multi-cuisine food and are one of the most famous restaurants.

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8.Zaika Family Restaurant

Zaika family restaurant is a typical north Indian restaurant on Ravindra Puri Road. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to customers. Their best-seller dishes include chicken biryani, baby corn chilli, and chicken tikka. It is a family Restaurant and the best place to enjoy dinner with loved ones.

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9.Chai Bar Restaurant

Chai Bar restaurant is a small cafe on Ravindra Puri Road. The ambience is cosy and mesmerizing. They serve snacks only. Their menu includes chai, coffee, shakes, pizza, cocktails, and more. It is the best place to enjoy with friends.

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10.Teekha Fast Food

Teekha fast food restaurant is another good restaurant on Ravindra Puri Road. They serve different varieties of fast foods to customers. They have Maggie, noodles, pasta, pizza, momo, and more. The ambience is good, and have friendly staff.

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11.La Casa

La Casa is a beautiful restaurant to visit with your loved ones. The ambience is mesmerizing and will take you to different streets of India. They serve delicious food. They serve multi-cuisine foods to customers. Their famous food is lasagne. Pizza, baby corn, and sandwich are also must-try.

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12.Biryani Queen

Biryani Queen is a fine dining restaurant in Varanasi. They serve delicious biryani. They have chicken biryani, prawn biryani, mutton biryani, and more. Other side dishes are also a must-try here. They serve chicken lollipops, seekh kebabs, Chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, and more.

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Moojoos is a small food outlet in Varanasi. They serve momo, coffee, and beverages. Momos are their speciality. They have different options of momo to choose from. They serve paneer momo, soya momo, chicken momo, tandoori momo, malai momo, cheese momo, and more.

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14.Mr Sandwich

Mr Sandwich is a small food court on Ravindra Puri Road. They serve different varieties of sandwiches. They serve only vegetarian sandwiches to customers. They have veg grilled sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, burger sandwiches, corn cheese sandwiches, paneer grilled sandwiches, and Maharaja sandwiches.

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15.Tantra Rooftop Restaurant

Tantra Rooftop restaurant is a beautiful restaurant to visit with loved ones. They serve food on an open rooftop. The ambience is mesmerizing, and have multiple selfie points. They serve multi-cuisine foods. They serve north Indian, south Indian, Chinese, seafood, continental,andmore.

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Fidka is a pure veg restaurant in Ravindra Puri Road. It has a pleasing ambience, especially on the rooftop along a great view. It has a multi-cuisine style like continental, Chinese and North Indian. Its speciality is paneer Angara, spring rolls, Mexican golgappa shots, Chipotle Tacos, and more exciting food items. It is a great place to visit with family over the weekends with a good customer experience.

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17.99 Pancakes

99 Pancakes is a place for pancake enthusiasts. This place consists of many different varieties of pancakes. Its speciality is crunchy bubble-gum Oreo, jelly belly Bischoff. It has a top-notch ambience with a pancake theme. It is a must place to visit with friends.

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18.Old Delhi

Old Delhi is the place to have great kebabs with family. Some great food items are old Delhi-style butter chicken, tandoori prawns mutton kachori kebabs. It has a great view of Varanasi’s nightlife. This place should be in your weekend plan.

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19.Sugar Bake India

Sugar Bake India is a cafe for those who love pastry. Its speciality is Cafe mocha, cappuccino hot coffee latte pink sauce penne pasta. It is a great place to visit and spend quality time with loved ones.

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20.Gun Powder Co.

Gun Powder Co. is a South Indian food outlet. It is heaven for the South Indian cuisine lover. You can find different variety of South Indian-inspired food with a twist. Some must-try food items are spring dosa, cheese burst Uttapam, and gunpowder idly.

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