Top 20 Vintage Restaurant To Try In Pune

Top 20 Vintage Restaurant To Try In Pune

Pune is a city in Maharashtra. Pune has good nightlife and is a great city to live in. Pune is known for its education, tourist place, weather, and more. It also has an old city area known as Old Pune City. Pune has lots of restaurants that serve the best foods. Old Pune City has a different vibe, and people love to hang out in Old Pune. Old Pune also has so many restaurants to choose from. Old Pune City has old buildings, old streets, and eateries. Various old restaurants in Pune just hit the nostalgia. Let us discuss the top 20 old charm restaurants in Pune.


Vaishali is a vintage restaurant in Pune. They have been known for serving the best South Indian cuisine to customers. They have multiple branches all over Pune. The oldest Vaishali in Pune is in FC Road, Pune. Their ambience is also vintage, and they serve mouthwatering foods.

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Dorabjee’s is a vintage Parsi restaurant in Pune. They have been known for serving tasty Parsi dishes for decades. Their ambience is the vintage type with no proper ceiling. Dorabjee is a centre of attraction for tourists.

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Marz-O-Rin is an old, famous bakery in Pune. They served cakes, pastries, cookies, and more for a long time. Apart from sweets, they are also known for serving savoury bakery foods to customers. It gives an old vibe, and people love it.

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4.Kalyani Bakery

Kalyani Bakery is another iconic and vintage bakery in Pune. They have been known for selling Shrewsbury biscuits. They also serve other baked products. They have a rich history. It is a vintage bakery, and one should visit here.

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5.Vohuman Cafe

Vohuman Cafe is an old charm cafe known for serving tea, bun Maska, Keema Pav and more. Vohuman Cafe has a great history, and they are still maintaining the old vintage vibe. The sitting places of the cafe are still old-style. The ambience of this cafe is nostalgic.

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6.Café Goodluck

Cafe Goodluck is another famous and crowded place in Pune. The exterior and interior of this cafe are still old-styled. They have maintained their old charm. They are well known for serving the best Bun Maska in Pune. Prices are also very affordable here.

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7.German Bakery

German Bakery is another vintage and popular bakery in Pune. German Bakery was attacked by terrorists in 2010, but it reopened and serving food to customers. They have a wide variety of international cuisine. It is the best place to hang out with friends.

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8.Santosh Bakery

Santosh Bakery is known for serving good quality pastries and cakes to Pune. Santosh Bakery is an old, elegant, and authentic pastries bakery in Pune. The ambience is vintage and old charm.

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Shabree is a popular restaurant in Pune known for serving authentic Maharashtrian thalis. The food here is made in Maharashtrian style and liked by Marathi’s more. The ambience of the restaurant is good. Food is also of good quality and taste.

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10.Chaitanya Parathas

Chaitanya Parathas is a small eatery in Pune famous for its different types of parathas. They serve a wide variety of parathas, both in veg and non-veg. It is one of the best places to hang out with friends and families.

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11.Kalyan Bhel

Kalyan Bhel is a popular destination for chaat and bhel puris. They are all over in Maharashtra. they serve pani puri, bhel puri, dahi puri, and more. Kalyan bhel is the perfect evening snack for tangy lovers.

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12.George Restaurant

George Restaurant is an old restaurant in Pune known for the best kinds of seafood. They have been serving mouthwatering seafood for decades. The ambience is well-maintained, and people love to eat here with family and friends.

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13.Rohit Wadewale

Rohit Wadewale is a famous destination for batata vada and vada pav. They have numerous shops in Maharashtra. They serve the best vada pav. They also serve savoury snacks and South Indian to customers.

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14.Sujata Mastani

Sujata Mastani is a massive and old restaurant in FC Road, Pune. They have been serving cold desserts for ages. They are most famous for their mastani. Other desserts are fruit ice cream, cold coffee, slush, ice Gola, and more which you can enjoy in all weathers.

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Shreyas is another restaurant known for serving traditionally made Maharashtrian thalis. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves the best Maharashtrian thali to its customers. Their puran poli thali is a must-try. People enjoy being here with family and friends.

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16.Kohinoor Restaurant

Kohinoor Restaurant is an old restaurant known for serving north Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine to its customers. The ambience is good. Staff are helping and of good behaviour. One should visit here with family for a perfect dinner.

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17.Yana Sizzlers

Yana Sizzlers is a vintage restaurant known for sizzler and continental foods. In Sizzler, they serve different varieties of rice, noodles, stuffed vegetables, and sauces in a hot iron pan. Sizzlers are piping hot, and mouthwatering. Apart from savoury, they also serve sizzler dessert in which they have a sizzler brownie with ice cream.

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18.Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is a famous sweet shop in Pune. They serve a wide variety of desserts and savoury snacks to customers. Their best-selling items are kaju katli, Ras malai, Gulab jamun, and more. Everyone loves the taste of all the sweets here.

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19.Le Plaisir

Le Plaisir is an old French-themed cafe in Pune. They serve traditional fresh cuisine to customers. The ambience of the restaurant is also French themed. This cafe is a perfect escape for friends to hang out. The cafe is cosy for the couple to enjoy.

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20.Chulha Chowki Da Dhaba

Chulha Chowki Da Dhaba is a famous Punjabi restaurant in Pune. They are known for serving authentic Punjabi foods to customers. The ambience of the restaurant is the old charm. Apart from Punjabi cuisine, they also serve north Indian dishes. The taste is unbeatable, and people enjoy it a lot.

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