Top 20 Restaurants To Try In Mulund

Top 20 Restaurants To Try In Mulund
Top 20 Restaurants To Try In Mulund

Mulund is a famous residential locality with a majority of Kutchi crowd. It also has a famous college V.G Vaze also known as Kelkar. It is the earliest planned district in the city and is home to many industrial sites and shopping centers that serve the large numbers of residents and industrial workers who visit the area daily. Many food and beverage outlets were opened. So it is bound to have attracted a lot of family as well as college crowds. Here is a list of the top twenty restaurants that you must visit while you are in Mulund.

1. Grass And Gossip

This Place is the perfect restaurant to hog on some delicious fast food. It has an outdoor seating facility, can be easily located and also it is a perfect location for family gatherings. Famous cheese fondue pav bhaji, garlic melted cheese, chocolate Pani Puri,  khopoli vada pao, mamledaar missal, and north Indian and Chinese varieties are famous and have an excellent taste and are pure vegetarian.

Grass And Gossip

2. Rasoi Thali Restaurant

This restaurant serves Gujarati thalis. They have an indoor dining section for tallies and an outdoor section for snacks. They sell their version of the shegaon kachori. They also serve other snacks like Rajasthan Marwari kachori. They serve an unlimited pally priced at rupees 180. This restaurant is situated in the vicinity of the railway station.

Rasoi Thali Restaurant

3. Rekdee-The Taste Of The Street

This place serves one of the best local dishes. This place craves something cheesy is a must, must try. As far as melted cheese is concerned, it has a variety of foods. Considering the Covid situation, this place has taken reasonable precautions in terms of hygiene and safety. You have to try some dishes such as Processed cheese Masala Puff,  Processed cheese garlic bread, Pasta with pink sauce, Cheese Taripao. As mentioned earlier, melted cheese is a must.

Rekdee The Taste of the Street

4. Archana Restaurant

This is a typical old fashioned South Indian food place and has now become a modern continental restaurant. Old is gold dosas was amazing. But at the same time, the presentation of other cuisines is impressive. Although the menu is limited to Italian food, everything is satisfactory.

Archana Restaurant

5. Kampa Chinese Restaurant

This is the best Indo Chinese Restaurant in Mulund. It is budget-friendly too and serves some delicious dishes. Their service is also very fast. You can enjoy some mouth watering chicken and seafood varieties here. For Vegetarians, this place also has great dishes in Indo Chinese type. Their food tastes amazing and so does the drinks, do try their mojito varieties.

Kampa Chinese Restaurant

6. Streatly’s Tejas Dosa

This is a great place for hogging on varieties of Dosa! This place has always been in demand and is always crowded. The drawback of the place is the lack of seating arrangement. They serve more than fifty varieties of dosas and this stall opens around mid-afternoon. You can visit this stall till late at night. Try their famous cheese dosa, chilli milli dosa, noodles dosa and Manchurian dosa, Gini dosa and pizza dosa. They also have specific varieties, especially for children.

Streatlys Tejas Dosa

7. Asquare Fast Food Corner

This is one of the best places in Mulund to try some street food. They have a huge variety of pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, appetizers and beverages on their menu. The food is freshly prepared and is of great quality. The advantage of this place is that they make everything from scratch under their restaurant. This helps in hygiene, quality and enhanced taste of the food.

Asquare Fast Food Corner

8. Birjus Pav Bhaji

Who doesn’t love Pav Bhaji? It is one of the signature dishes of Mumbai and is easily available. Every suburb has its own special Pav Bhaji wala that people visit even at midnight. This place serves one of the best Pav Bhajis in Mulund. It is the perfect place you must visit when you are craving some fast food late at night. The food is hygienic and tastes amazing. Along with pav bhaji, you must try their papad churi.

Birjus Pav Bhaji

9. PH Se Food

Ph se food is a great place for a family dinner. It’s a spacious restaurant with a great atmosphere. The interior is super awesome and the Vibe is really good too. Talking about food preparation is a higher level and the taste is also very good. They have a very good variety of starters.

PH Se Food

10. Tea And Conversations

This restaurant has a beautiful interior with wooden furniture and beautiful colourful walls. The café is pocket friendly and finger food full stop the popular dishes here are exotic Maggie comma ban maska, Maggie pizza, Nutella waffles, magi, masala chai. You can spend an evening reading your favourite books.

Tea And Conversations

11. Kalidas Masala Pav

This roadside stall is located in the centre of Mulund exactly opposite the Kalidas Natya Gruha. It serves the most delicious Masala vada pav. For all the cheese lovers, you can customize your vada pav by adding some cheese to it. They serve you this delicious treat at just ₹25.

Kalidas Masala Pav

12. The Laughter Chapter

This is a beautifully decorated café which also has board games for their customers to spend a good time. The wife of this café is cozy. The popular dishes of this café are pan mojito, minty mojito, iced tea, Alfredo pasta, and burnt garlic noodles, French fries, Piri Piri Masala.

The Laughter Chapter

13. Cream Centre

This restaurant is mostly empty during the weekdays but experiences huge crowds on weekends. The ambience is great with soft background music. It is a decent place to have your meal or for a small family function. The popular dishes here are the world’s best nachos which are considered as the speciality of cream centre, paneer sizzler another variety of sizzler’s, pizzas, Chola bhatura, and sizzling brownie as a dessert.

Cream Centre

14. Street Zaika

It is possible to get late-night food here to take out or else you can sit and get your food. They serve Punjabi, Indian meals as well as snacks. You crave a delicious meal to eat. If you want to eat North Indian food, Fast Food and Roll, you have to stop at Zaika Street. The atmosphere is very environmental and fresh.  Ingredients used to prepare fresh and good quality food. The staff is also helpful and their ambience is also good.

Street Zaika

15. The Food Studio

This restaurant has often been peoples favourite when it comes to fusion food. They have dining and delivery options open for their customers. This restaurant is surely going to give you a good experience every time you visit. The popular dishes here are drunken prawns, sizzlers, pot rice, manchow soup Thai Curry varieties and fondue varieties. The average cost for two people could be ₹1300 without alcohol.

The Food Studio

16. Stone Oven

This is a small restaurant which is beautifully decorated. It serves delicious Italian food. The ambience is enjoyable and the service is great. The popular dishes are pink tango pasta, cheese fondue, lasagne Choco lava cake is less than bruschetta. The average cost among two people is approximately rupees 850.

Stone Oven

17. Atithi Restaurant And Bar

This restaurant is a home for traditional north Indian, Punjabi and Indian food. This restaurant is situated at a favourable location in Mulund. It is spacious enough to cater for a huge number of guests. They also offer services such as bar, alcohol banquet hall, buffet, birthday or group parties, sports screenings live entertainment and it is also a good place for children.

Atithi Restaurant And Bar

18. Campus Hotel

One of the most incredible places in the Mulund, which serves the tastiest beginners of Chinese vegetables! Discover the chilly mushroom. It is perfectly seasoned and has an incredible taste, the triples Schezwan rice are very fried. It is a very clean and tidy place that has a relaxed setting and serves friendly and tasty food. Light in the pocket, heavy in the stomach a perfect place for the dinner of the family!

Campus Hotel

19. Top-N Town

This is an excellent place to enjoy some bakery items with your friends and family. They sell bread, cookies, pastries, cakes. They also serve tea and coffee, muffins, pizzas, bread rolls and many more exciting dishes. The unique dishes that you will find our pumpkin bread, cornbread, potato bread. Ice creams are also a popular choice in this place. They have a wide range of flavours in different packaging sizes. The average cost for two people at this restaurant is approximately 400 rupees.

Top N Town

20. B Mad The Restaurant

This restaurant is located very close to Malone station and it is an authentic vegetarian restaurant. It serves various cuisines such as Indian, Mexican, Italian and continental food stop the ambience of this place is themed. The unique attraction of this place is the chocolate landscape which is  alive desert that is made on your table. It is an amalgamation of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, frozen fruits comment nuts, brownies comment cake, nougat and instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen. Visit this place for a vegetarian treat.

B Mad The Restaurant