20 Must Visit Restaurants In Carter Road, Bandra

20 Must Visit Restaurants In Carter Road Bandra
20 Must Visit Restaurants In Carter Road Bandra

As expert snacks, we scan all popular places in Mumbai squinting to find the best snack to eat. We found Carter Road to be a snack’s paradise, with everything from momo, ice cream cones and waffle sandwiches to good oldies. Here’s everything you should check out on your Carter Road trip.

1. Indizza-The Delivery Kitchen

This is one of the best Indian food options available around Carter Road. The popular dishes here are chicken lazeez, chicken paprika, basil chicken tikka, daal makhani, lacha Paratha etc. It is very famous for its appetizers, portion size and reasonable prices. You’ll spend approximately rupees 350 per order at this restaurant.

Indizza The Delivery Kitchen

2. Carter’s Blue Restaurant

Carter’s Blue is located exactly opposite the Carter road sea face. The corner table by the window offers an amazing view. It serves Lebanese, Chinese, North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. The popular dishes here are Sharma rose Sharma comedy classic chicken Sharma, chicken buna role saffron rice, turn and many Lebanese varieties first of this place has a relaxed atmosphere and ample of the seating area. It is located in our prime location and offers an amazing view.

Carters Blue Restaurant

3. Being Hungry

This restaurant has a small cosy ambience with delicious food. There mutton galouti kebab is so soft and delicious. You must try their cheese naan. The unique this year is the oolta biryani. The meat is cooked well and smoked up. The owner of this place is a very big fan of Salman Khan and hence has a dish named after him at the restaurant. It is said that he was the former stuntman of Bollywood. This restaurant has a beautiful wall which is a glimpse of the Bollywood industry.

Being Hungry

4. Carter Road Social

Carter road social is located exactly opposite the Carter road seashore. It offers an amazing view with the fun and the joyful vibe of a social. This place is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful evening. Make sure you visit during sun downer time. You can pick from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They offer Indian Chinese Mexican varieties etc.

Carters Road Social

5. Mezbaan

This restaurant is famous for its Lebanese and north Indian varieties. It is a non-veg lovers paradise. This place is situated at Carters road which is a go-to place and offers an amazing view of the sea. It is one of the best places to have chicken shawarma in Bandra. The ambience of this restaurant is beautifully decorated and it is a very pleasant place. The price is great compared to the portion size. The popular dishes here are chicken Sharma Kumar rumali roti ka Mohammad, mocktails, biryani. The average cost for two people is rupees 1200.


6. Lassi Te Parronthe

This is the perfect spot if you want to try some typical north Indian food such as rajma chaval, kulhad wali Dahi, buttermilk. The parathas are cooked very well using ample butter and ghee. You will feel a glimpse of Punjab in every bite. The parathas are served with chilli pickles and mango Pickles. The owner of this restaurant cooks the food himself and serves with a smile. The average cost for 2 people is maybe around 300 rupees.

Lassi Te Parronthe

7. Zoes Kitchen

Zoes kitchen is an Asian restaurant. The menu has a large variety and you’ll want to try it all. It serves authentic Asian food at reasonable prices keeping intact the taste and its true essence. The popular dishes here are Thai curries, spring rolls, dim sums, brownies, noodles, fried rice. The average cost for order at this food joint would be around 400 rupees.

Zoeys Kitchen

8. The Soul Food Co

This restaurant is situated slightly away from the seashore but it is a place worth visit. It is known for its north Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, pizza, rules and other cuisines. They offer starters in for variants of potato, mushroom, paneer and chicken. They serve flavoured French fries, Special 8 inch pizza, gravies, rolls, rice bowls in potato, mushroom, paneer and chicken variants. They serve unique meal boxes where you can pick your choice of gravy from vegetarian, paneer and chicken variants with two Malabar parotta and gulab jamun.

The Soul Food Co

9. Dillie Heart

This restaurant is famous for Mexican and Spanish food. They also serve unique cocktails. They have a bar menu, a brunch menu and a food menu. The popular dishes here are the tex Max burger, authentic Mexican food, molecular cocktails, mushroom ravioli, batata bravas, spinach croquettes the average cost for two people here with alcohol is rupees 1800.

Dillie Heart

10. Five One Four The House Of Shawarma

A unique restaurant serving Lebanese, fast food and a range of beverages. You can pick from a variety of vegetarian, chicken and paneer shawarmas. Tawa varieties like kheema pav, fry kheema omelet pav and chicken roll. Order sandwiches in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. The milkshake menu is huge and it is a task to pick your choice. They also have fresh fruit juices.

Five One Four The House Of Shawarma

11. Eataeria

Located close to Otters club, right at the start of Carter Road is another famous joint offering both indoor and outdoor seating.  Their menu includes Vegetarian and non-vegetarian tikkas and kebabs, seekh varieties, Frankie rolls with egg or chicken, shawarma, sandwich, pizzas, burgers, Chinese. All in all the restaurant serves everything that everyone would relish making it a must-visit place.


12. Melt Maestros

This is a takeaway and a  home delivery restaurant. You’ll spend approximately rupees 400 per order. They mainly serve fast food, pizzas and American dishes. They have a huge variety of burgers, pizzas, rolls, fries, side dishes, in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.

Melt Maestros

13. Bhaijaanz

if you are a Salman Khan fan you Should not miss visiting this place. Their menu also reflects the owners love for Salman Khan. He has named the Indian bread section as most wanted then the status section as Hindi Chinese sath sath hai. They have a variety of soups in seafood, chicken and vegetarian Variants. They have gravies in chicken and vegetarian, rice and noodles in the same variants. Days of desserts, wraps and many more dishes. the average cost for 2 people is 900 rupees for two people.


14. Monèr – Bistro & Dessert Bar

The ambience of this place will remind you of France because of the white walls, teal and pink velvet seating, minimal furniture. it is one of the cutest cafes that Can we visited to enjoy some deserts. The prices are reasonable. The average cost for two people is approximately rupees 600.

Moner Bistro Dessert Bar

15. Hungry Buddha

This is a delivery-only restaurant that serves Asian, Chinese food. It prominently serves healthy food at reasonable prices. Their menu is extensive comprising of soups, salads, Buddha balls, meals for 1, wedge appetizers, non-veg appetizers, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main course varieties, variations in rice and noodles. The average cost for one order is approximately rupees 400. They also have unique sushi rolls.

Hungry Buddha

16. Baadshahi- By Chef Sadiq Khan

This restaurant serves authentic gourmet dishes that are perfectly cooked. There is a huge range of Mughlai dishes on their menu like Kadhai, Nihari, Dum Biryani, Kebabs. Their Dum Biryani is perfectly flavoured and cooked in a clay pot including the rich yet subtle flavours.

Baadshahi By Chef Sadiq Khan

17. GoodDO-The Vegan Eatery

This restaurant is unique as it specialises in vegan food. It serves delicious cruelty free food. The food here is wholesome, tastes amazing. They run on the concept of mock meat. They serve non-vegetarian substitutes. It has an elegant ambience and a comfortable seating area. They also serve vegan coffee. The food tastes mind blowing and priced reasonably. It is an innovative idea and uses soya as a replacement for non-vegetarian food.

GoodDO The Vegan Eatery

18. Boojee Cafe

Boojee Cafe is the idealistic, homely and vibrant café look you have in mind. This is a place where you can go every day, spend hours and never get bored. Everything on the menu is surprisingly fresh and solid. The food is simply delicious because it is thought out to the smallest detail at every stage! The service is amazing, there is a lot to experience! You can even enjoy your meal in the car!

Boojee Cafe

19. The Budapest Bakehouse

A picturesque cafe in the footsteps of Khar, this place has several foods to seduce their taste buds. They are known for their cones. Although it takes 15-20 minutes before a cone is made, it’s worth waiting. The Butterscan was delicious. We also had the coconut and vanilla ice cream cone along with the chocolate cream called Mokka joy.  You can also try the green apple ice cream team and the Nutella Shake. The pins are delicious and certainly on a big budget. The dessert has a coating of chocolate course inside and that makes it very delicious!

The Budapest Bakehouse


The Tanjore Tiffin Room

The food at this restaurant is worth trying. They often bring a tasting platter for their gravies and expect customer feedbacks. It is a Tamilian based restaurant that serves homestyle traditional background food in a modern ambience. It reflects the Tamil culture and celebrates its simplicity and flavours.

The Tanjore Tiffin Room 1