Top 20 Restaurants To Visit In College Road, Nasik

Top 20 Restaurants to Visit in College Road Nasik
Top 20 Restaurants to Visit in College Road Nasik

Nasik is known as the “Wine Capital of India” Nasikis likewise a famous pilgrimage site. Famous for all of the valid reasons, also it is recognized for its meals options. There’s not anything like on foot down an avenue engulfed through all of therich aromas, slowly taking within side the tantalizing smells that take your starvation pangs a notch higher *happy sighs*. And well, College Road is one such areainside thetown which does simply that to you! Dotted alongside the lane are a bunch of eating places and eateries which arepositive to make you drooland are available returned for more, So, here’s alisting of the first-rateeating places in Nasik which one shouldgo to and revel in a first-rate time relishing the delicious delicacies.

Vijus Dabeli

Vijus Dabeli isfamousfor making authentic Dabelis on College Road.He was the first to introduce this wonderful dish to Nasik in 1994, since then it has become the hallmark of universitystudents’ street food.

Essentially, Dabeli is a spicy, aromatic filling of sweet, sour and, spicy potato filling inbread.They started as street food vendors but now have an indoor seating area for thoselooking to unwind with their other delicaciessuchas sandwiches and pulao. This cuisine is one of the finest in Nasik, with a delicious blend of ingredients.

Address: Shop 5, 6, 7, Kulkarni Baug, College Road, Nasikdownload

2 Riverdine restaurant and bar

Riverdine is one of the few places in Nasik to dine. If you want to escape the clutter and dineinsilence, Riverdine is the place foryou! Take anoutdoor seating and enjoy a delicious meal under the stars. If you arelooking for a romantic date with your family or friends, this is the perfect place with a great atmosphere and greatfood; the staff is very amicable and can arrange candlelight dinners for you.

Address: Opp Asaram Bapu Aashram Bridge, Near Nandawan Lawns, Savarkar Nagar Extension, Off, Gangapur Rd, Nasik, Maharashtra 42201320161231-003006-001-largejpg


This humble cafe on College Road serves a widevariety ofdelicious and unique dishes, from Desi fried dumplings, Slurpee plates, Schezwan chips to Mexican Bhel, it has it all! And the best part is that it is quite pocket-friendly.Besides,for all the broken and hungry souls, 12TO12 is the mostsuitableplace. The food is delicious. It serves Western cuisine with Indian spices. Non alcoholic cocktails are great. You will even get a lot of sparks here.

Address: Sant Kabir Nagar, Parijat Nagar, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005restaurant-interior

4 Curry leaves

Curry Leaves is a popular restaurant in Nasik and is a great place to havea good time with friends and family. It is minimalist yet modern and fresh, complementing the restaurant’s culinary spirit.Fast service and elegant tableware will make yourlunch even more delicious.Moreover, the pleasantatmospherein the restaurant will make your visit unforgettable. For vegetarians, curry leaves are the best choice! This pure vegan restaurant has anextensive menu of delicious dishes that will trulybring tearsto youreyes! It is a MUST try Roomali Khakhra.

Address: Jehan Circle, Gangapur Road, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005april-2019

5 Chai tapri

All tea lovers know how essential a perfect tea blend is to the senses, so a cup of this magic potion is what you need to try in Tapri Tea! Itsvibrant and modernatmosphere sets it apart from all teas.Thelas You can also post your impressionson the colorfulcomment wall here. * Howwonderfulit is?! When dining at this establishment, you should order ​​tea,garlic cheese toast, iced tea with lemon, tea with honey, lemonand, ginger, maggi withavocado cheeseand muchmore. You can easily find this place as it is very close to Dominos Pizza.

Address: College Rd, Thatte Nagar, Krishi Nagar, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005gallery-1

Lazeez By Enter the Dragon

This restaurant boasts spectacular city views from therooftop terrace while savoring Chinese and Indian cuisine! The simple monochrome interior perfectly complements the restaurant’s vibrant setting, and don’t worry,it’s easy moneyhere. For a hearty meal, this place means delicious food that catersto alltastes. It is home to some of the most valuablecuisines,including Chinese. Brownie,rice,mojito, etc.

Address:above peter England, Archit Arcade, 3rd floor, College Rd, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005803_501860017

Eastern spice

Renowned for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, Eastern Spice Restaurant is renowned for its delectable Thai and Indian cuisine. You cannot leave this place without trying the pepper soup and chicken pasta salad. They are just amazing! Offering gourmet food,takeaway and Nasik delivery, Eastern Spice is the cornerstone of our community and isrenowned for its great food, outstanding service and friendly staff. This restaurant is renowned for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on using only highquality, fresh ingredients.

Address: 2Q4C+J8G, Yashwant Colony, Patil Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005eastern-spice

8 Al Arabian express

Al Arabian Express, known for itsoriental delicacies, will delight all biryani and shawarma lovers. The Angara and Nizami Kebab arehomefavourites, don’t forget to order!Many customers coming from all parts of the city often gatherhereso try visiting the place early to enjoy their menu.

Address: Pumping Station Rd, Vise Mala, Patil Colony, Ramdas Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005802_502570884

Yahoo family restaurant

Yahoo offersdelicious seafood that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Be sure to try theHandeshifishcurry and the Goancurry. * YES * for that! Polite and professional staff. Youshould try a variety of dishes in the restaurant’s Seafood, Biryani, Mangalorian Ghassi, Neer Dosa, Authentic Punjab, Maharashtrian Khandeshi, Malvani Fish, Chinese, Tandoor, and Grill, famous for theirButter chicken.

Address: Yahoo hotel, Sharanpur Link Rd, near Tibetian Market, near Canada Corner, P&T Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005unnamed

10 Hakka Tikka

Hakka tikka is a greatrestaurant toeat at. The variety of vegetables is not surprising; there is plenty to choose from. The small and pocket-friendlyrestaurant is located on CollegeRoadonBigBazaarRoad towards GangapurRoad.

Adress: Shop No. 1 & 2, Regent Plaza, Patil Lane, 3, College Rd, opposite Nirman Group Real Estate Developers, Savarkar Nagar, Nasik, and Maharashtra 422013Hakka-Bakka-Table-Spread-1_55_660x440

11 The Biryani Life

If ever your heart craves a nice portion of flavorful biryani, this is an ideal place to visit. They offer an amazing variety of biryanis served in an earthen pot. They serve their biryanis with a portion of raita. If you love Biryani and have no choice, become a part of Biryani’s life and consolidate this healthyrelationship and sit back and enjoy that hot pot.

Adress: Shop – 9, Thakkar Majesty Appts College Road, B/H Vijus Dabeli, near M Tattoo Studio, 422002801_502791890

12 Momos and more

Momos have made their special place in the heart of every person by now! You will find a favourite momo wale bhaiya in every alternate lane. This place serves vegetarian momos with cheese and paneer filling and non-vegetarian momos with chicken filling. They have both steamed and fried varieties of momos.

Address: Part of Carnival Restaurant, College Rd, near Bhonsala Military School, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005GogoMomo-f

13 Firangi Bake

This restaurant is a unique amalgamation of delicious Italian cuisine and flavorful Indian recipes. Firangi Bake is a great choice if you want to try something with a touchof both Desi and Firangi. Trythe minced chicken lasagna and chicken quesadilla. If you want to enjoy chicken and cheese at the same time, this is perfect. Crispy al fresco quesadillas with delicious toppings.

Address: F -19 Utility Centre Opp. Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan Tilakwadi, Sharanpur Rd, near ICICI Bank, Pandit Colony, Nasik, and Maharashtra 422005firangi-bake

14 Chotte miyaan

Chote Miya Restaurant offers excellent diningwith delicious food. Chote Miya Restaurant in Nasik offers hearty meals.This place is synonymous with delicious food to satisfy any appetite,serving the highest quality food to cater to a large number of visitors; it has a great location in Bhadrakali. It is always tasty and always tasty, with a consistent taste that is alwayscombined withtop-quality dishes. Address: Behind Razzaque Manzil, Doodh Bazar, Nasik, Maharashtraafrican-huts-at-chhote

15 Thancos Natural Ice cream

This ice cream parlour is one of a kind. They have a specially designed model which serves scoops of ice creams and fancy products like Sundae ice cream, rolls ice cream, milkshakes, stone ice cream and even waffles ice cream. With over 90+ outlets in India, it serves you high-quality products with constant attention to consumer safety and hygiene. They have general as well as natural fruit flavours on their menu.

Address: Panchdeep, behind muktidham, Datta Mandir road, opposite Sanskar lodge, Nasik road. 422101, College Road, Nasikbelgian-dark-chocolate

16 Hotel Pancham

This pure vegetarian family restaurant is located on the college road. You will find a lot of crowds if you visit them on a weekend. Parking is a huge problem around this restaurant. They have Marathi and North Indian varieties on their menu. They ensure the right quality and quantity reaches their customers. The prices are affordable to slightly high. The most recommended dish on their menu is the khakhra starter.

Address: College Rd, beside Archies Gallery, Patil Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 4220050222s1200089yb3q836BF_Z_550_412_R5_Q70_D

17 Pick and Eat

If you are someone who loves Home like food, then this is the restaurant for you. Theyserve homemade sabzi and piping hot Rotis. They have about 7 types of options for sabji. They also serve threetypes of parathas like the aloo paratha, methi paratha and paneer paratha. They have a decent seating area that comfortably accommodates 7-8 customers at a time. This restaurant provides takeaway facilities too.

Address: College Rd, Yashwant Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 422005Pick+and+Eat-Seamless-Veggie+Pizza

18 Lets shawarma

It is the perfect destination for your shawarma cravings. The preparation andthe variety will make you want to gobble up all the items on the menu. The location of the joint is slightly tricky but Google maps got your back! The quantity is great; shawarma is richly flavoured, juicy, made with excellent quality ingredients hygienically. They offer a good meal for a reasonable rate.

Address: Shop No 05, Opp BYK College front gate, College Rd, Nasik, 4220052ecbac1a-8ace-4ce9-9412-7b03dbbe8344_16x9_600x338

19 Italian Embassy-The Italian food truck

This is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty Italian meal on College Road. It is a small yet hygienic food truck serving finger-licking good varieties like Ravioli, Lasagna, Pastas, and Cold Coffee etc. It provides the best taste and portion under a good budget.

Address:  Shop 5, Subhead Apartment, Normal Convent Road, Opposite Hotel Second Empire, College Road, Nasik1280px-Lasagna_with_salad_May_2011-Copy

20 Serene yard

Serene Yard is a simple café cum restaurant to peacefully enjoy any celebration, occasion or just spend some quality time with your loved ones. They serve the choicest varieties like Nachos with Salsa Sauce, Cheese Burst Pizza, Lasagna Pasta, Triple Schezwan Fried Rice, Paneer Chilly, Lemon Ice Tea, Fresh Lime Soda, Freaky Oreo, Watermelon Juice, and Badam Anjeer Shake. They provide Hugh quality at a very pocket friendly price.

Address: College Rd, Ramdas Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 422001serene-backyard-hamilton-gray-design-inc-img_fe01feb100353905_4-6655-1-443e31c