Top 20 Restaurants To Visit In Deolali, Nasik

Top 20 Restaurants to Visit in Deolali Nasik
Top 20 Restaurants to Visit in Deolali Nasik

Deolali is an army Camp withinside the Hills. Maharashtra is famous for its abundance of foliage and scenic locales. Deolali is One such hill station located among the Sahyadri Hills of the state. It is a favorite weekend getaway and fitness camp, Deolali has lengthy been an important military base. Located close to one of the biggest waterfalls in Maharashtra, the campsite has a serene atmosphere with the sound of water soothing each soul that will pay a go-to here. The singing of birds and flying over the prominent bushes in the area are very important to visitors visiting this place, as they can immerse themselves in nature. With a lake within the side of the region, the belongings are domestic to chill winds and unrivaled beauty. You will fall in love with this region will want that this enjoy should by no means end. Let’s look into the restaurants you can visit here during your stay!

1. Rasoi

This restaurant is a famous eatery in Deolali. It is well-known for its Punjabi cuisine, but they serve South Indian, Chinese and, other cuisines too. It is situated in a crowded area, parking is sometimes an issue here. Try their soya chaap, lasooni methi, parathas, pineapple raita, chole bhature, etc.
Address: Sai Kripa Commercial Complex, Tilak Road, Opp Muktidham, Nasik Road, Nasik, Maharashtra 422214restaurant_662799_restaurant020190423135628

2. Chintamani

This restaurant is the best place to enjoy a typical home-like meal. The ambiance of the restaurant is simple and, the staff is very courteous and deals with customers very well.
It serves the best Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Chinese, South Indian Dishes in the city. Along with authentic Maharashtra food as well as homemade Punjabi food, it also serves a variety of limited thaali dishes. Some of the must-have dishes are Puran Poli, ShabudanaKhichdi, Rajgira PuriBhaji, SolKadi, PitlaBhakri, Aloo Paratha.
Address: G-22/37 Bytco Point, Nasik Road, Gayakhe Colony, Nasik, Maharashtra 422214925592958s

3. Pushpa Vihar

It is a small restaurant situated at devlali camp. It serves Punjabi South Indian lunch and breakfast options. They also do serve fasting options such as sabudana khichdi, French fries, etc. The prices are incredibly affordable and the taste is delicious. You can visit this restaurant at any time of the day for breakfast for lunch or, dinner. Must try the chole bhatura, South Indian varieties, biryani, etc.
Address: WR2H+QV7, Deolali Camp, Deolali, Maharashtra 4224011_rk_independent_house-for-rent-pushp_vihar-New+Delhi

4. Shardha Bhavan

Sharda Bhavan is a restaurant in the Devlali camp. This restaurant originatedfromMumbai, famous for its South Indian cuisine. In terms of atmosphere, the prices are very affordable. The must-have varieties are ghee dosa, mendu wada sambar, masala dosa, etc. Pa is a problem, so keep that in mind when visiting this place.
Address: Deolali campsharda-bhavan

5. Navratna

This restaurant offers delicious Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese cuisines. The taste of the food is excellent and the service is very good. However, it is the best restaurant for South Indian food. It is the right place to enjoy some crispy dosa, steam idli, and other South Indian varieties. The waiting time at this restaurant is very short. Parking is a slight issue here but if you’re visiting this place for dinner then you will find ample space.
Address: WR2H+HG5, Deolali Cantonment, Vijay Nagar, Deolali, Maharashtra 422401hotel-navaratna-veg-restaurant

6. Lokashray

This is a small shop located in the center of the Deolali camp. This location is well-known for its piping warm samosas and jalebis. It serves diverse sweets as well as vada pav and different snacks. The exceptional time to go to this save is withinside the morning hours whilst they’re getting ready clean and warm snacks. They do not have any seating arrangement; however, the flavor of the meals compensates it all.millet_shakti_cafe

7. Variety Milk Center

Variety sweet shop is a small dairy famous for its delicious and juicy coconut ladoo, other sweets such as malai barfi, rasgulla, and gulab jamun. They also offer tasty and fresh paneer. They serve fresh, high-quality milk and milk products.
Address: 888, Howson Rd, Deolali Camp, Nasik, and Maharashtra 422401milkAlternatives-513384024-770×533-1

8. Gazebo

Probably the maximum acknowledged and famous eating place withinside the area. Gazebo sees a big ready line nearly every evening, be it weekend or weekdays, in all likelihood due to all of the Jain sanatoriums around and additionally for being one of the few eating places serving multi delicacies with Jain options. The gravies are served hot, the eating place personnel manage to attend to that regardless of all of the chaos of the ready crowd and a brilliant-complete eating place. There are many stalls and meals courts in devlali, gazebo is one of the respectable eating places in devlali. It is placed close to lam road. And on the main road. Must go to as soon as in case you are searching out veg. Restaurant. The provider is short and acknowledged for its super north Indian, Chinese, and South Indian delicacies.
Address: Lam Road, Deolali, near Bhatia Stop, Nasik, Maharashtra 422401

gazebo summer house in english garden

9. Pawan Milk Center

This is one of the oldest and the maximum well-known diaries throughout devlali. This dairy gives excellent milk and milk products. You should attempt the chocolates that they have got along with rasgulla, malai barfi, Shrikhand, Gulab Jamun. This saves now no longer handiest ensures hygiene however, additionally ensures purity.
Address: 102, Lam Rd, near Diamond Park, Deolali Camp, Nasik, Maharashtra 4224014px-BW84_n2aGZJPv2Q_uysuQlRKXWAtkzmuAfqDQITcuO7_FYe_adbVn_ntvR81xKX_LnEsBxtee2h6IpNgqajb-ZN77gVBqWvRdGoqKQ5KQ9N2lcHddA

10. Garibdas Mithaiwala

Garibdas Mithaiwala is another very old shop located in Devlali camp. It is very famous for its chat food such as Sindhi Pani Puri, ragda patties, samosa, etc. They also offer a wide variety of sweets and rice snacks. Visit this during the early hours two relish some delicious jalebi fafda.
Address: Mithai St, Deolali Camp, Deolali, Maharashtra 422401IMG_20190724_205230017

11. Niki Sagar

This is another restaurant that serves Mumbai-style food. You get a wide variety of cuisine such as South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese and also chart variety such as pav bhaji, etc. This eating place is constantly crowded due to the excellent and flavor it offers. There is enough parking area around this eating place. It is present on the main road and very easy to locate.
Address: Valentina Lam Road, Before HDFC Bank, Indrayani Society, Deolali Camp, Nasik, Deolali, Maharashtra 4224011523796816IMG-20180404-WA0015

12. Chai Tapri

Chai tapri is a small café located in the devlali camp. They serve few types of tea, coffee, momos and, everyone’s favorite Maggie. It offers a nice decent seating area. A nice hot cup of cutting child and delicious snacks like French fries or bun maska to go with sounds like a perfect evening spent with friends. Chai tapri has made its place in the hearts of college-going students as well as elders
as well.
Address: Shop No 9, Status Complex, Near Old Bus Stand, Deolali Camp Area, Nasik, Maharashtra 422401image-1-tea-1590071008-1606390591

13. Samrat Bhagur Country

Samrat restaurant is a casual restaurant that serves Punjabi, Chinese varieties. It is well known for its ambiance as it is a garden restaurant and also it is beautifully decorated with lights and outdoor dining. The best time to visit this place is a cold winter evening.
Address: Lam Rd, Deolali Camp, Deolali, Maharashtra 4224014px-BW84_n0QJGVPszge3NRBsKw-2VcOifrJIjPYFYkOtaCZxxXQ2V0UPNck0ZpweDSotwxRl6LXD3go2r5DIZkDMzVbGUmpkmxZV65PTp2QEfsrg2eYzQ

14. Aamchi maati, aamchi mansa

“Amchi Mati Amchi Mansa” at Deolali camp, Nasik, is a prominent themed eating place serving breakfast and mains. Space is designed like a village and is complete with greens. There’s a small play place for children and quite a few swings, animals, clickable regions and, different matters for the grown-ups. Coming to the food, order their sarpanch misal and a pitcher of masala taak. Sarpanch misal has papad, barely toasted pav, matki, Dahi, pohe & sabudana khichadi served with chulhivarcha rassa & tarri. Misal becomes high-quality in flavor and, the carrier becomes set off too. Overall this appears to be an entertaining area wherein you could revel in a pleasant meal and click on many pictures.
Address: Mande Baug, Kahan Nagar Belatgavhan Road, Lam Rd, Nasik, Maharashtra 4224015da56f3315b06f80d9909ab2_1571122995432

15. Bharat Cold drink house

This cold drink house is a place to enjoy falooda, fresh fruit juices, kulfi, ice creams. The prices are slightly expensive, they offer a decent seating area. This area is taken into consideration as one of the nicest locations to experience Dal pakwan, South Indian dishes, missal pav and, north Indian dishes. they also serve homemade soda varieties like fresh lime soda, sweet lemon soda, and Kashmiri masala soda. Address: Howson Road, Deolali, Maharashtra 422401bharat-2__2_tonemapped

16. ShivShakti Chaat House

This small chaat center serves Mumbai-style chaat food options. It is open throughout the day. They offer dishes like bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri, ragda pattice etc. Their taste is authentic and unique. The prices are affordable. They have a small seating arrangement.
Address: Near Cantonment Board, Deolali Cantonment, Deolali Camp, Deolali, Maharashtra 4224015e57f524c5374.image

17. The momo factory

They provide distinct forms of momos and proper Asian cuisine and, additionally have enough varieties of finger foods. Go along with your circle of relatives and buddies for a deal with your tongue and tummy. they’re placed withinside the newly distinctive deolali meals hub. The momos right here aren’t most effective tasty, however, additionally affordable. They specialize in lots of scrumptious momos. I’ve attempted tandoori momos, pan-fried momos, momos platter, mint momos, chicken and cheese momos, and remaining, however, now no longer the least- chocolate momos. And their momos amazed me! They have proper thukpa as well. And the prepared dinner is from Nepal so that you can believe the extent of authenticity withinside the taste. A small joint, however, average cherished the taste, staff, music! Everything!
Address: Hari Niketan phase 2, Shop No A-1, A-wing type, Lam Rd, near Domino’s Pizza store, Deolali Camp, Nasik, Maharashtra 4224014px-BW84_n0QJGVPszge3NRBsKw-2VcOifrJIjPYFYkOtaCZxxXQ2WUdejeOtr4oNB4xMUuKPvdQjSTRmftq9dOvGDER-UlAGu9sC6_V4aEd4ns_XhZt0w

18. Welcome Farsan

Welcome farsan serves the best quality of dry snacks and person. Do try their Pani Puri, kachori when you visit them. Parking is sometimes an issue but it is manageable. This shop has a small seating area where you can sit back and enjoy your snacks.

Address: No 483, Mithai St, Deolali Camp, Nasik, Maharashtra 422401download

19. Hotel Gavran Chul

This terrace restaurant has won many hearts because of its ambiance, authentic taste, well-presented food, and hygiene. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with a village-like setup with lights to brighten the atmosphere. They serve the best Maharashtrian food. The prices are pocket-friendly.
Address: Deolali Cantonment, Deolali Camp, Deolali, Maharashtra 422401download (1)

20. Purohit Thaali

This restaurant is synonymous with scrumptious meals which could satiate all meals cravings. It is domestic to a number of the maximum favored cuisines which encompass Gujarati, Marwadi, Pure Veg, Indian. To cater to a massive variety of diners, Courtesy of this strategic location, foodies in and across the community can stroll into this consuming residence readily without dealing with any hassles associated with commuting to this part of the city. It is one of the maximum trendy Restaurants in Bytco Point. This is one of the famed Restaurants in Nasik. Address: bus stop, Andhashala, Nasik – Pune Rd, Nasik, Maharashtra 422101purohit-thali