Top 20 Restaurants To Visit Now In Yeongduengpo-Gu In Seoul

top 20 restaurants to visit now in yeongduengpo in seoul 1

On the banks of the Hangang is the southwest administrative district of Yeongdeungpo. Historically considered a significant port for Seoul, Yeongdeungpo eventually developed as a commercial and residential district. Yeouido-Dong is the largest neighborhood of Yeongdeungpo; the district has many important locations and buildings scattered across its landmass. The famous ’63 Building,’ officially known as ’63 SQUARE’, is the city’s third-largest skyscraper. One of Seoul’s largest shopping malls, Times Square, is near the Yeongdeungpo station. The district is full of beautiful and exciting locations, like Yeouido Park, Seonyudo Park, IFC Mall, Yeongdeungpo Market, The National Assembly Building, and more.

1. Walking On The Cloud

Aesthetic decor, beautiful ambiance, and stunning view—Walking On The Cloud has everything it takes to make a perfect spot for dates and romantic and special occasions dining. Located at 50, 63-Ro, Walking on the Clouds is a European-Asian fusion restaurant featuring deliciously mouth-watering dishes. However, the restaurant’s highlight is its breath-taking view; from the 59th floor, you can immerse in Seoul’s visual beauty.

1 Walking On The Cloud

2. Atrio

On the second floor of the luxury 5-star hotel Conrad Hilton, Atrio is a high-end Italian restaurant. You can indulge in Italian appetizers, pasta, pizza, desserts, and many more; the ambiance is quiet, perfect for conversations with friends or business dinners. The staff is friendly and willing to guide you through their menu with recommendations. As expected of a posh restaurant, Atrio is expensive but worth it.

2 Atrio

3. 37 Grill & Bar

Another worth-visiting restaurant inside Conrad Seoul is 37 Grill & Bar, a casual bar and steakhouse. Expect warm greetings and welcome from the attentive and polite staff at 37 Grill. Seated at this expensive restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Han river. The must-try foods on the menu are the riveting Amuse Bouche and tender, juicy, and perfectly-grilled steak. Of course, ice cream served at the restaurant is a must too!
3 37 Grill Bar

4.  Jinju Jib

Customers regard this restaurant as one of the best in Seoul for Cold Soup Noodles. Located in the basement of Yeouido Department Store, Jinju Jib is famous among Korean locals for its limited yet comforting menu. However, the best-selling item on their menu is Kongguksu—a cold soybean noodle soup thick in texture and savory-nutty in flavor. Other items are Dakkalguksu, Bibimguksu, and steamed dumplings.

4 Jinju Jib

5. The Sky Farm

Listed in TripAdvisor’s best brunch restaurants compilation, The Sky Farm entails a pleasant gastronomic experience that you don’t want to miss! Looking over National Assembly Hall, Yeouido, and the Han River, the restaurant hosts a visually-appealing scenery. The food is exceptional, and although the menu is limited, it consists of delicious dishes from world cuisine. In addition, the interiors are unique and astounding; it is impossible not to have a fantastic time at The Sky Farm.

5 The Sky Farm

6. Picniq

This cozy brunch cafe is a breath of fresh air to beat the exhausting summer heat. Located at 2-1, Yangpyeong-Ro 22-Gil, Picniq offers some of the best desserts and coffees you will ever find. The heavenly and fluffy Chocolate Tiramisu Souffle is so delicious that you must make it a part of your must-try dishes! You can even rent a picnic set and enjoy it.

6 Picniq

7. Baek Ni Hyang

On the 57th floor of the famous 63 building in Yeoui-Dong is Baek Ni Hyang—a posh restaurant, undoubtedly one of the best Chinese restaurants you will ever visit in Seoul. The restaurant serves both Cantonese and Sichuan styles of Chinese food and offers an extensive menu with the best-tasting dishes. You can look over the view of Seoul city in this expensive yet must-visit restaurant.

7 Baek Ni Hyang

8. Hwahaedang

Hwahaedang, located at 15, Gukhae-Daero 62-Gil, is a restaurant exclusive for its crab-based dishes. Customers mention the texture of the crab offered here to be better and firmer than the ones usually delivered at other restaurants. Because of the premium quality of crab meat, the prices are higher than locals would pay. But once you taste it, you’ll realize the food is worth the price! Food-lovers must consider visiting this Michelin-star restaurant a must!

8 Hwahaedang

9. Pig In The Garden

Pig In The Garden is a casual lunch place located at 56, Yeoui-Daero in Yeoui-Dong. The restaurant offers a good variety of fresh Salads and Poke Bowls; the restaurant even allows for our customization. They even have a vegan salad bowl, and vegans can construct their salads. Apart from salads, mains like Grilled Chicken, Salmon, Pasta, and other western-fusion foods are available.

9 Pig In The Garden

10. Everest Restaurant

Everest Restaurant presents Indian-Tibetan-Nepalese cuisine. Apart from the YeongDeungpo-Gu branch, the restaurant has branches in other parts of the city like Jongno-Gu, and Junggu. Expect to have most specials from the North Indian and Tibetan cuisines like curry, grilled meat dishes, rice-based mains, and Indian bread like Naan, Roti, and Puri. Customers consider that the taste of the food adjusted as per the Korean palate, but it is still one of the preferred restaurants in the district to have Indian food.

10 Everest Restaurant

11. Waves

This restaurant is tucked away in the streets of Mullae-Dong, so it can be a tiny bit of a challenge to figure out its location. But once you enter ‘Waves,’ you’ll know it is the perfect spot to hang out with your friends and unwind over some beer. Their beer range is exciting, and you can enjoy your drink with delicious Hawaiin food. The restaurant attracts a young crowd, and the interiors have a pleasant vintage vibe.

11 Waves

12. Vietnam

‘Vietnam’ is effortlessly one of the best restaurants to taste Vietnamese cuisine in Yeoui-Dong—the rice noodles served here are perfectly cooked, the meat is juicy and tender, and you’ll love their sauces and flavorings. In addition, the soup is clear and better than most soups you can find in the neighborhood. Portion size may seem limited, but the food is quite filling.

12 Vietnam

13. Dami

Dami is a beautiful Japanese restaurant, preferred by working employees in the Yeoui-Dong region to unwind after work with their colleagues. You can enjoy grilled seafood and meat along with your drinks or sit at the bar and watch the fish grilled to perfection. Alcoholic beverages include Shochu, beer, and some cocktails. Because of the local employees, the restaurant tends to get crowded during the evenings, so reach there early!

13 Dami

14. Zest

Zest is a buffet restaurant in the luxury hotel Conrad Seoul. The spread of dishes is vast, with cuisines from Korea and the world. The ingredients are fresh, especially the meat and seafood, so you will thoroughly enjoy savoring foods like Sushi and Sashimi. Korean cuisine served at Zest deserves mention for its delicious flavors. The service is professional, and the interiors are elegant and spacious.

14 Zest

15. Ola!

Ola is an upscale Italian restaurant located at 38, Uisangdang-Daero. Customers call the food served here one of the best Italian meals they’ve ever had. This restaurant is ideal for casual lunches—the lunch course menu includes appetizers, mains, and coffee. In addition, customers recommend Tomato or creme-based pasta, Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo, and Veal. The restaurant is expensive but worth the price!

15 Ola

16. The Place

This Italian Bistro is ideal for anyone who wants a break from the spicy and flavorful Korean cuisine. ‘The Place’ is located at 10, Gukjegeummyung-Ro in Yeoui-Dong. The menu offers a decent range of pizzas, pasta, steak, salads, and beverages. Their famous ‘Bomb Pizza’ is a must-try and a fun experience, as the pizza is set alight on fire before consuming. 

16 The Place

17. Laxmi Restaurant

Widely known as the best Indian food in Seoul, Laxmi Restaurant offers delicious and freshly prepared North Indian and Mughlai mains, snacks, desserts, and beverages. Vegetarian options are plenty. The ambiance and seating are comfortable and give off a homely vibe, and the dishes are prepared with a balanced taste to avoid any overwhelming flavors. Even a person who has never tried Indian food before would love the food.

17 Laxmi Restaurant

18. Hanok Jib

Hanok Jin, located at 7-1 Yangpyeongdong 3(Sam)-Ga, is a traditional Korean restaurant that one must visit to enjoy the classic flavors of Korean cuisine. You get to eat Kimchi Jjigae and Bulgogi and many delicious side dishes. The owner grows his vegetables, so the side dishes and the mains are fresh-tasting, and the vegetables change with the seasons. Customers appreciate the friendliness of the owner and mention the deep-tasting Kimchi soup as their all-time favorite!

18 Hanok Jib

19. Old Mullae

Old Mullae, located at 433-6 Dorim-Ro Mullae-Dong, is a famous pub in the Yeongdeungpo-gu region. It attracts huge crowds of locals and foreigners and often has long queues of customers waiting. The restaurant is spacious yet cozy and designed beautifully with a retro vibe, full of vintage decorations and artifacts. The massive selection of beer and delicious and affordable food is why many customers visit the pub again and again.

19 Old Mullae

20. Jeong-in-myeonok

Yeongdeungpo-gu region has Michelin-star restaurants too. Jeong-in-myeonok, located at 10 Gukhoe-Daero 76-Gil, is a best-in-class Naengmyeon restaurant. The Naengmyeon, also known as Cold Noodles, are made in the traditional North Korean “Pyeongyang” style—clear broth with a distinct flavor of meat and authentic buckwheat noodles that complement the broth.

20 Jeong in myeonok