Top 20 Restaurants With The Best Ambiance In Hyderabad


Having a good ambiance while enjoying your food is a joy you should take advantage of. The surroundings are vital in adding flavor and essence to your food. Hyderabad brings restaurants with the best food and ambiance to provide unforgettable memories. Here are some places handpicked for you to explore.

1. Makau

Makau, located in Jubilee Hills, has become a new hangout spot for the locals. With its tropical-themed ambiance and diverse food menu, this place has garnered lots of love. It’s where you would like to spend as much as you can, admiring the cleverly designed interiors with different floors of seating.

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2. Prost Brew Pub

Prost is the perfect place to end your day and party your heart out. Prost Brew Pub offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages brewed in-house and an exciting food menu to pair with the drinks. It is located in Jubilee Hills around neighboring pubs and breweries; Prost stands out not only from the outside but also for its interior with beautiful décor and an open bar.

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3. Last House Coffee By The Lake

Last House Coffee by the Lake is a cozy café in Jubilee Hills that has received much attention for its coffee and brilliant design. Upon entering the café, you feel welcomed by the soothing Earth colors in the architecture and furniture. You can enjoy the breezy outdoor seating and a scenic view of the Durgam Cheruvu Lake. But you can also feel at home in the relaxed and comfy indoors with a living room set up. It’s a pet-friendly place with several charging points and workstations for the working crowd.

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4.Gol Bungalow Taj Falaknuma

It’s the perfect place to live out your fantasies, a private dining experience straight out of a fairy tale. Located in Engine Bowli, Falaknuma, the site offers an exquisite hand-crafted menu with a splendid view of the city of pearls. The terrace is known to be the venue for royal receptions for guests like King George V and Queen Mary.

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5.Sorin Bistro

Sorin Bistro is a rookie restaurant located in BNR Colony, Raidurg. It is already bustling with customers as it brings new vibes and food worldwide. A separate pet-friendly zone allows pet lovers to enjoy food with their lovely furry companions. It’s perfect for all occasions, from cozy indoors to breezy and serene outdoors.

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6.Lé Vantage Café Bar

It is a peaceful and quiet place in Jubilee Hills that amazes you. You can feel the European and vintage vibes from the food to the décor as you enter. With a beautiful concept and music that puts you in the mood, you feel like you have traveled to Paris.

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7. Felica

Felica Lounge is designed to bring lots of love, compassion, and bonding between pets and humans. Here you can hang out with your pets and not worry about leaving them home. You can have your pets groomed and dressed, enjoy food together, let them spend a night at their customized pet houses, or get them checked by a vet.

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8. Beluga Café

Beluga café in Jubilee Hills offers customers fine dining and a luxurious experience. You can choose from a wide selection of international and Indian cuisine as well as a selection of wine and cocktails. It gives a warm and welcoming vibe with modern and stylish décor. It is a perfect spot to enjoy special occasions or a night out with friends in an elegant way.

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9. So, The Sky Kitchen

It’s a famous multi-cuisine restaurant located above Little Italy in Jubilee Hills. This place is known for its pleasant rooftop seating that offers a view of the city with potted plants to enhance the outdoor experience. Lovely in the afternoon and even more beautiful at night, this place is perfect for your romantic date night.

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10. The Fisherman’s Wharf

This place is like heaven for seafood lovers. It is a Goan-style restaurant located in the Financial District, which has become one of the classic places for people to dine. The place offers different cuisines, including various Goan delicacies and seafood dishes. It embodies the Goan spirit, and there’s plenty of open space regardless of your table. It’s a tiny Goa right here in Hyderabad.

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11. Olive Bistro

It is a gorgeous location with a scenic view of the famous Durgam Cheruvu Lake and a lush green ambiance. Olive Bistro, in Jubilee Hills, is a happening place with teal and white Mediterranean décor accompanied by a delicious menu. It has won Best European-Casual Dining Category and Best Ambiance at the Times Food Awards 2015 and Best Sunday Brunch at the Zomato User’s Choice Awards 2015.

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12. Tiger Lily Bistro

Tiger Lily Bistro, located in Jubilee Hills, is famous for its chicken and waffles, a must-try for every food lover. As we enter through its grand green door, we see that the décor is inspired by natural elements, from its uncut trees to the floral patterns on the walls. The pastel pink color of the interiors gives the place an elegant and cheerful vibe, complemented by the leaves falling from the ceiling.

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13. Farzi Café

One of the classic hangout spots in the city, Farzi Café, never gets old. Located in Jubilee Hills, it is the best place to indulge in Indian cuisine in a gourmet style. The café also has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere where you can peacefully enjoy food.

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Zero40 is in Jubilee Hills and Financial District. It is one of the most prominent original craft beer destinations in Hyderabad. They offer one of the finest brews that anyone can relish at any time of the day. To pair with it, they have an eclectic food menu. According to them, a delicious mug of beer can improve life.

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15.Vikendi Gelato Kitchen

Not only famous for its gelato, but Vikendi also offers a variety of food from its curated menu with a cozy and pleasant ambiance. Located in Jubilee Hills, hanging out with friends and family is perfect. With seating indoors and outdoors, every corner is full of energy.

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16. Autumn Leaf Café

This is a go-to place to hang out with friends or spend time with a book alone. This artsy café in Jubilee Hills is a pet-friendly café where you can relax and enjoy food under the trees. While most customers prefer outdoor seating, the place also offers a cozy interior.

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17. Aaromalé

A café that looks like a heritage mansion in Film Nagar offers an ideal platform for different artists to collaborate and create. With backyard garden seating, a cozy atmosphere, and a homely feeling, this place has all the elements to fuel your creative energy. The spirits are kept high, with events organized every other day.

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18. Altitude Lounge And Bar

It is located in Tank Bund and is the perfect spot to enjoy the magnificent view of Hyderabad’s renowned Hussain Sagar. Open in the evenings, a place for you to relax after a tiring day while sipping cocktails and enjoying Indian and international cuisines.

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19. Gufaa Ohri’s

If you are bored with the usual dining experience and want to switch to something new and unconventional, this cave-themed restaurant is the right place. Located in Basheer Bagh, it is a beautiful dining spot where you feel like you are sitting inside a cave. The décor of this restaurant is something to look out for.

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20. The Moonshine Project

Live music, stand-up comedy, good food, awesome vibes- this place has it all. The Moonshine Project in Jubilee Hills is one of the places in the city where you can party hard. It’s a great place to enjoy your time with your friends.

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