Top 20 Santorini Restaurants With Amazing Views

Top 20 Santorini Restaurants With Amazing Views
Top 20 Santorini Restaurants With Amazing Views

Cobblestone pathways are overflowing with tourists during the summer months and into the off-season. The island of Santorini is home to various excellent eating establishments, each of which features unobstructed views of the island’s world-famous caldera and chefs that have won their fair share of medals. These twenty establishments, each of which prioritizes using local, seasonal produce and preparing Santorini-style cuisine, are considered to be the Santorini’s most incredible views can be found at these restaurants:

1.Psatha Cocktail Bar And Restaurant

Psatha mixes Mediterranean and Modern Greek food with Aegean Sea vistas. The restaurant is half-inside, half-outside, so you can enjoy the sights while being dry. Its cocktail bar serves fresh smoothies, healthy brunches, and unusual cocktails. This beachfront bar has a gentle tropical ambiance, so you can relax after a day of sunbathing. Only the freshest, healthiest ingredients are used to produce innovative Greek cuisine. Psatha serves fresh seafood and lively beverages.

Psatha Cocktail Bar And Restaurant


The restaurant’s theme is sunset views of the lake and sailboats. Small platters let you try all their native dishes. Many diners recall the outstanding cocktails more than the delicious cuisine. MarinEra’s bartenders make excellent cocktails, from traditional mojitos to creative concoctions.


3.Roka Restaurant

In a 1912 structure with a remarkable architecture, “Roka” has taken up residence. Relaxing and welcoming are two words that come to mind when you enter the courtyard, adorned with trees and flowers in warm hues. Only a few minutes away from the main marble walkway but secluded and private. This is a truly unique and delicious experience! Experienced and pleasant staff makes you feel at ease.

Roka Restaurant

4.Sea View Restaurant Perivale’s

This upscale seafood restaurant is a romantic destination in Santorini. On the seashore, Sea View Restaurant serves intricate fish dishes in large servings. Enjoy tasty beverages and contemporary Greek cuisine with your toes on the beach. Most of their plates are filled, so you’ll likely bring takeout boxes home. Tourists love it because they can enjoy the beach, excellent service, and delicious food.

Sea View Restaurant Perivales

5.Argo Restaurant

Agro Taverna is near Fira’s donkey station and cable car. The two-story restaurant offers stunning views of the caldera, sea, and sunset. The eating area on the patio is decorated in bright and dark blue tones. It serves fried tomato cakes, fried cheese, grilled octopus, Greek salads, mezedes (Greek appetizers), stuffed tomatoes, green peppers, and baklava—a popular menu item: seafood platter.

Argo Restaurant

6.Metaxi Mas – Exo Gonia

Santorini’s best restaurant. If you ask your hotel where to eat in Santorini, they’ll send you here. Recommended reservations. Kamari beach and the airport are seen. A lovely evening (away from the caldera) would include Metaxi Mas and Kamari’s outdoor cinema.

Metaxi Mas – Exo Gonia

7.Anogi Restaurant

Imerovigli’s traditional pub, Anogi, can be found in a charming courtyard of the town’s central plaza. Authentic recipes from around Greece, with a penchant for Santorinian goods, are the basis for the delicacies served. Despite its lengthy menu, the tavern isn’t overly exhausting. The design is tasteful and inviting, with a laid-back vibe and thoughtful touches everywhere. Reserved seating is required.

Anogi Restaurant

8.Savvas Popeye – Agios Georgios

Savvas Popeye boasts a laid-back ambiance, delicious traditional Greek cuisine, water views, and a warm and welcoming staff.

Savvas Popeye – Agios Georgios

9.Aktaion Restaurant

The Aktaion Restaurant has been in business for more than 96 years. Aktaion has been serving up mouthwatering Greek fare and friendly service since it opened its doors in 1922. You’ll discover a wide variety of Mediterranean and Greek delicacies on its menu, sure to please your taste buds.

Aktaion restaurant

10.Roza’s – Vourvoulos

Roza’s in Vourvoulos, Greece, is managed by a family and serves traditional Greek cuisine. Vegetarian, fish and meat dishes are available, and a wide assortment of wines are paired with them. The restaurant is just a few minutes from the main square’s bus stop. The cuisine is fantastic, and the hosts couldn’t be friendlier.

Rozas – Vourvoulos


The name “Ambrosia” kept coming up when people were asked about the most romantic eateries in Santorini. The restaurant’s cozy patio overlooks Oia’s central church plaza and can accommodate two diners at a time. Ambrosia is one of the few great dining establishments on Santorini, serving more upscale versions of the island’s signature meals.


12.Theros Wave Bar

Theros Wave Bar is the best spot to unwind and enjoy some time in this paradise. Vlychada’s seafront is home to this bar. There’s a beach bar, a restaurant, and a large area with lounge chairs where you may unwind and meditate in peace. The view of the azure sea and the rocky scenery of Santorini make this the perfect spot for your morning workout. It has everything you need for a fantastic massage and a great yoga class, including great beds and a unique ambiance.

Theros Wave Bar

13.Skaros Fish Tavern

An excellent view of Skaros Rock may be had from Skaros Fish Tavern in Imerovigli, located next to the Skaros Rock. There is an emphasis on fresh seafood and simple, traditional techniques that result in some flavorful meals on the menu. As a seafood enthusiast, you may find this an excellent dinner with a simple Greek salad and a side of fried potatoes. A chicken dish is usually an option for those who aren’t a fan of shellfish.

Skaros Fish Tavern

14.Le Ciel Restaurant

Santorini’s Le Ciel is one of the island’s most famous high-end restaurants. As a venue for weddings and other gatherings, it is also an incredible dining experience. Views of Greece’s beautiful coastline are a bonus to the enthralling food on offer. Their a la carte menu comprises only the best and freshest Greek ingredients. Cheese from the Peloponnese, seafood from the Aegean Sea, and olive oil from Crete are some of the ingredients they use in their dishes

Le Ciel Restaurant

15.Onar Restaurant

At the heart of Santorini’s picturesque Firostefani neighborhood, the “Onar” Restaurant and bar offers a stunning view of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades islands. It’s decorated in a tasteful, understated style that complements the Cycladic architecture’s minimalism and exquisite elegance. You can’t help but be mesmerized by the breathtaking view from the “Onar” Restaurant and bar.

Onar Restaurant

16.Salty Bone

The Salty Bone compensates for the lack of ocean vistas with outstanding cuisine. No one will ever go hungry at the Salty Bone since they don’t know what it means to provide a little dish. It’s all seafood here, from clams to cod to sardines to tuna tartare. Vasilis Akrivos, their executive chef, develops imaginative and distinctive specialties every week based on seasonal ingredients and what is remarkably fresh and flavorful at the time.

Salty Bone


Take a seat on the terrace and enjoy the view of the white buildings and blue roofs of Oia from high above the hamlet adjacent to some of the most incredible shopping in town. The study into Santorini’s dining options was extensive, but it was only by chance that we stumbled upon Apisthia.



Mylos Cafe is a windmill-themed restaurant. The cafeteria is busy in the high season because of its terrace view of the caldera, especially at night. The interior dining space and outside terrace have excellent views of the volcano. After dusk, when surrounding villages light up, the effect is stunning.



Lombranos is a cheap Greek restaurant near the Aegean Sea. It’s like dining on the water. Lombranos serves real Greek food, from salads to octopus tentacles. Large portions and beautiful views make it a great place to experience the island. Despite being a popular restaurant, it’s not well-known; therefore, there are no crowds or wait times.


20.Kapari Restaurant

The fantastic gastronomic experiences you’ll have at the Kapari Wine Restaurant in Imerovigli will be hard to forget. Your taste buds will be delighted by the delicacies served there. These dishes feature the Mediterranean and a local flavor from Santorini, making them a unique combination.

Kapari Restaurant
Kapari Restaurant