Top 20 Sea Foods

Top 20 Sea Foods


Curried Parmesan Fish Fingers

Many people are fond of sea foods. No doubt sea foods have amazing taste. They have their own different category. The taste of Parmesan Fish is just amazing; everybody knows that. And these Fish Fingers are just amazing in taste. Crispy Fish Fingers are all you need to have if you are a sea-food lover.


Pan Fried River Sole With A Soya Milk And Bhawnagri Sauce

This dish is very yummy and looks yummy too. The Fried Fish is garnished with chopped veggies and served very beautifully. This is amazing seafood to have. The taste is out of the world. The roasted fish is the speciality of this dish. The pan fried fish has its own taste.


Poisson Provencale

It is an amazing dish made with red tuna fish. The tadka is made with onion. When it gets fried, then all the veggies are added. Capsicum is a must. But make sure all veggies are crispy. Then add the red marinated Luna fish.  And serve with rice. Amazing dish, amazing taste.



 Sea Bass

Sea Bass is a very famous fish as seafood. All seafood lovers are aware of its yummy taste. The special Indian touch is given by adding chopped spring onions. The taste is amazing as the ginger is added in large amount. You have two choices; one is making the skin on, and another is peeling the skin off. Both taste well.


Fried Sangat (Fried Catfish)

Fried Catfish also known as fried Sangat is an awesome dish to have as a seafood lover. It’s scrumptious, and the crispy taste is all you need to have. The buttermilk added to it gives it an awesome taste. Deep frying the fish with corn flour paste gives it a mouth-watering quality.


Sesame And Coriander Crusted Basa

This dish is totally amazing. The special feature of this dish is the addition of sesame seeds. White sesame seeds are first roasted and then added to this dish. The fish is grilled till it gets the grill marks. A huge amount of garlic is added which gives it a special taste. Spicy and yummy dish to have. Garnished with lemon juice.


Garlic Prawns

Garlic Prawns, as the name suggests, are full of garlic content. This wonderful dish is made by deep frying the prawns, and adding garlic paste into it. This dish is garnished with chopped parsley. Fry until the prawns change their colour to pink. If you want to make it tastier, just add butter to the dish. Serve hot with rice.


Prawn Tikka Masala

Prawn Tikka masala is same as paneer tikka masala. Here just paneer has been replaced by the prawns. Deep fried prawns are added to the ginger-garlic paste along with all the spices. Mix until turn aromatic. If you want to eat dry, don’t mix tomato puree. Otherwise, add tomato puree and serve hot. This dish is very yummy.


Andhra Prawn Fry (royallu Iguru)

Fried prawns are given a South Indian tadka. Curry leaves and roasted jeera are added which gives it a special touch and taste. The ginger garlic paste added to the prawns make it delicious and aromatic. Garnished with chopped coriander. To make it spicier just add a few more green chili in the tadka. A wonderful dish to have.


 Chili Fish

Chili Fish is best for spice-lovers as this dish is very spicy. It goes wonderful with rice. This dish is also called as Fish Manchurian. The Chinese dish with Indian touch is all you need to taste. You can’t afford to miss this wonderful dish. It is an amazing combination of crispy fish and chili. It tastes just out of the world.


Pomfret Moilee

We all are aware of the taste of Pomfret fish. Every seafood lover is somehow fond of this fish’s taste. The speciality of this dish is that it is cooked in creamy coconut milk gravy. All the spices are added along with the coconut milk. Curry leaves added to it gives it a special touch and tastier look. An amazing dish to try.


Baked Fish With White Sauce

Baked Fishes are always tastier than the roasted one. And white sauce gives amazing taste to every dish in which it is added. So both tasty contents are added together to make this superb dish. This dish is just marvellous. The white sauce is used to garnish the baked fish and then chopped parsley is added. Delightful dish to have.


Batter Fried Fish With Cheese Sauce

The fish, is sautéed until brown. The milk and egg white added to this dish gives it a special quality which every else dish lacks. The final touch is given by adding grated cheese. It is  a first-rate dish to have. Very palatable dish.


Lobster Thermidor

A French dish with Indian touch is the best dish to have today. Lobster meat is fried till brown and then the special touch is given by adding creamy white wine sauce, which tastes amazingly well. Garnished with grated cheese. The main special thing about this dish is that it is served in a lobster shell.


Prawn And Pork On Sugarcane Sticks

Ground pork prawns are mixed with chopped onions, ginger-garlic paste, and egg. Moulding the mixture around sugarcane stick is just amazing. Deep fried and garnished with finely chopped parsley and coriander. After garnishing it is served hot with red chili sauce. The taste is just amazing.


Koliwada Prawns

Kolowada Prawns or Prawn Pakoras are very yummy evening snack to have. Prawns are added in flour paste, and then deep fried till crispy. Served hot with red chili sauce. Sometimes it’s garnished with chopped veggies. Easy to make and amazing taste.


Prawn And Sesame Toast

Toast with yummy filling. Prawns are fried and then added to the bread and then toasts are made. Garnished with lots of sesame seeds which gives it an amazing look and taste as well.


Rava Fried Fish

Fish is added to Rava paste and then deep fried. The crispy soft combination is mysteriously amazing in taste. Serve hot with chili sauce or white sauce as per your taste. You must try this dish once in your life if you are a seafood lover.


Periperi & Panko Crumbed Prawns

It is oven roasted Prawns having peri peri chili powder. It has mouth-watering quality. De-vein and deep fried prawns are simply amazing in taste. Garnished with chopped parsley.


Steamed John Dory

The dish has Amritsari touch as the butter added to it have Amritsari touch and taste. Steamed fish garnished with butter is the luscious dish to have. As a seafood lover, you must try this dish also.