Top 20 Traditional Indian Foods

Top 20 Traditional Indian Foods


West Bengal Puchka

Gol Gappa is famous everywhere, and we all love having it. But in case if you want to eat the best Gol Gappa ever, you have to visit West Bengal. Gol Gappa is known as or called as Puchka in West Bengal. The yummy filling of Gol Gappa is amazing there. Its peppery taste is all you need to have, if you are a Gol Gappa lover. Girls are literally crazy about Gol Gappa. So why waiting, go and get the amazing feeling with amazing Puchka.



Punjabchole Bhature

You can find Chole-Bhature in every corner of India. Chole-Bhature is very tasty, spicy, well-garnished food to have. Some people like to have Green Chutney along with the Chole as it gives it a special touch. The aroma of this dish is very fantastic. It has mouth-watering quality. You find Chole in two categories; one is less spicy; another is obviously spicier than the previous one. You can also have raw chili along with each bite of Chole-Bhature. Beautifully chopped onions are served as the salad with this amazing food.


Biharlitti Chokha

Litti Chokha is very famous in Bihar. Every Bihar-based family is crazy about this dish. Hot Litties are served with spicy Chokha. The recipe of this amazing dish is very simple. The filling in the Litties is according to your taste. You have two choices; one is spicy filling, and another is peppery filling which is less spicy. The Chokha is made up of boiled and mashed veggies. Spices are added according to taste. The dish is garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves. Litti Chokha is served along with Green Chutney. Try this amazing dish because it is very yummy.


Kashmirtabak Maaz

When we hear word Kashmir, first thing which comes to our mind are its beautiful and amazing valleys. Kashmir is very famous for its beauty. There is one more thing for which Kashmir is famous and that is its amazing dishes, and one of them is Tabak Maaz. This dish is served as a starter. It’s made from yummy juicy pieces of mutton. The speciality of this dish is that it has warm spices and milk. The best part is that it is well garnished with saffron. Isn’t it amazing?


Haryana kadhi Pakoda

Haryana is famous for many dishes and one of them or you can say the best among all of them is Kadhi with Pakoda. The taste of this Kadhi Pakoda is simply amazing. The best part of this dish is its Pakoda. They give this dish an amazing touch. The aroma of this dish is very fantastic. It goes well with Chawal. Kadhi-Chawal is very famous and we all are aware of that. This dish is garnished with chopped coriander leaves and served along with raw green chillies.


Rajasthandal Baati Choorma

In the Rajasthani cuisine, there are a number of dishes. But Rajasthani menu is incomplete without this scrumptious dish;  a very famous and well-known dish namely Dal Baati Choorma. It is hot, baked, and yummy batties served with panchmel Dal. The hot batties are loaded with ghee or butter. The best part of this dish is its Choorma which is nothing but crushed batties mixed with sugar and Jaggery and made into a sweet dessert. The combination of these three that is the batties loaded with butter, peppery panchmel dal, and yummy dessert Choorma, is marvellous.


Madhya Pradesh Corn Kheer

Corn is very yummy in taste. We all have eaten roasted corn rubbed with lemon juice and salt. We all are aware of its one part which is simply amazing. But now you need to know its other part which is somehow tastier than the previous one, and that is Corn Kheer. Yes, you can make a very delicious dessert with corn. Boiled corn is mixed with sweetened condensed milk, and garnished with finely chopped dry fruits. This Kheer is very delicious.


Gujrat Dhokla

Dhokla is a very famous snack of Gujarat. This snack is very yummy. This dish is different from others, as it can be served as a main course, you can serve it as a side dish, evening snack, or breakfast. In short, you can have it anytime. The recipe of this amazing snack is very easy. It is prepared by mixing Corn-flour with curd. After that, the mixture is cooked in steam. When it’s cooked properly then they are cut into square pieces. The final touch is given by pouring lime, and sugar water along with the tadka made from roasted mustard seeds. After that, it is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves. No doubt, Dhokla is a very scrumptious snack.


Maharashtra thali peeth

Thalipeeth is a very special Maharashtrian dish. You can’t afford to miss this amazing dish. It looks like parantha but it is far way better than any parantha. The method of preparation is same as that of a parantha. Thalipeeth is very nutritious and tasty as well. The dish goes well with mango pickle, curd and Green Chutney. The dish is amazing and its taste is also amazing.


Goa seafood

Goa is famous for its numerous varieties of Sea foods. Some of them are made up of fish just like Curried Parmesan Fish Fingers and Poisson Provencale. But as here, we are talking about the speciality so Goa is famous for its Garlic prawns. Garlic Prawns, as the name suggests are full of garlic content. This wonderful dish is made by deep frying the prawns, and adding garlic paste into it. This dish is garnished with chopped parsley. Fry until the prawns change their color to pink. If you want to make it tastier, just add butter to the dish. Serve hot with rice.


Arunachal Pradesh smoked Pork

Smoked Pork is very famous in Arunachal Pradesh.  The taste of the Smoked Pork is amazing. You can’t resist its taste. Smoked Pork is one among all the easy to make recipes. No doubt it’s a delicious pork dish which is very popular in Arunachal Pradesh. There are a number of pork dishes available but Smoked Pork is the special category of pork dishes. Smoked Pork goes well with rice.


Andhra Pradesh Gongura Pachadi

Gongura Pachadi is a very famous South Indian dish. It’s all known as Gongura Chutney. Its name is little weird but taste is just opposite. It’s named so because the leaves which are used to make Gongura Pachadi are Red Sorrel leaves which are known as Gongura in the south. This Chutney is very tasty and healthy as well. Gongura Pachadi is very rich in Vitamin C. This Chutney is a little bit spicy and goes well with parathas and rice. The dish is well garnished with chopped Gongura leaves. It is Chutney but comes under the main course. Isn’t it really special?


Chattisgarh dehrori

Dehrori is a very famous dessert of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh is also known “Rice Bowl of Central India” and this delicious and mouth-watering dessert is made up of rice and curd. The best part of this dessert is the addition of cardamom powder which gives it a very fantastic aroma and yummy taste as well. Dehrori is well garnished with chopped dry fruits. No doubt it’s an amazing dessert.


Himachal Pradesh madra

Madra is a pahadi/Himachali dish. This Himachal based dish is made up of Chana and curd. It comes under the category of Chole. You can serve it with rice. It’s a spicy dish with warm spices. The taste of Madra is simply amazing. It is well garnished with chopped onions and coriander leaves.


Jammu Kashmir kaladi Cheese

Kaladi Cheese is a traditional cheese product made up of cow’s milk. The cheese is well sautéed till the color changes to brown in its own fat. It is always served with Tomato Chutney. Kaladi is well garnished with chopped onions. Kaladi is a very tasty Jammu based dish.


Manipur khaman Asinba Kangshoi

Khaman Asinba Kangshoi is a very famous soup of Manipur. It is very healthy and tasty as well. The recipe of Khaman Asinba Kangshoi is very simple. Just boil all the veggies and fish along with all the spices. The best part of this soup is that it is garnished with chopped mint leaves. Mint leaves give it a special touch and taste.  Khaman Asinba Kangshoi is amazing soup with
amazing taste.


Jharkhand rugda

Rugda is a Jharkhand-based dish but it’s very famous in every region of India. It’s peppery and spicy taste is just amazing. The best part of this food is the addition of Aloo tikkies in chole. Rugda is a very yummy, mouth-watering dish to have. It is well garnished with chopped onions, and coriander leaves along with the namkeen which gives it a totally different crispy touch. This dish is simply amazing with its extraordinary taste.


Mizoram sawhchiar

Sawchiar is best choice for non-vegetarian lovers. The recipe and taste of this dish are totally different from other non-vegetarian dishes. It is prepared by boiling meat with rice along with all the spices. The tadka is poured over the dish when it is cooked properly. Sawchiar is garnished with chopped red chili. Sawchiar is a very yummy food to have.


Odisha chhena Poda

Chenna Poda is very famous in every region of Odisha. Roasted cheese is called Chenna Poda in Odisha. It is a very yummy sweet dish. Chenna Poda is the best choice for all sweet lovers. It’s an amazing dessert, as the category of the dessert can be changed according to your choice. What you have to do, is to just add vanilla powder instead of chocolate powder or any other Ice-Cream powder of your choice. Chenna Poda is a very yummy and scrumptious sweet dish to have.


Tamil Nadu kambu Koozh

Kambu kooz is very famous coolant drink of Tamil Nadu. You can see a number of Kambu Kooz stalls in the region of Tamil Nadu. It keeps your body and minds cool. The best part of this drink is that it is healthy and tasty as well. It is well garnished with chopped onions and coriander leaves. There are a number of ways of serving this coolant drink; some people love to have it with pickle, some without the pickle. Kambu Kooz is usually served in mud pots which add a different yet amazing taste to this coolant drink.