Top 20 Seafood Restaurants In Kumarakom, Kottayam

Top 20 Seafood Restaurants In Kumarakom, Kottayam

Kottayam is the land of legends, love, and letters. This district in Kerala is famous for its backwaters and hills. It is the best place to have delicious Seafood. The Seafood ranges from Tapioca -fish curry to traditional fish fry. Well, here are the top 20 Seafood restaurants.


This is the best luxury hotel in Kumarakom to eat Seafood. The famous Taj Resort and Spa stands in Kumarakom. It also has a variety of Seafood dishes. Unique charms and heavenly sets make it even more catchy for food lovers. Konju Chuttathu, Chemeen manga curry, and Tender Coconut Souffle is the famous course at this hotel. This restaurant is located at the renowned Taj Resort and Spa in Kumarakom.

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2. Dubai Hotel

We can have the tastiest Seafood in Kumarakom at the Dubai Hotel. It serves the best Seafood in Kumarakom. The main attraction of this restaurant is that it provides quality food at a reasonable price.The fresh ambiance and convenient location make the hotel more popular among travelers. Clean dining and friendly staff add to the review of this restaurant. The main dishes served here are fish thalli, fish fry, and curry. The highly recommended fishes are lobster and karimeen (pearl-spot fish).

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Dubai Hotel

3.Tharavadu Restaurant

This fantastic restaurant has secured in the top 5 Seafood restaurants in Kumarakom. The main attraction of this place is to have a delicate meal with beautiful sunsets. It has a fantastic variety of Seafood and other meats. Hardworking staff and a lovely atmosphere make it more enjoyable. If you are looking for a delicious meal in the evening, this would be the best choice.

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Tharavadu Restaurant

4.Ettukettu Speciality Restaurant

The Kumarakom Lake Resort situates this place. It gives the heavenly vibes with a pleasant atmosphere. The unique Kerala architecture and the warmth make it more different than any other restaurant. It also provides Chinese and other Indian dishes, making it a multi-cuisine. It’s truly spectacular that we can catch shrimp, cook it, and serve it live.

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Ettukettu speciality restaurant

5.Laguna Bass

This beautiful restaurant sits on the banks of Vembanad Lake on Zuri Kumarakom Resort and Spa. It offers the best fish fry and prawn curry among all the restaurants. It has authentic and elegant local cuisine with mouth-watering Seafood varieties. It provides a luxurious as well as homely vibe for the customers.

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Laguna Bass

6.Menani Restaurant

It is a beautiful place with road-touch property to spend. It is a clean and completely hygienic restaurant for families. The staff provides better services and makes the visitors comfortable. There are variety of seafood to spice up your taste buds.

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Menani Restaurant

7.Killikoodu Toddy Shop And Family Restaurant

If you are looking for a family-friendly Seafood restaurant, Killikoodu Restaurant is a must try. It provides different kinds of dishes at reasonable prices. The quality of food is assured. Kallapam, crab, kappa, and duck curry are the most favored among food travelers.

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Killikoodu Toddy Shop And Family Restaurant

8.Coco Bay Resort

The best lunch with Seafood and local taste. well, the perfect choice, is Coco Bay. It is a fantastic restaurant with friendly and good staff. It is a budget-friendly place, so you don’t have to stop your taste buds.

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Coco Bay Resort

9.Lakshmi Hotel And Resort

This place offers the perfect ambiance to relaxation and delightful dining. This hotel provides better food with reasonable value. An amicable and hospitable staff makes it much safer.

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Lakshmi Hotel and Resort

10.Sivaganga Family Restaurant

A place to dine on the lakeside and to have fresh food, this family restaurant is a top priority. Yummy food, which is moderately priced, is one of the advantages. Customers mostly love Karemeen fry in banana leaf. It’s a favorite among many.

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Sivaganga Family Restaurant

11.Kumarakom Nattu Ruchikoottu

This place guarantees a pleasant atmosphere with fast service. Nicely cooked fish, prawns, and crabs are the customer’s choice. It’s a decent place to enjoy Seafood.

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Kumarakom Nattu Ruchikoottu

12.Palm Heaven Marari Homely Food

This hotel provides quiet music with a sunset in the background, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the moment. Palm-shaded roof with divine delicious Seafood, making it a dream for every fish lover. Well, this is the top choice for those. This place is also suitable for a weekend vacation.

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Palm Heaven Marari Homely Food

13.The Waterside

It provides a lovely ambiance to enjoy delicious Seafood. This hotel has indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy with family and friends. They provide warm and quick service here. It is the best choice for People who love food.

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The Waterside

14.Lemon Tree Café

Imagine a hotel that feels like a home. Excellent service achieves a delectable food and offers a wide variety of Seafood. Visually pleasing and flavorful dishes. A place where the family can enjoy their vacation.

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Lemon Tree café

15.Carol Days Restaurant

This restaurant gives a homely feeling with the perfect ambiance. The friendly staff provides love and care to their customers. It is an ideal destination for a night out.

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Carol Days Restaurant

16.Karimpumkala Restaurant

This restaurant serves the best traditional Kerala food in Kumarakom. The authentic Kerala Seafood dish is an all-time favorite of travelers. It can be a weekend hideout. It serves primarily local Kerala seafood like prawns, crabs, and so

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Karimpumkala Restaurant

17.Hotel Smitha

Here, they provide a wide variety of Seafood and curry. The authentic flavors are delicious. It’s important to note that the taste of the food is truly incredible.

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Hotel Smitha

18.The Kumarakom Kitchen

This place provides the best Seafood dishes at reasonable prices. A wide range of Seafood is available here. They have a comfortable position and friendly staff. They have a variety of Seafood cuisine. They also have the spiciest Seafood.

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The Kumarakom Kitchen

19.Cruise N’ Lake Restaurant

Various traditions and mouth-watering flavors are the main attractions of Cruise N’ Lake. It is a family-friendly and budget-friendly hotel. Many people come here to enjoy the food with a graceful ambiance.

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Cruise N’ Lake Restaurant

20.The Curry Leaf Restaurant

The main draw of the restaurant is its top-notch service, with friendly staff who go above and beyond and with unique varieties of Seafood options available. This restaurant serves fresh, excellent, and tasty quality fish.

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The Curry Leaf Restaurant