Top 20 Places To Get The Best Of Meals In Gandhinagar!

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Spice And Herbs

Spice and Herbs is a amazing venue for dining especially because of the musical nights on Wednesday and Saturdays. This is a rooftop restaurant known for its multi-cuisine dishes. The menu has quite a mix of Indian, Italian and Mexican dishes and will surely make you love the restaurant.



This restaurant is located outside one of the most famous temple complexes in Gandhinagar, i.e. the Akshardham temple. The restaurant operated as a food court and serves delectable meals. The khichdi here is quite famous which is prepared with a special recipe. It is surely unlike anything you have ever tasted before.


The Waterside

Just like the name suggests, this restaurant is located alongside a beautiful waterfront- the Narmada canal. So if you want to enjoy a candle light dinner, then this is a great place to enjoy so. You can get a mix of European, Mexican and Punjabi food here. The staff is friendly, and the ambience is charming.


Radhe Sweet And Snack

This is the perfect place to have eat if you have a sweet tooth, in the city. The shop has been running for 75 years and is known to be the masters of sweet making in Gandhinagar. You’ll find both sweet and savoury items here, to your liking.



Dadisa is a fresh restaurant which provides a variety of amazing vegetarian dishes. They are mostly known for their Chinese and North Indian dishes.


Ken’s Koffee ++

If you want good coffee, then there can no better place than this. Other than amazing coffee, they also serve a variety of biscuits and herbal snacks too. Plus, you can get tea here too.


Big Bite

This is a famous dining place in Gandhinagar. It is known for the dishes from Kerala. The quality and the taste are marvellous and hence this is a recommended place if you want to eat amazing vegetarian food at reasonable prices. One of their best dishes is the Vegetarian Aloo Tikki Burger.



This is a great place to put an end to your South Indian food craving in Gandhinagar. They serve great uttapams, dosa, rasam, idli, vada, whatever you name. With a laid back ambiance you can enjoy the traditional food here at economical prices.


Purohit Hotel

This restaurant is famous for its Dal Bati. The food they serve here, other than being tasty, is also extremely affordable. Some of the best dishes here are the Kaju Curry and the Saurashtrian Sabzi. Since it is popular amongst the locals, it is mostly crowded at all times. The restaurant is known for maintaining its hygiene and providing fresh food.



This restaurant is part of the Fortune Inn Haveli and offers a range of cuisines. You can also try the buffet here which is quite exotic too. This is a great place for official lunch meetings. The food is well-presented and tasty.


Sada Pind

If you want hygienic food which is tasty, then this is a great place. One of their recommended dishes is the Specialty Dal and the Amritsari Kulcha.


Dum Ka Zaika

This restaurant is a part of Narayani Hotel. It is located closer to the airport and is extremely popular. Try the mushroom dishes here, and you will be immensely pleased.



With a great ambiance, they serve amazing food here. The sheekh kebabs are juicy and succulent and definitely recommended. The Mexicano Sizzler is also pretty amazing. If you want some with Naan, then the Tawa Paneer Sabzi is a good choice of a side dish.


Village Vatika

The place has an amazing outdoor-is ambiance. The Punjabi food here is quite great. Try the Garlic/ Cheese Naan with Paneer Bullet and Vegetable Kolhapuri. If you want Chinese, then the Shanghai Veg and the Paneer Chilli is also quite amazing. They also serve Kathiyawadi Food. So if you want to try this, then the Bajri Rotla and Dahi Tikhari is recommended. This place is a great place to hang out with your friends and family.


Chilli Hut

The food is incomparable, which is why it is quite popular. Be it the Pahari Tikka or the Chilli chicken, you will love the food here. Other than that, the Mutton Rogan Josh is amazing. One of the other reasons why this restaurant is popular is because it serves non-vegetarian. This restaurant sees a lot of young student crowd who want to enjoy a good plate of chilli chicken. So if you have a chicken craving in Gandhinagar, this is a great place to visit.


Chilli Coriander

This is a simple restaurant which serves Mexican, Punjabi and Chinese restaurant. The prices are affordable and hence a great place to enjoy the meals. The prices are quite economical which makes it a budget place to enjoy a meal at.


Green Apple Restaurant

The restaurant provides a fast service with interesting food with a great quality. So rely on your gut and order whatever you want to and be pleased with the amazing flavours and dishes here.



If you want to order something here, then the Butter masala dishes are quite amazing and worth its value. All the dishes are quite amazing, and the ambience is simple but pleasurable. The restaurant has a swift service. And they take necessary steps to ensure that your experience is enjoyable.



Enjoy the best of Mexican here. The burger and rice here are quite fancy. You can also try the Arrabbiata Pasta here. This is the place for the young crowd mostly.



The restaurant is a great venue if you want to dine with your friends and family. It has maintained the reputation over the years now and serves quite a few great dishes. The restaurant is part of the Super Mall in Infocity. They mostly serve North Indian dishes, which will not fail to impress the food critic in you..