Top 20 See-Through Seashore Side Dishes

Top 20 See Through Seashore Side Dishes
Top 20 See Through Seashore Side Dishes

There is an old saying, “Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach”. Many people around the world choose the seashores and gaze at the sight of the unlimited ocean to rejuvenate themselves. India is a blessed country for it is has a peninsula and has a long coastline of 7000 km. It has innumerable beaches at the shores of the three oceans. Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Alaskan Pollok are the top genres admired by people across the globe. Here I am going to explore the mouth-watering, must try seashore side dishes across the coastal line of India. They cook these recipes with the particular fishes of that coastline. If you are planning to visit the sands of India, then do not forget to try these lip-smacking seashore foods!


Modso Fillet Fry

Modso fish, or lemon fish, is savoured by many seafood lovers across the globe. This wholesome dish, blended with exotic flavours, has a delectable taste. Every bite of it gives your taste buds a spicy blast that you will remember for a lifetime. This dish is prepared everywhere along the coast, but the taste is at its best along the west coast. This fried fish is different from regular fish fry as they use semolina to make the batter. They serve it as poached or grilled fillets fry.

Modso Fillet Fry

2.Tuna Sandwich

Tuna is one of the most ambrosian foods on Earth. You will find the unique taste for special spices they use. If you ever visit the coast, then try a spicy tuna sandwich. It is a lovely dish made with tuna fish. This delicacy is cooked using the right blend of salt, pepper and sriracha makes it extra flavoursome. Tuna sandwich with mayo, minced fennel that has a bracing anise taste, some added carrots and fresh crunchy onions and celery bring it a great taste and texture.

Tuna Sandwich

3.Prawns Tandoori

Prawns are the most extensively enjoyed delicacy all around the world. But if you want to taste juicy, mouth-watering prawns cooked with exotic spices, Prawns Tandoori is the right choice. If you are visiting the seashores of India, do try this dish. You may ask that generally, we get freshwater prawns but particularly at the seashore, they cook prawn dishes with marine prawns. If you want to delight your seafood appetite, give this dish a shot.

Tandoori Prawns


Shrimp Skewers

Aah Shrimps! A formal seafood plate is just incomplete without a shrimp. A case study reveals that shrimps are the most loved among seafood lovers. If you want a juicy shrimp cooked with a tinge of Indian flavours, have a bite of shrimp skewers at the seashores of India. The seafood lover side of you would feel like in heaven. That is a promise.

Shrimp Skewers

5.Vanjaram Fish Fry

Seer fish is served widely across Bharat. We can find this fish along the east coast of India. It has various names like Vanjaram in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nādu, etc. It has a novel taste. It is put together with the perfect mix of spices and salt, with a serving of lemons and onions which takes it to another level. Give it a try, and you will remember the taste for a lifetime.

Vanjaram Fish Fry

6.Prawns Spring Rolls

Presenting to you the lip-smacking prawn’s recipe. PRAWNS SPING ROLL!!! People love spring rolls with any stuffing, whether vegetable stuffing, chicken stuffing, or any other stuffing. But the seafood lovers would love this particular recipe of spring rolls, with succulent prawns stuffed in them. It is best served hot along with coriander mint chutney.

Prawn Spring Rolls

7.Grilled Hilsa

It is the fish that can only be found at the place of intersection of seawaters and freshwaters. It has a unique feeding habit because of which it becomes more delicious. There is a saying that one must eat a Hilsa fish at least once in their lifetime at any cost. They only come during August/September. The inhabitants of coastal areas celebrate the Hilsa festival every year. They do have more bones but it adds up to their taste. If you want to taste this unique fish, make sure to visit the coastline of India. This fish is famous for its delectable taste, smooth texture and its handpicked flavours.

Grilled Hilsa

8.Baked Oysters

Is it a holiday party? Trouble in serving unexpected guests? Oysters are like a one-stop solution. Baked Oysters taste the best. They are baked in different ways and then served to you crisp. Experts recommend wrapping them in Bacon. Then have them with a tinge of lemon to make it even more delicious.

Baked Oysters

9.Shark Puttu

This delicious dish has various names like Shark puttu, Sura Puttu, Shark Hash, etc. They use only a unique type of fish called Paal sura or Milk shark in making this dish. It also has medicinal advantages and is used as a natural cure for cold and cough.

Shark Puttu

10.Squids Chilli Fry

For people living along the coastlines, the Sea is as precious as a lakh worth of lottery. They make amazing recipes of all time. The taste of this squid chilli fry is just another expression of their love for seafood. Made using a perfect blend of green chillies, coriander, capsicum and garnished with vinegar, this dish is delectable and wholesome. If you are ever visiting the west coasts like Goa or Kerala, try this mouth-watering dish.

Squids Chilli Fry

11.Kallumakkaya Fry (Mussels)

Mussel’s fry sautéed with Spices is one of the most delectable delicacies. This dish is generally used both as a side dish or starter. So if you are visiting India, have a look at this delicious coastal dish. Have a great time tasting the Mussels fry, which they bring fresh and cooked to you then and there.


12.Prawn Rissois

It is a dish of Portuguese origin. This dish is available only in the classy hotels of southern India. They cook it using corn flour to make it crispy and serve as appetizers. Just have a bite of it. The cheese oozing through it, the crisp taste and everything of it will make you a RISSOI addict!

Prawn Rissoi

13.Tilapia Popcorn Crusted Fish Fingers

Tilapia fish has a fanbase globally. Just by hearing its name, their temptations begin. If you are visiting the west coast of India, and you are one of the tilapia fans, try this dish. This dish is cooked using the handpicked spices of India will leave you wanting more. Though you have a never-ending love for this fish, DO NOT eat this beyond limits. It contains OMEGA 6 fats. If you consume them more, it causes inflammation and weakens the immune system.

Fish Fingers

14.Green Chilli Crab

The other most popular dish is the green chilli Crab. They make it with the right mix of green cardamoms, Mustard, and garlic cloves. If your top priority is crabs, then this is a must.

Green Chilli Crab

15.Mackerel Fish Cutlets

Do you wish to taste the crispy Indian cutlet oozing with the exotic Indian flavours? Then make sure Fish cutlets/ Fish cakes/ Fish patties, whatever you call them, land on your table right away! Folk, take these Kerala-style patties as side dishes and appetizers. I am sure that this crispy fish recipe will make you crazy with every bite you take.

Fish Cutlets

16.Clams Shukka

Clams shukka is Mangalore’s traditional way of cooking clams in their shell and adding a spicy coconut mixture. They are also called Marvai clams. If you are crazy about seafood, then taste this delicious dish.

Clams Shukka

17.Crab Xacuti

Goa is the land of beaches. It is known as the Pearl of the Orient and is the dream Holiday spot of many. Wherever you go in Goa, the most popular dish is crab Xacuti. It is served almost everywhere in the state and is the most inviting crab dish ever. If you ever get a chance to visit this re-energizing centre, try to satisfy your seafood appetite with this dish.

Crab Xacuti

18.Dhara Fish Fry

We find this type of fish exclusively on the Indian coastline. It has a unique taste. Usually, it serves as an appetizer. A vegetable salad and a sliced onion always go hand in hand with this dish. Do not cut it off as just another fish fry. It is a unique fish famous for its unique taste.

Dhara Fish Fry

19.Lobster With Hot Basil

We do not cook Lobster often since it is a unique genre of seafood. But when we do cook it, it is a feast to the ones eating them. They are delicious, and at the same time, give a professional feel for any official meeting. Here, they prepare them by smearing them in a mixture of exotic masalas and mustard paste. People love this variety along both east and west coasts. So, whenever you are visiting the coast of India, try this recipe.

Lobster with Hot Basil

20.Silver Pomfret

It is a classic fish recipe of silver pomfret, and it usually serves as a side dish. It is flavoursome, and you can feel the Indian spices in every bite. It is a healthy dish, and you can count on it for everyday meals during your stay along the seashore. Though we eat pomfret everywhere, seashore POMFRET is known for its exclusive taste. So, if you are travelling via the coastal line of India, give this dish a shot.Silver Pomfret