Top 20 Shops in Kolkata where you will get the best Rasgulla

best rasagula shops in kollkata

Kolkata is well known for Bengali sweets which are loved by people all over the world. Rasgulla, the famous sweet from Bengal has a close connection with Kolkata. Rasgulla was first made in the year 1868, in the city of Kolkata by Nobin Chandra Das. After its inception, this spongy and syrupy dessert has become tremendously popular in Bengal and also in India. Sweet shops are located in every locality of Kolkata and the 20 shops selling the best rasgulla will be discussed.

1. Chittaranjan Mishtanna Bhandar

This shop is famous for its spongy rasgulla and they serve the best rasgulla in the city. This sweet shop in Shobha Bazar is selling sweets for more than 100 years, and it sells one of the most loved rasgulla in the city. Their rasgulla are a must-try for the people living in Kolkata.


2. Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets

This sweet shop is well known for the range of sweets they sell, and their sweets will never disappoint you. Yes, their rasgullas are a must try during your Kolkata visit. They have a number of branches across the city and so are widely available in the city.


3. K.C. Das

K.C. Das is well known throughout the city for their rasgullas. Their spongy and syrupy sweets are something to crave for and sold at just Rs.16 per piece. Their rasgullas are unique of its kind. They also have a few branches across the city. Try out their mouth-watering rasgullas and you will like it.


4. Nobin Chandra Das & Sons

The owner of this sweet shop at Shobhazar were the inventors of rasgullas in the nineteenth century. Centuries have passed by, but they have stood firm in the city as one of the finest rasgulla makers in the city. Their variations in rasgulla like Chocolate rasgulla, orange-flavored ones, and even baked rasgulla are something in the city that should be tried.


5. Mithai

Mithai is well known across the length and breadth of the city for its quality sweets and their mastery in rasgulla. Their spongy rasgulla will make your day in Kolkata. They have 2 locations in the city. Their variations of rasgulla like kamala bhog, rasgulla with an essence of orange or raj bhog, slightly bigger rasgulla are something among the others to be tried.


6. Bhim Chandra Nag

Their only outlet in Bowbazar may be small, but their brand value is not that small. Any person having a sweet tooth in Kolkata must have visited the shop or had their sweets. Their rasgullas are great in both taste and quality. Must try out their rasgulla.


7. Kamdhenu’s

Kamdhenu has come up with many branches in all parts of the city especially in south Kolkata after opening their main center at Baghajatin. Till date, the main branch is more popular than others as their sweet availability and variety there quite better than the other outlets, but their quality is same throughout. Their rasgullas are obviously among the best in Kolkata and something everybody should try.


8. Banchharam’s

This is a famous sweet and snacks shop chain in Kolkata. Though they are well-known across the city for their parantha and sabzi, they sell one of tastiest and mouth-watering syrupy dessert in the city. Their size and variety of rasgulla are worth their price. Their rasgulla of standard size comes at Rs.8.


9. Hindusthan Sweets

They have branches all over the city especially in south Kolkata. They are quite popular among the south Calcuttans for their variety of fusion sweets. Their rasgullas are well loved by the city for its spongy nature. Do try out their variations like Nolen gurer rasgulla, Kamalabhog, Rajbhog, etc.


10 Haldiram & Sons Bhujiawala

Haldiram is well-known across the country as bhujia makers. Their sweets and snacks branches in Kolkata are no less popular. It is much-loved joint for the vegetarian Calcuttans, especially the non-Bengali community. Their rasgullas, though do not come in many varieties are loved for its spongy nature. Try out their rasgulla.


11 Gupta Brothers Sweets

Another chain of sweets shop, Gupta Brothers, are among the top rasgulla makers of the city. Their spongy, mouth-watering dessert is loved by the Calcuttans for their fine quality and taste.


12. Nepal Sweets

Located at Sarat Bose Road, Elgin Road, Nepal Sweets are one of the highly ratted sweets shops in Kolkata. Rasgulla falls within their specialty. Needless to say that their rasgullas are much enjoyed by the citizens.


13. Sen Mahasaya

The first shop opened at Shyambazar, and then they had spread to different parts of the city. It is known for its range of Bengali sweets that includes sandesh, rasgulla, and others. Their rasgulla are very much worth its price and is a must-try.


14. Jugal’s

Their main popularity is for snacks and fried syrupy sweets. Their rasgullas are no less tasty. If you haven’t tried out yet, then quickly try it out from its popular branch at Hindustan Park.


15. Ganguram

Since its inception in Shyambazar, Kolkata, Ganguram has maintained its quality of sweets. So are terms of taste and quality, their rasgullas are ranked number 15 in the city. Try out their rasgullas as they have many branches across the city, thus widely available.


16. Narayan Mishtanna Bhandar

Located at Garia Shitala Mandir, this place is the best sweets-seller in the Garia region. They are popular for their fine and high quality chhenna( cottage cheese) they use in their sweets. So their rasgulla are tasty too like their other sweets. Try out their rajbhog and believe me they will make your day.


17. Panna Sweets

They are quite popular in the Behala area. Their sweets are of great taste and fine quality. Rasgullas from Panna Sweets will be enjoyable for all the people with sweet-tooth in the city.


18. Bhikharam Chandmal

Bhikharam Chandmal in Kankurgachhi has earned a good response from the people for its bhujia and snacks. But that doesn’t mean that having rasgulla there is a flop show. They make very tasty, spongy rasgulla which are loved by people of all ages across the city.


19. Tasty Corner

It’s well-known for its snacks, especially the perfect rounded hinger kochuri or radhaballabhi. But try out their rasgullas too as their rasgullas are quite tasty and among the finest regarding quality.

Tasty -Corner

20. Bangasree Mishtanna Bhandar

Located at Tollygunj Tram Depot at a 3-point crossing, this shop sells one of the tastiest sweets in the city. Their quality of rasgulla is definitely amongst the best in the city. If you land up in Tollygunj, don’t forget to try out their rasgulla.